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[How To] Become A Better Team Player

[How To] Become A Better Team Player

Updated on August 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SryImBad Build Guide By SryImBad 290 24 254,769 Views 133 Comments
290 24 254,769 Views 133 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SryImBad Build Guide By SryImBad Updated on August 24, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Nidalee
  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Annie
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
  • LoL Champion: Ashe


Welcome to SryImBad's guide to becoming a better player. There are few key aspects in having a good team. The Champions I have selected are champions each player should learn to master. I'm still new to making guides so be nice. (:
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Key Points To Have

Let's get STARTED!
These are the key points that I'm going to be talking about in this guide. I will go through steps for each of these points to create a fully functional 90% win chance team.

Map Awareness
Crowd Control
Team Composition

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Things to keep in mind

Before we start, i would like to point out some things about being a leader on your team.

-Having a good personality towards your teammates
Swearing and cursing at one's failure would only make them WANT to fail just to tick you off for calling them names. Trust me, feeders are not your reason why people lose. Simple compliments before or after a constructive criticism will help.

When you're about to type,
"You suck. Uninstall please, you noob."
"Nice try, but try to ..."

If you're not doing the best of the team, save any buffs or large minion waves for the carries to kill. Ask them if they want it before taking it. Exceptions can be made if you have a jungler on your team, they deserve those buffs. Giving others the Champion Kill when they have a for-sure shot on them will really make a difference.

-Call mia/ss/miss
If your opponent is missing from your lane for over 5 seconds CALL 'MIA' then ping the other lanes. The ping is needed because sometimes people just ignore the text but the sound of the ping puts them on alert. You can really save your teammates from being ganked 3 on 1.

-Taking blame
Reverse Psychology is where it's at. Taking blame for something will prevent your team from being rude to each other. Being nice, yourself, will not prevent others to be, but taking blame for things that are not your fault will. Make sure to apologize if they start beating on you. And if it's actually your fault, admit it and apologize.

A simple mistake MANY people make. Without a decent Team Composition and 5 supports, there is no chance of winning. See what your teammates pick. See what's missing. Pick/Ask what character that will help the team most. Trust me, P&L people rage harder than you when they fail miserably. They will regret.
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Map Awareness / Control


As I always say, "Wards wins games."

Use your wards to the full potential! YES, they have potential.

Wards are very nice, but who wants to spend the money to buy a gazillion amount of them? Why not have a free one?

Clairvoyance is a free summoner spell that allows you to see a small area of the map for 6 seconds. Good for preventing ganks, checking bushes and long ranged skills shots. Clairvoyance isn't the only free Map control spell there are others too! For example:
Nidalee Bushwhack is one of the best map control spells ever. With an annoying 12 seconds of vision on any target that steps on it, having them lying everywhere is great to prevent ganks. Since it's called Bushwhack, its name recommends you to put one in every bush.

"MIA" "ss" "Miss"
The most important word you look for in every game. when Mia (missing in action) is called, it should be a gut instinct to either press tab/'o' to check who's on the map and who's missing or look at the mini map if you can find the missing person somewhere. For an early pushing lane, recommended to back off and go near the tower. Always, ALWAYS, keep a look out on the map. Always.

Dragon / Baron
Have these warded 24/7. Why? global gold and buff. If the opponent team are able to kill these Monsters they will gain; 190g for Dragon. 300g+buff for Baron.
Having control over these monsters will give you chances to steal and kill them as well and using them as bait.

NOTE* CONSTANTLY look at the minimap, it is your savior.
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Crowd Control

What's better than having a team of pwn?

Crowd Control includes; stuns, suppression, fears, taunts, slows, snares, silences, movement control, and blinds.

Stuns: Pyromania Dazzle Enchanted Crystal Arrow stops the target from moving, casting spells, or attacking for a period of time.

Suppressions: Infinite Duress Nether Grasp are stuns that can not be reduced by CCR (Crowd Control Reduction).
NOTE* Suppression's stun can be cleansed, damage will continue. User of Suppression will also stay in place. Channel

Fears: Jack In The Box Terrify Unspeakable Horror causes the target to walk in a random direction slowly for a duration.

Taunts: Shadow Dash Puncturing Taunt are spells that force the target to start auto-attacking the user.

Slows: Pillar of Filth Frost Shot causes the target's movement speed to decrease.

Snares: Dark Binding Light Binding are spells that stop the target from moving but still allows auto-attacking and casting spells.

Silences: Reap Infuse are spells that cause their target to be unable to cast spells for a duration.

Movement Control: Pillar of Filth Rocket Grab Crystallize are spells that either move the target to another place or blocks and area from being walked upon.

Blinds: Blinding Dart Phosphorus Bomb are spells that temporarily causes the target to miss a % of their auto-attacks.

Crowd Control allows you to control the crowd... Without Any Crowd Controls, your team will fail terribly. Having a suppression/stun/taunt/fear/snare/movement control/slow allows your team to pick off opponents easily. Having silence will control how much damage can be thrown at your team at a time.

So next time when you pick a character and there seem to be not enough CC (Crow Control), pick someone with more than just one. Pick someone with TWO, yes i said it, TWO Crowd Controls.
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Team Composition

I picked Nidalee, Shen, Annie, Trundle, and Ashe because they can work well as a team and/or separately.

