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Twitch Build Guide by Ranged Phys FTW

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ranged Phys FTW

Hey whats that smell? Oh. It's me!

Ranged Phys FTW Last updated on August 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Twitch is a very powerful champion that is one of the best assassin if played right.
In this build you will learn the item build, laning early mid and late, and PvP with Twitch. When I first played Twitch I thought he was hopelessly under powered. But when I got a phantom dancer before any AD items, he was uber powerful even after he got nerfed. With Twitch, you let anyone initiate except yourself.


Early, Twitch can be an awesome minion killer because of his awesome AS from runes and awesome natural AD. Normally, as Twitch, I don't focus on CS (Creep score) but on champion kills. You CAN farm and be pretty good in lane, but you can also be one of the best gankers in the game. So, choice 1 is Farm and harrass your lane, and choice 2 is gank and get kills in lane. I choose choice number 2 all the time. I personally think that Twitch is all about early ganks, mid ganks, and late game ganks, then late game teamfight ult carrying, and baron/drag checking. So if all of that is for you, try playing Twitch (AND Evelynn).

NOTE: Don't go mid with Twitch.. Period.

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My average scores and high scores. (READ)

Before you say that Twitch was nerfed too hard to be good, read my scores. >:)

    5-0 (Surrender at 20)
    8-4-6 (Loss)

My average of kills is about 10 or so and 0 to 3 deaths normally.

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Twitch's awesome abilitys and passive


Above are Twitch's awesome abilitys and passive.

Deadly venom is probably the main reason that I build twitch AS. If you can get 6 stacks of this on your enemy, you're GOLDEN. It ends up being one of the main reasons I like Twitch more than Evelynn . Also, if you get enough of this poison on your enemy, it buffs your W and E. It owns. Hard.

Ambush is Twitch's main ability that makes him different from most champions. His stealth. I get this ability in the beggining and level it up second. I get this second because it buffs your attack speed and lets you stay stealthed for longer. Your W does a very nice natural slow anyways.

This is Twitch's slow. It gets upgraded per each stack of Deadly Venom . As I said before, his Passive is epic. Or at least, should have said.


I get this ability first because it does so much damage with all 6 stacks of poison on them and it's a good finisher so they can't escape. Also good in teamfights for alot of burst on everybody and for KSing! :)

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Twitch's masteries

My masteries as twitch are 21 - 0 - 9

Getting increased crit chance, attack speed, armor pen, AD, crit dmg, and CDs and AP as slot fillers in Offensive masteries . And getting Utillity as my 9 because of the ghost improvement, experience bonus, and a little bit of mana regen isn't bad.

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Twitch's runes

I take all AS runes and heres why:

Twitch's passive is poison. It can stack.
I want more stacks on it.
His E and W are more efficient with stacks of poison.
As Twitch and Evelynn you have to kill them quick.
AS helps you kill them quick.

One time I played without my AS runes and with AD runes and his early was suprisingly worse.

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Pros and Cons


Awesome ganks
Early good AD
Early good AS
Good laning partner
Teamfight carry
Kill carry
Quick damage
A good kser. :P


Can't initiate
Very squishy
Very hard to play
Gets focused in teamfights
Can be shutdown easily
Can be a lone wolf on accident

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Twitch's awesome laning comps

Twitch is AWESOME laning with these champs (IF THE PLAYER IS GOOD).

Master Yi
Alistar (Of course)
Taric (Of course)


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Enemys of Twitch

There are many champions who can shut down Twitch, but here are a few I have in mind:


I might add more sometime but for now these are who come to mind. :P

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Build from Early to Late

With twitch you gotta focus on getting attack speed and crit chance. This is my most basic build evolved into a bigger build that revolves around attack speed.

I get this because it really helps with minion farming and harrassment power.
I suggest getting this instead of a dagger because I personally think that the health and damage makes it a very useful early item.

After Doran's if you can afford a Zeal, get it before the boots of speed because it gives you movement speed AND attack speed.

But if you can't afford it, go for the boots of speed. They're good too.

After you get your Boots of Mobility
Start building your Phantom dancer,
as this is one of the key items of
your build in my oppinion.

