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Hecarim Build Guide by VelenoNex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VelenoNex

Hecarim: The Shadow of War

VelenoNex Last updated on April 24, 2012
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So, this is my first guide! Since Hecarim has arrived to LoL i couldn't find any guides that were fit my taste. In this guide I focus more on a tanky DPS hecarim rather than a straight tank or dps Hecarim.

This guide can be used for solo top or for duo laning.

Please vote and comment so I can make changes to the guide, criticism always helps.

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Skill Sequence

Rampage Hecarim deals damage to surrounding enemies, dealing half damage to minions. CD decreases up to 2 sec for a short period of time.This is a great attack to use to farm while using your Spirit of Dread, plus the CD on it can be reduced by two sec for each enemy you hit, VERY SPAMMABLE!!!

Spirit of Dread Hecarim deals AOE damage around himself while regenerating health from a percent of the damage enemies receive while in the circle. Spirit of Dread makes Hecarim have more survivability and thus makes him more capable of staying in lane longer. The trick to this is to get as many minions in your circle as possible, if you are low health this may not be easy...but wait! If you have an ally champion in your lane you can use them as a source of damage, just make sure to get their target inside of your Spirit of Dread. You can use Spirit of Dread to tank Dragon, the damage he is taking will heal you faster than the damage you will be receiving from him.

Devastating ChargeHecarim gains speed over time then charges an enemy knocking them back, and dealing damage depending on how far he has traveled This is your initiator. When you use this try to cover as much land as possible before hitting the enemy, you are going to be extremely fast and able to do this easily. Once you have struck an enemy activate your Spirit of Dread and then your Rampage. IF your team follows you in like a good team does, you will be healing throughout the team fight as long as your Spirit of Dread is still activated. The reason I do not level up this ability earlier in game is because the movement speed boost does not change.

Onslaught of Shadows Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward. Enemies caught in the way take damage and become feared Your ultimate is also a very excellent intitiator and can also be used as an escape (use this to hop across walls or to get great distance between you and the enemy if your Devastating Charge is not off of CD yet) To initiate with this try to get as many people in the path of your Ult. You do not have to go the full distance of your ult so if you want to use it on someone to get just behind them and also get the fear condition on the enemy to get you the upper hand. KEEP IN MIND NOT TO USE YOUR ULT ON TOO MANY ENEMIES AT ONCE, YOUR TEAM MIGHT ABANDON YOU AND YOU WILL BE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYONES CC.

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I built this guide to where you do not need to rely on farming as much as you would need to in other guides. You have Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold to rely on for gold, and lets face it, not every solo top owns 100% of the time, and when you are not owning, you are not getting CS.

Hecarim needs to focus more on "where do i need to be next" and not "I need more CS so I can get this item". Let whoever else is in your lane get the CS while you harass.

Dont get me wrong, Hecarim has great farming capability and if you are able to free farm a lane then go right ahead, Use your Spirit of Dread and then Rampage to farm. When you have Trinity Force you should be able to take out creeps in no time.

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Situational Items

Get Mercury's Treads if you are receiving a lot of CC or if you need more magic resist in order to win the laning phase.

I use Randuin's Omen if the other team has a lot of AD characters or if their AD carry has been fed. The armor is good, but when you activated Randuin's Omen in the middle of a team battle it could mean the difference between a winning a team fight and gg.

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Summoner Spells

Every solo top champion needs to have Teleport. It would take way to long to get from base back to your lane without your tower having to take some damage. Also teleport is really good to use if your mid or bot lanes are getting ganked. Teleport right in and charge someone or ult the gankers, you are tanky enough to hold the lane and you have great farming skills to keep the minions from damaging the towers.

Hecarim's AD scales off of his bonus movement speed. I pop Ghost right before I'm about to initiate or gank someone, they will not know what hit them when they get blindsided by a centaur moving at over 800 movement speed!
Exhaust is great to use during ganks, charge in with Devastating Charge and immediately Exhaust them. You should be strong enought to finish them off before the exhaust wears off...and if it does wear off who cares??? YOUR SO MUCH FASTER THAN THEM!
Exhaust is great for escaping, put it on the fastest enemy and use shurelya's reverie or Devastating Charge and GTFO!

Flash is always a good spell on any champion. You can use it to gank, escape over a wall, or chase by flashing over a wall to get in front of your unsuspecting victim. Probably one of the best summoner spells in the game.

Cleanse Omen Since you are playing Hecarim, you are going to be the target of every CC ability in the game. If the enemies have exhaust they WILL use it on you know that your AD is based off of your bonus movement speed. If you have cleanse you can get rid of these debuffs and continue to pwn.

Other uses for cleanse is during abilities like malzahar's ultimate, it breaks the suppression thus breaking the ultimate rendering it useless.

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Thanks to iPwnisher and Tsata for helping me decide how to fit items, masteries, and runes into this great new champion!!