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Nidalee Build Guide by LuckyBudz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuckyBudz

Here mousie, mousie! - Nidalee build guide Mid/Bot

LuckyBudz Last updated on September 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I play Nid quite often, she's an amazing champ, she does great damage, has amazing sustain and roaming potential, while also supporting the team. That being said the build guide I've come up with are all items that will try to capitalize on all of the things she's good at and make up for the things she might lack naturally.

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Pros / Cons

- Long range poke
- Amazing sustain
- Incredible Mobility
- Fun as ****

- Can be captured and ganked if not careful
- Spear takes some time to get used to
- No real ult if the whole "R button" hahaha you're dead thing is what you're in to.

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Babe form.

Now when you are regular Nidalee, sweet ***, sexy French Maid's outfit or not, she's kind of a babe. Let me tell you why. First off, she throws this huge spear of death and great range, and not only does the further the spear goes the more damage that it does but also the damage increases with the distance Nidalee runs AWAY from the origin of her Spear Toss. This basically means if you want to throw a spear at great lengths and run away from it cause it's not cool to get killed, you might just do enough damage to murder. I didn't mean might, I meant WILL. Secondly, she sets a trap down on the ground that reveals the area surrounding it when placed. Once an enemy minion or champion steps on this trap vision of the enemy is given and they are now under a reduction to Armor and MR, while getting dealt a steady amount of damage over time, that increases with the lvl of your W. Next, she also has a heal with a decently short cool down that allows for spamming at higher levels. In conjuction with being healed the selected Champion also gets a boost to attack speed. At later levels this buff will stay active longer than the cooldown length for the skill itself, allowing for a CONSTANT increase to attack speed. This synergises well with your IBG, and SV. Lastly...she turns into a cougar...

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...Cougar form!

So you're out there throwing down traps and tossing out spears, when suddenly at lvl 6 you can level up your Ult, **** yes! Now, you were probably expecting this, you turn into a cougar. OMG! #crazy The hot lady that likes younger champions turns into a cougar. FTW. Now in this fearsome new form, you're ready to chase down fleeing enemy champions and generally kick some serious ***. Your Q is going to be what you want to use to finish off any fleeing enemy champions that have low health, it deals physical damage based off the percentage of missing health an enemy champion has. Long story short, the less health they have the more damage it does! How are you gonna catch these ****ers, you ask!? Your W is your next ability in line, this ability lets you leap a few spaces in the direction you are facing, upon landing magic damage is dealt to surrounding enemies. Next up is her E which also deals physical damage like her Q, this however is a multitarget ability that does flat damage to enemies directly infront of Nidalee. Her cougar form adds movement speed and armor too, so in the event you find yourself needing to be tankier and to make a quick exit, this is the form the choose.

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What you're gonna do most the time.

THROW SPEARS. Over and over, and over, and over again. It's a rather wonderful feeling to throw a spear throw a wall and hear it crunch into an enemy champion. Set traps for increased map awareness and heal anyone that needs it, even if your ADC has full health the attack speed buff can be very beneficial in fights. Whenever someone is gonna get away, chase them down in cougar form. In essence that's what you're gonna be doing 95% of the game. Nid has amazing mobility so use it to your advantage and DOMINATE that map. Be everywhere.

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Things to remember about our Champion!

Nidalee's passive skill is that whenever she walks into brush, her movement speed is increased. This will last for a few seconds after leaving the brush, so keep this in mind when moving around the map.

The W of Nid's Cougar form has you leap forward in the direction Nidalee is facing. This can you take you over short walls. It's a little tricky but it just takes practice. You can use this in conjunction with her passive to get away rather quickly.

Set traps in area's that you expect someone to gank. When you set these traps. PAY ATTENTION TO THE MINI MAP. Otherwise it won't make a damn bit of difference that you have vision on them.

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Team Work and Win! GG

Spam your heal, always throw down your traps for vision and in high traffic/gank areas. If you successfully push your mid lane then go hammer top or bot depending on which is in need. In general as Nid you should be throwing spears to deal high damage, dropping health bars and letting your tanky bruisers and ADCs finish up, all the while you're healing them and throwing spears when prudent, chasing and attacking in your cougar form. Help every lane push and maintain a solid map presence. It should be GG, WP in no time!(; Happy Spear Tossing!