And after your phantom dancer I suggest infinity edge for the extra crit damage, crit chance, and awesome AD bonus that helps Twitch in the long run. And also, why I get Tiamat as Twitch now is because the extra splash damage. Sure, his ult, is awesome by itself, but it could always use a buff from Tiamat. You dominate in teamfights with 1 or more Timats, so I find it useful.
alternative builds could hold these items;

Normally good start for Twitch.

Of course, always good for Twitch.

Tiamat always rocks for him

Good for sustaining yourself in teamfights and stuff.

And another below

Great starting item

Always awesome.

This works very well for him since his main resource for damage is attack speed.

An awesome item for awesome people.

Great for extra health and slow!

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Early Twitch gameplay

Early laning with Twitch should be played carefully untill the right moment.

IE: You are laning and farming at bot near your turret, then all of a sudden your ally, Nidalee, gets exausted and focused by... Lets say Pantheon and Renekton! Nidalee heals herself and runs.

! Then you go in, focus panth while he's chasing, take him down, then focus renekton and get a double kill !

Twitch does damage out of nowhere ESPECIALLY with a Phantom dancer.

If there is a melee physical or a tank with CC, request to lane with them. You'll get fed and own.

If the other team is a jungler, you should go in the jungle at times and try to find/kill the jungler. You can really ruin a jungler's mid to late damage doing so.
Also, as twitch you will be focused ALOT. To prevent from being shutdown, you gotta be passive untill your team initiates. Yea, its hard as an assasin to be passive, but it has to be done. (It really stinks. DX)
An up side is that he can bush check and scout his lane while being passive. You can definitely find something to do as twitch, whether its ganking mid, searching the jungle, Or just checking the bushes, you'll always have something to do as twitch.


Also, if you're feeling tricky, you can duo lane mid. Trip their mid laner up a little bit (normally if you are going to do this, you should have a teammate that's good at soloing vs 2). Also you can 3 lane for a little bit and try to get some kills out of it.

Tip for pro Twitch: Early at about lvl 3, check for mid ganks and keep coming mid and ganking. If you shutdown their mid, which will probably be a key part of their team, you can win a game for your team. Especially in ranked!

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Mid Twitch gameplay

Near mid is when you should have your Phantdom dancer, or close.

Now is when you start rolling faces as Twitch. Oh yea. I suggest sticking with a bud in
stealth and running in the jungle looking for ganks. Yes.. Twitch does that. xD If you get

in a teamfight, you should play the role of taking out high damage dealers, or ult AoE damage into an E burst to all of their team. That works too.. But if you're going to do that, I suggest getting Tiamat first.

Anyways, when you're twitch at mid you should be looking to gank at every oppritunity. If you have a shen, panth, TF, or any other characters that teleport, feel free to initiate a 1v1 against an Ashe or Cait. Mabye not Vayne though. She's scary. o.o
As twitch you can also use your ult to push lanes, then right at the last second when they're all coming at you to kill you, you run in some kind of brush then come out stealthed. :)

He's a good ninja pusher. Definitely a good ninja pusher.

If your team wants to do drag, I suggest scoping the area out stealthed rather than using your damage. It's safer for your team that way, and just down right preffered by me. You should be careful running around so freely though. They could by an oracle or vision ward.

Pro Twitch second Tip: If you feel confident initiating, then you should towards mid and late. You should initiate, then run back a little and treat it with care. People LOVE focusing twitch and eve. It's like peoples's favorite thing to do. No joke.. :P

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Late Twitch gameplay

Late as twitch you should be the carry of teamfights, ganks, and baron ganks. So.. Pretty much everything I guess? Yeah..

Twitch late has to be more of an assasin then ever because the other team will have caught up to who to focus now.. Thats right.. YOU. You can't initiate teamfights. Mabye ganks. MABYE. You gotta play it safe but when you DO come out, BLAM they die.

Ok. Late the other team has oracles and vision wards all around the map, which means you really gotta buddy up. But if you play it safe enough, you can probably check baron and drag quickly and safely. Also what I might suggest getting towards late is an Oracle to find vision wards and regular wards.

Late is all about killing and mabye pushing as Twitch, so there isnt much to add at this point.

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Thanks for reading!

This is my first real build that I have worked on as hard as I have for this one.
If you have any suggestions at all for anything about this build, PM me. ;)

Enjoy playing Twitch and- "Hey whats that smell? Oh, its me!"

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V1.1 Fixed some mistakes in my writing.
V1.2 New chapter: Twitch's runes.