Nidalee: Javelin Toss / Takedown, Bushwhack / Pounce, Primal Surge / Swipe, Aspect Of The Cougar
Map Control and Strong Heal
Shen: Vorpal Blade, Feint, Shadow Dash, Stand United
Crowd Control and Global Shield
Annie: Disintegrate, Incinerate, Molten Shield, Summon: Tibbers
AoE [Area of Effect] Stun
Trundle: Rabid Bite, Contaminate, Pillar of Filth, Agony
Movement Control and Armor Shredder
Ashe: Frost Shot, Volley, Hawkshot, Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Two Crowd Control and Map Control

Tank: Shen
Magic Damge Carry: Annie
Physical Damage Carry: Ashe
Support: Nidalee
Off-Tank: Trundle

(Jungler is EXTREMELY useful to give another player on your team a boost in levels.)
NOTE* I call it Magic Damage carry > Ability Power Carry due to the fact Attack Damage carries may be Magic Damage dealers. (Kog'Maw, Teemo, Warwick. <- Magic Damage)

My definition of Star team includes 1 Tank, 1 MD Carry, 1 PD Carry, 1 Support, and 1 Off-Tank. This is because a team with those 5 are very balanced and can do very well in game.

Other Characters:
Malphite Rammus Amumu Singed Galio Maokai Leona

Magic Damage Carry:
Malzahar Swain Vladimir Brand Anivia Morgana Poppy Warwick Teemo Kog'Maw Ryze Twisted Fate Veigar Akali Katarina Cassiopeia Evelynn Fiddlesticks Karthus Jax Kennen LeBlanc Orianna Rumble Kassadin

Physical Damage Carry:
Master Yi Miss Fortune Caitlyn Sivir Nocturne Pantheon Shaco Sion Tristana Tryndamere Vayne Urgot Corki Ezreal Twitch Gangplank Wukong Talon

Soraka Karma Janna Taric Zilean Lux Heimerdinger Kayle Sona Alistar

Xin Zhao Olaf Jarvan IV Gragas Garen Lee Sin Nasus Renekton Udyr Blitzcrank Dr. Mundo Mordekaiser Irelia Nunu & Willump Cho'Gath Yorick Skarner

NOTE* Remember, team WITH CC (Crowd Control)

With Friends, try a team that denies anything of their's.

AoE + Stun Team
Amumu/Galio/Miss Fortune/Ashe/Brand/Fiddlesticks
Great AoE Both Physical And Magical. Real Fun. Easily drains a team of their Hp.

Trap Team
Teemo/Cait/Shaco/Nidalee/Heimerdinger + A Puller can easily deny them of a whole side of the map. They won't be able to jungle nor push if you have an outstanding amount of traps everywhere. It's pretty fun.
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Never go solo.

Playing League of Legends means you will be paired up with 2 or 4 other people to play with. (unless custom) How to play as a team? Easy.

Step One: Alerting
Always let you teammate know when you 'b' (back up/recall). Always alert your teammate for a gank. Tell your teammate to stay safe. Call MIA. Don't Screw up.

Step Two: Stay Together
Later in the game when the first tower dies, that lane's champions will fan out into other lanes. This is the initiation of Mid-Game. When Mid-Game begins, it's best to stay together as a pair or more. Push as 5. Defend auto push as 2. Fight as 5. Dragon/Baron as 3+. Your teammates are what makes a team. Don't forget that.

Step Three: Know your Role
Give the carry/carries the Lizard and Golem buffs.
If you're the support, don't think that you can not do damage. Help in every way possible.
If you're the tank, initiate. Don't wander behind your group doing nothing. 'Suicide' for 5 assists. It's what you should do, try not to ks, run at LOW health, and don't try to solo 1v5.
If you're the carry, focus down their carry first. Don't let them kill the rest of your team off while you try too hard to attack the tank and end up dealing no damage.
If you're the off-tank, help your tank with taking the damage. You're role is to soak up some damage as well as throwing out some pain.
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Have good Sportsmanship.

There's no point in being a ****. The game is for fun, if you are getting frustrated/pissed/ticked over the game, don't play. It's simple.

Don't rage over getting Trolled. They're everywhere and feeding them with fail comments or deaths don't help either. Just press Tab and click the speech bubble on the right of their character and start bragging about not being able to listen to them. It's jooookes.

After a game type GG. If they was a leaver, apologize for the unfairness and tell them you'll report them for leaving.
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Have fun! Good Luck!

Please Comment, Rate, And Check out my other guide!
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Change Log

May 21, 2011
- Started guide!
- Added "Intro"
- Added "Things To keep In Mind"
- Added "Key Points To Have"
- Added 3 Champions

May 24, 2011
-Added References
-Added Map Awareness / Control Section

May 28, 2011
-Added Trundle
-Added Ashe

May 29, 2011
-Ward placements

June 3, 2011
-Details on Map Awareness

June 4, 2011
-Added Crowd Control Section
-Added Team Composition Section
-Added Teamwork Section
-Switched "Key Points" and "Things to keep in mind" for fluent reading

June 5, 2011
-Changed color of font before people died for seizure
-Moved Morde, Irelia, and Dr. Mundo to Off-Tank

August 24, 2011
-Added Sportsmanship Section
-Added Skarner, Wukong, Yorick, Leona & Talon
-Tweaked To Present Patches.
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