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Riven Build Guide by XCrazedChickX

Hop to Win - Bunny Babe Riven - WIP

By XCrazedChickX | Updated on May 5, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Riven
  • LoL Champion: Riven


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Hello, I'm Mimini on the NA Servers, I was once known as XCrazedChickX

Riven - The Exile.

A lovable and extremely fun Champion... Riven is usually played wrong and can't grab a kill to save her life, the point of this guide is to show that Riven can be played correctly.

This is a STRICT carry build, not off-tank, not tank, not jungle, CARRY. Please do not try to blame me if you do not understand how this is intended to be played.
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Runes... As I have said time and time again, Runes are up to you... But I can and will explain my reasoning behind the runes that are listed.

Do I even need to explain? This is here just for the Damage that Riven craves.
Why attack speed? Well, I personally play Riven as more of a DPS than an AD Caster. It also works extremely well with her passive; Runic Blade.
Crit chance... feels like it isn't necessary right? Wrong. I've had too many encounters where the enemy gets away... ALMOST. Your early kills will come from this Crit chance, I garentee it.(See what I did there?)
More solid damage output, that's all you'll really need when it comes to the early/mid game, late is the only time you're going to need health or Armor.
Didn't I JUST say-... No, I was wrong. This little bit of health can really help you, considering it will be the only thing you can depend on in a pinch.

For those of you going for more of a AD Caster...
greater mark of desolation Well, it's Armor pen... it's Rivens BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD... this this baby, you'll be hitting harder early.
greater seal of vigor Health Regen... why? Because you'll need it. Ever sense they nerfed Riven's Regen, she's been harder to hold as an AD Caster... so use it for your early game sustain.
It's that extra attack damage you've ignored in your runes until now! The armor pen is just so much more attractive on Marks...
greater quintessence of desolation More Armor pen... What more is there to say here?
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Early Items

This is something I get asked about alot with my Riven build... Items.

Why Doran's Blade? Why not Ruby Cystal, or Boots of Speed and 3 Heath potions?
The answer is quite simple... Damage.

Doran's Blade is an extremely good Item for Riven, considering it gives AD and Lifesteal, both of which Riven Needs to really do anything in lane against champions such as Talon, Volibear, Amumu, and Olaf.



Okay, you understand why we stack Doran's Blades? Good. We start with just the one... then you grab Boots of Speed. If you follow some steps that will be found later, you should have enough for them right away... because you will have gotten First Blood and stuff...

Now after some aggressive early game play, you should have enough for what you want; the next Two Doran's Blades! Oh, and while you're back, grab a Elixir of Fortitudeif you feel like you'll use it well.

So now you have;

This is when your first major purchase choice comes into play.
The only difference is if you're going down the path of a DPS or an AD Caster...
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Difference Between AD Caster and Tanky DPS

Well, if you want something that really shows the difference... Here for DPS Gameplay and Here for Caster Gameplay. **Gameplay will be added later, please wait.**

Now, DPS and Caster both have their advantages and disadvantages. For one, Riven is usually MURDERED by any kind of cc... Silences especially, but with Caster, if you're silenced, you're dead, DPS has a chance with those fancy sword moves.

Personally I prefer DPS... but that's just me... Most people prefer Caster for the fact that it's hard to avoid... Hell, even Tank Riven is more used!!

So, the choice is all yours... Caster, or DPS...?
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Early Gameplay and Farming

Early game is the time for aggression. I recommend you have someone like Taric, or Alistar because the stuns really help you close gaps and secure kills.

If you're stuck top, play a little more passively and watch for ganks... stay in that back and wait for the right time to have your jungler swoop in so you can Ks him or her!

Now, if you can, farm. Farm long and hard.
use Broken Wings's first charge for a bit of damage, auto attack once, taking advantage of your Runic Blade, then use your next Broken Wings Charge, Repeat until farmed anally.

Or, if you're into that kind of thing, Bush camp and wait for an unsuspecting Teemo...
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Work In Progress?

I really wanted to get this out there, it may not be complete, but please stick around it to see how it grows... I wanted people to see my opinions before I could finish, for the fact that I never have time for it.

Please Wait for more!
League of Legends Build Guide Author XCrazedChickX
XCrazedChickX Riven Guide

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Hop to Win - Bunny Babe Riven - WIP
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