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Team Guide by necrobuilder

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League of Legends Build Guide Author necrobuilder

healerkaiser BOT APC PATCH 6.23 NEW META?!?!?

necrobuilder Last updated on November 24, 2016
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Leona Build

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i will post a viedo soon and plz let me a message of what you think about i

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ok this is a new meta. but i working on it for a long time and its working verry well. this guide is centred on mord, leona is just the perfect combination for him. this is not a solo build carry. you have to stay whit leona all the time(until you get feed) but even after that you will like her presence :)

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i take armor magic res healt and spell because early you need some deffence mord are kinda squich and the spell vamp is for the late game you will gain alot of life whit all your spell.

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you need windspeaker blessing and eunic armor for the rest it dont realy matter

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Skill Sequence

your w gonna be your fatal weapon (explaination in team work) so you have to max it first. after if you are vs a mele supp max q and vs rang champ max e

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Team Work

so the reason i choose leona its because she can dive on the enemmy and she have a lot of slow. so your combo: you cast you w on leona, she dive and thats why this build is op. because your w steal lifes 150 (maxed) for you and your allie and it also make some dps. after this you just have to qqq or e and q. they are dead for sure its a realy good combo. and that why you need windspeaker blessing its almost 2 perfect

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morde can spam alot so just farm at distance whit you w an e it kke you safe you can go whit you q but make sure to make it quick to generet your shild you shoukd have the control adantage


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