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Heimerdinger Build Guide by penguinpumper

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author penguinpumper

HeimerDinger, Wins Lanes, AND Games!!!

penguinpumper Last updated on January 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and Welcome to my Guide on HeimerDinger. Now before we start I would like to say Heimerdinger is my main mid close seconds being Yi, or Lux. I have a thing for the unique. I would also like to say that I put in a lot of work with HeimerDinger not only because I find him both insanely fun and good, but also to proof to my friends he is a viable champ. He may not be the most "Tier" champ but I've won my fair share of Ranked Games with Mr. Dinger and can honestly say with a little time, and practice with that grenade lob you can easily make HeimerDinger a god among Yordles.

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At first look you may be wondering why so much offense. Well at his core HeimerDinger is an early game champ. His hard to fight pokes and expertise at farming make him a great early game champion. These runes help him even further with his laning phase endeavors. His build will cover the late game aspects even more. These Runes will allow this inventor to hit hard and pick up easy kills on the early enemy mid laners. Take both Quints and Glyphs of flat ability power in order to have your grenade and missles hit harder. Take Magic penetration Marks in order to dish out even more damage as this would be helpful against people that have magic resist. Also the scaling on his rockets and grenade are not very high so the penetration over ability power will be helpful. Lastly, take Seals of magic resist. This will help him become less squishy to enemy mages. Its your job to hurt not theirs.

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These Masteries are my typical AP carry Masteries. These work well so I don't find a need to change them for HeimerDinger. With that being said, I don't recommend this page for every other mid lane AP Carry (example would be Akali). I just have this set as the usual one.

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Lets look at the Items.

You may notice the assortment of lesser items on the list. The reason some of the pieces of finished items are shown is because on HeimerDinger you will find having that early game diversity will be better than rushing one finished item. Kage's pick and catalyst should be early buys for HeimerDinger. Their effects are more beneficial the earlier you have them. Another thing is, an ealry haunting guise will have your rockets poking for A LOT more than they can handle. The prefered build order is there but depending on if you choose clarity or teleport, decides if the catalyst or the mask may be more important. The Fiendish codex allows you to regain mana and poke quicker. It is not bad if early game you have a bunch of incomplete items. I always see myself with Kage's pick, catalyst, haunting guise, and boots of speed and I usually have about 2-6 kills with those items. NOTE: you may be able to skip kage's pick if you prefer but I find the money to be wonderful and you build Morellonomicon anyway. Now that you gathered the pieces its time to finish the puzzle. The three most important items to finish first are Rabadon's Deathcap, Rod of Ages, and your Sorcerers Shoes. Check the item sequence for more help. These items will transition well between in the mid game to early late game. Finish off the other items as you choose. However if team fights start to occur early for some reason, the best course of action is to get the hourglass fast. Going into that mode while your turrets shoot is amazing and funny. Alacrity is the best choice for helping HeimerDinger Kite and in my opinion, the only other reasonable choice is homeguard, for the fun factor. The only items in this build really changeable is the Morellnomicon and maybe but its pushing it, is the Liandrey's Torment. It is the preferred items, however there are a few items that come up in certain moments.

Void Staff - Build this if there Tank is buying a lot of magic resist, otherwise your boots and torment should be able to handle it.

Guardian's Angel - Mostly if you predict you will need this to win a team fight that really matters. Otherwise its just ok.

Iceborn Gauntlet - I find this item to be fairly good replacement for the Nomicon if their AD carry is really fed. Guardian's Angel is probably still better here.

Questions I get asked: WHY NO ARCHANGEL'S STAFF?
The answer is easy. It really isn't that powerful on HeimerDinger as the only other item with mana is the Rod of Ages. Also early game, mana is kinda tight to just waist rockets trying to stack up your Tear of the Goddess. Finally if you buy an early game tear and an early game catalyst over items with AP then you will be a really weak HeimerDinger.

If you haven't played much Heimer then you may not realize if at any point in the game your are taking damage, you are playing him wrong. He is passive yet pokey. Your health pots and passive will cover any healing needed. Also sometimes my teamates will have a WOTA and I will get some Spell Vamp anyway.

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Team Work

As a team member your role as HeimerDinger is to:

1. Win your lane.
It is what Heimers are known to do so don't fail them.

2. Spam in team fights.
In team fights you should run around spamming your rockets constantly and stunning and blinding their ADC with your grenades. Also make sure team fights are full of your turrets. Turrets wear down the enemies.

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The last section is farming.


Your Heimerdinger if your last hitting doesn't get them then your turrets will. Just make sure when farming that your rockets hit the closest 3 things visible, so take that into consideration when trying both to poke and farm.

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Now you know how to play HeimerDinger get out and got try it. I'm glad i can help you.

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A few things now that i have returned to this guide. I made this guide well later in the day then i should have and also its my first one. I had a few comments and also a few things my firends asked that i am clearing up now.

1. The build order was wrong the first time.

People make mistakes, especially when they are rushing trying to get something done before bed. The build order up now is the way i build. People will still disagree but what is MOBAFire for if not to see what people build. Right?

2. Why the Amplifying Tome -> Kage's start

Heimerdinger has a very costly to finish build and the early Kage's Pick is wonderful. Alot of people don't wanna start with amplifying tome because of the lack of pots. As i said before, if your a good Haimerdinger you shouldn't be taking that much damage. Besides you still can afford one pot with the Amp tome. USE IT! Anyway this is another reason I get the biscuit on Heimer over extra long buff time. It kills me not to, but I find its a good just in case laning item to have. Another thing is that boots and 3 doesn't give your rockets that POW you want to see in your Heimer.

3. Biscuiteer?

Basically read the previous one paragraph. I find it useful and omg yes do I wish I could have a point in Runic Affinity over it, but I know i'm not gonna get any early blue buffs with Heimer so the biscuit helps with my mana early on. Also it makes up for the one pot start. If your an even better Heimer than me though, or have runes that give you mana regen, then pls get Runic over Biscuiteer.

4. Commenters

I thank everyone for my comments even the negative ones. I am a very up beat person and will not be put down by negative comments. Say them if you like but you should probably learn to just shut up if all your trying to do is be mean. Not worth it. But if you disagree or like what i'm saying please comment for the sake of any readers wanting to learn. I appreciate the help i got from some comments and the criticism, but the idiots out there wanting to just be mean, I would appreciate it if you stayed away. Unhelpful Information not required my friends.

5. Can Heimerdinger be used Effectively in Ranked

The answer is yes. He needs a lot of practice and I do honestly believe that there are better champions to play in his spot, but yes. He is a powerful champion that can do fine in ranked games. I haven't Ranked a lot recently but I did have a positive win/loss ratio with Heimer in ranked in season 2.

6. Why not ignite?

Ignite is good but Heimer can kill easily without it. I prefer teleport to be able to get to farm or enemies faster. Heimer with teleport can easily backdoor a turret. But ignite is a viable choice. As long as i'm on Summoner spells I would like to say flash IS A MUST. He needs it because of his lack of escapes. The only other spells I would even think about using after getting flash are Teleport, Ignite, and Clarity.

7. Why do I use Snowmerdinger?

Because he is AWESOME!!!!

8. What is Heimerdingers best quality?

If you ask me, it is simply his ability to be able to win mid lane with little effort with a combination of strong poke's and defensive play style. His ability to win mid is great. I personally don't feel countered by any champion because of how defensive I can play as Heimer.