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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author philslips

High Priority(Kill These First)

philslips Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This will tell you who needs to be taken out of a lane first. Some of the builds are not so great and other people may have better ones, but Warwick is included twice to show Jungle and Lane possibilities.

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Jungle Warwick

Jungle Warwick is almost twice as hard to kill than lane Warwick. This is because of his accelerated level and experience from jungling(also gold), his lifesteal(increased by extra gold gained from jungling) and his suppress ultimate. You want to get in the woods and kill him if you can(worry about your lane first) and you can outmatch him, plus it will take him longer to jungle, but his longer jungle will also increase the solo in lane resulting from jungle. If you can organize a gank, or kill this solo-er off early, this will not be a problem. His lifesteal combined with his ultimate makes him hard to kill if you are not traveling with an ally because he can double back, suppress you and kill you with his lifesteal and the life gained from the supressive lifesteal. You need to kill him in burst because if he lives, he can go into the woods and use lifesteal on neutral monsters.

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Twitch is a champion that you want to kill early, fast and as many times as possible. Twitch starts out with some of the highest base attack and that combined with the attack speed boost from coming out of his stealth and his poison, can make an easy-seeming kill, turn devastating. If you can get lifesteal, and harrass him, you can get his health low, and work the poison off on minions. You want to buy oracle to avoid running into costly situations and always want to stick to a thornmail or two if he starts to build attack speed. This will convert 30% of his damage into his own demise and help you by not getting hurt as much by his attack. If you can, run before he uses expunge, because it can do you a lot of damage and make it an easy kill from his stealthed position. You will be a sitting duck and you always need to call MIA's.

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Vayne is a champion that is annoying because she does way too much damage and, if paired with lifesteal, can be one of the most difficult to kill and will drain you before you can say "Help!!!". You want to make sure that you run before an ally stuns you or she starts to chase you. Vayne has a lot of health, so you may want to back up if you are recalling because she is very good at turret diving and can easily kill you and run before she dies, so a teammate that has stun would be a good idea for you.

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Evelyn is very hard to avoid dying from because of her massive damage abilities, but if you fight her below level six and she can't run away with her ultimate, you can easily take her out and prevent her from getting large kill sprees and if that happens, she is almost impossible to kill in team fights because she gains health when she gets an assist or kill, so try to avoid taking damage after she has her ultimate and kill her before you die so she can't regenerate or gain health from her ultimate even if you die after.

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Nunu, as some of you may think, can be a jungle or a tank, but he is usually either more successful as an ability power or AP jungle instead. Nunu's abilities combined with the AP, and magic penetration in this build will make his abilities so strong that he can practically solo anyone he wants. Beware of his ultimate, he can easily take you down with it and you could be dead in one hit if he farms well enough and you may ultimately fall victim to his wrath. It is almost impossible to avoid him if he is in your lane because of his fast movement and his Ice Blast, so you may want to fight him because he is a little more vulnerable than in his tank stage.

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Lane Warwick

When Warwick lanes, he doesn't get the benefits that he would by jungling, but he still can easily run into the woods and kill some monsters now and then and he still can be tremendously OP with his lifesteal. You want to use a thornmail or a lifesteal and maybe attack speed to get his health down or regain yours and kill him before he kills you. Not jungling is not a bad thing. Now, Warwick can help his teammates and he is often more OP because he and his lane mate supprot each other and he can use his Hungering Strike to drain you from afar and even turret dive easily and with enough health to get away and enough lifesteal to gain health on minions, monsters and your teammates when supported with help and maybe a stun champion. His ultimate can be used to do the same things and have the same benefits as when he is jungling and can instantly gain life from you with his ultimate and can easily dominate as much, maybe more than Jungle Warwick

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Ezreal has really good move speed and can get away, causing him to have many kill sprees and the ability to run away faster than most people can catch him. This also makes him all the more OP because he can buy more items and, what many people don't know, can get consumables fast after build is done. Many people don't know that you can buy consumables after you are done building, but they just automatically consume them, making the other person better. He is all magical damage so magic resist can keep you in the game and he is squishy so you should be able to take him out, and a thormail may be a good idea because of his ability to use his attacks in split-seconds of each other, but magic resist should help more.

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Akali is a stealth fighter that can be hard to kill because you cannot see her. If you are Rammus, you can turn on your ultimate and use that as area damage to try to kill her or smoke her out if if she does not run and if you cant kill anyone else necessary.

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Never randomly throw around abilities unless it is towards enemies who you can easily eliminate or are very essential to kill and always time your killings right. I have used some builds that are top rated, or that I use, but they may not be what you are fighting against, but may be similar and this guide may not always work. This is not how to use each champion, but how to avoid losses and high deaths in a game situation. Please comment on champions that can be added or changed, maybe even a better build.


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