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Kayle Build Guide by Vels

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vels

Heaven Sent

Vels Last updated on January 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all! This is my first time posting a build of mine so bear with me on some formalities! When I first began LoL I was enticed by Ashe as I played her in the tutorial, though I wasen't any good with her until recently. I had bought her with the Riot Points you get for becoming a player and used her until I had enough IP to get the Champion known as Kayle.

I knew of Kayle from watching my good friend Tubabear2 play. He never used her but when trying to figure out what Champion I should use when I was to become a player I asked him if there were any champs that were related to anything Holy. He quickly assured me and pulled up her Champion profile from within the game's interface. I was instantly hooked and knew that she would be my reason for joining. In fact, Kayle is the reason for my summoner name. I feel that Saint Angel Vels is appropriate when I enter a game with her.

Now, once I obtained Kayle I took off in learning everything about the game that I could. Building items, uses of masteries, ability orders and even what I should try to play like. My build with Kayle is guaranteed to be one of the most effective duelists in the Rift and plays very well in teams aswell as farming. I am very open to criticism and would love to have anyone who is interested please post and I will get back to you.

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The Judicator

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Runes & Masteries

For me it seems obvious that AP is where I'm going with this. After you add up the amount of AP you will get from these runes and from masteries at level 18 you will see it could pass as a seventh item granting AP. You will find me to be a very offensive player so to all you tanks and supporters please don't hate me. ;D The armor is a bonus against those nasty barbarians with clubs and knives. Just to give you a reason as to why you would put all runes and masteries towards AP: once you get to level 18 with these runes &masteries you will be given 105.16 AP plus an additional 5% increase to your total AP. Think it is a good idea yet? ;)

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Items & Skills

For my Kayle you must concentrate on two VERY important things: Attack Speed & Ability Power. This is what makes her so good. Cooldown Reduction is an added bonus for her almost spammable abilities. In regards to this you need to note the importance of Righteous Fury very early on. This move grants your melee range that will topple your foes, aswell as the splash damage for minions. RF will be how you CS like no other and rake in the gold for your items.

I like to prepare for fighting other players early so as to grab the upper hand. Her stun allows more than just a few seconds of stationary destruction; it allows your Kayle to do MORE damage to the target while it lasts! Very effective and one of the reasons why she is a great duelist. Putting a single point in Divine Blessing early allows you to have an extra edge when trying to catch that peskysome runner who knows they don't stand a chance or to possibly allow yourself or a teammate to escape harm.

Kayle's ultimate ability allows for her or a teammate to become invincible for a duration. This is an incredible opportunity and should not be taken lightly! Whether it is to save yourself or a teammate from impending doom or to give you an edge while applying damage over time effects. Making someone unable to take damage for any amount of time in a team fight is priceless, for example making your oh-so-squishy DPS like Caitlyn or Ashe invulnerable when they are getting focused means that the other team is basically sitting there while your team destroys them. ;D

Each item explains itself except for maybe the Frozen Mallet. I used to use Black Cleaver until I realized her passive makes it not necessary. With the Frozen Mallet you gain a good chunk of maximum health with some damage on your basic attacks. However the main reason for having Frozen Mallet in this build is because of its passive. You won't be getting this item until last so it must mean you are in late game scenario. People are reaching their full sets and becoming team based fighters(hopefully). I can't stand when I(or a teammate) is like one to two hits away from killing an enemy in a team fight and they somehow are able to slip past their buddies and get away. With the attack speed of this build, once you have hit with a single basic attack I promise they will never get away and ultimately die(by your hands in most scenarios). Say an enemy Alistar with God knows how much health and defense charges into your team, you will personally make sure their focus fire is not in vain. ;)

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a staple for almost any character and most laning roles. With its ability to move a good distance from or towards enemies and the fact that you can move through solid obstacles, you would have to be either another champ or a fool not to use it. ;D the second summoner spell is really up to whatever you want, though I feel exhaust is great as an offensive player on this build because it almost ensures that at any point in the game you can stop someone from getting away. In addition it is a good to use in dire situations where you are being killed and you need to either last longer for a gank or just wait out those cooldowns as they do less damage to you. This only adds to my Kayle being one of the best duelists.

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So, "Heaven Sent" is my version of Kayle and I am very proud of it! It is a very offensive and teamfight worthy build and strategy and I hope some players will understand my point of view and even use it! Remeber: She is great with a partner so as to really deal damage to enemies who get too close. 1v1 so far I have yet to meet my match though there is a first time for eveything! Be smart and don't over do it, she may be powerful but unless that ultimate is up she isn't invincible.

I hope this guide has helped and maybe someone learned a thing or two from it! Good luck to all Summoners out there and may we meet one day on the Fields of Justice!

-Saint Angel Vels