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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGreatMp3

Hide N Seek Rules

TheGreatMp3 Last updated on December 28, 2012
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Basic Instructions

Hide N Seek is conducted on the Crystal Scar map in a 5 (Hiders) v 2 (Seekers) Pattern.

You must use Draft Mode

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How to Win

Hiders: Last 40 Minutes with at least one player still alive!

Seekers: Kill all Hiders at least 5 times.

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Croud Control

Slows, Stuns, Exhausts, Silences, Knock Ups, Knock Backs, Grabs & Pulls are aloud

Traps such as Jack in the boxes,Nid Traps, Cait Traps etc are also aloud but only ONE per bush. (HIDERS ONLY)

Teleports are aloud such as Shen and TF ults.

NOTE: CC Consists of ONE skill at a time. not unloading all of your skills at once and saying "oh I'm just ccing"

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Hider Rules

1. Hiders may place one warded ability per bush (aka mushroom, jack in the box, Nid Trap, Cait Trap, ETC) DO NOT stack stuff in bushes.

2. You may NOT recall at any point in the game

3. You only have 5 lives. Once you die 5 times you must stay in the OUTER circle. You must sell ALL of your items. and you may not enter the jungle at ANY TIME

4. Only 2 hiders may hide in any given bush at any given time.

5. You may not attack a seeker if they are recalling.

6. Storm Shields are completely allowed.

7. You may not enter areas of your own platform that would result in the enemy being killed. If you do then you will lose a life.

8. Hiders lose a life if killed by a seeker, Killing a seeker on purpose, or cheating in any way shape or form.

7. Auto Attacks are banned. Using Frozen Mallet and Entropy type items do not validate this rule. (BANNED FOR HIDERS ONLY)

The only time an Auto Attack can be used if it is part of the players slow/stun such as Hecarim's E.

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Seeker Rules

1. You are not allowed to leave the base until 2 minutes.

2. After killing a player you must allow them a 30 second "Grace" Period to go back to hiding

3. When you get to or below 300 HP you are to Recall Immediatly. If you continue to chase Seekers are alowed to kill you

4. You may NOT camp the hiders platform or chase a player who is under the 30 second grace period.

5. You may only have 1 of each Slowing item per team at any given time.

6. You cannot purchase oracles until 15:00

7. You cannot purchase LightBringers or Hextech Sweepers until 20:00

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Banned Abilities

Clairvoyance - Banned for both sides.
Ignite - Banned for Seekers (Must I even say why?)

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Banned Items

Guardian Angel
Sunfire Cape
Oracle's Extract - Banned Until 15 Minutes (Banned for Seekers Only)
Sight Items - Banned Until 20 Minutes (Banned for Seekers only)
Phantom Dancer - Max of 2 Per player.
Zephyr - Max of 2 per player.
Slowing Items - Max of 1 per team
Sight Items - Max of 1 per team
Speed Items - Max of 1 per team

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