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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madmack

How to Build a Carry

Madmack Last updated on November 2, 2010
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How to Build a Carry


There are a lot of strats for many different champions, many of them are very effective at different stages of the game, some are even more powerful than any of the builds you see here in early to mid-game. However, none of them will compare with the late game power of a true carry build.

Most Carry Champions will find that they struggle early-mid game if they are stifled minion kills, experience gain, or champion kills. A good carry needs at least 1 of 3 things in order to be successful.

First, let's recognize that at 10 minutes in you will have accumulated a minimum of 840 + 475 = 1315 gold, with 0 minion kills this will cover the cost of your Berserker Greaves.

The 10 minute mark is the key.

At 10 minutes you should be purchasing your first B.F. Sword, at a minimum. This is the key to assuring that you don't have major struggles in the early-mid game. This is achieved, as stated previously, in 1 of 3 ways.

1. Minion kills (90). If you can accumulate 90 minion kills by the 10 minute mark, you should be able to purchase your first B.F. Sword with no problem.

2. Champion Kills (7). If you are able to rack up 7 champion kills by the 10 minute mark, you will be able to afford your B.F. Sword easily.

3. Any Combination. Obviously, there's a lot of possibilities for your gold generation, but one of the keys is to make sure you're in the game to get the gold you need. Minion kills, jungle minions, the dragon (130 gold), and of course Tower Destructions (100 gold) are all great ways to get the gold you need.

Why is a B.F. Sword so important?

A B.F. Sword is so important, because it provides you, as a carry, with the most important aspect of your job, killing power. 50 Additional attack damage is nothing to take lightly. Many people will forgo grabbing a B.F. sword for other items, and this (with some exceptions) is usually a mistake. If you're building for long-term overpowered killing power, a B.F. Sword helps you accomplish this task in two important ways.

1. More killing power on champions.

2. More killing power on minions.

These are the two most important and easy ways to gain gold. It is important to understand that champion kills are highly overrated for a carry early and mid game. Although they're certainly very nice if you can grab them, for most carries, minion kills are going to be the key.

The Power of the Bloodthirster.

Too many people building a carry mistakenly think that survivability are good choices for them in terms of maintaining their staying power, and killing more. While this is a logical conclusion, it is unfortunately a false conclusion. In the champions I have selected for examples you can see some survivability implemented. For example, Master Yi has an ability that gives him increased Armor and Magic Resistance, and healing over time. Tryndamere has his ultimate that makes him unkillable for a period of time. And Warwick, I often grab a Spirit Visage to increase the healing power of his Hungering Strike.

However, all of the champions have at least 2 Bloodthirsters, and most have 3. 2 Bloodthirsters = 50% lifesteal, 3 = 75% lifesteal. This is your best choice for survivability, all other methods are merely secondary and there is no substitution. Let me illustrate.

Tryndamere with 3 Bloodthirsters vs Tryndamere with AD and Crit Items.

First of all the difference in crit is going to be about 10% (max) and it should be that If you built correctly, Trynd will have 100% crit either way. So... lets assume that a 3 Bloodthirsters crit is only 50%. Trynd has around 2k hp, here's the battle.

Crit trynd crits for 1k hp

Bloodthirster trynd hits for 550 flat damage and heals for 412.5

Crit Trynd has 1.5 hp. Bloodthirster Trynd has 1.4 hp.

Crit trynd crits for 1k hp.

Bloodthirster Trynd crits for 1.3k hp and heals for 975 hp.

Crit trynd has 200 hp, Bloodthirster Trynd has 1.3 hp.

I think you can see what's going to happen next...

Runes: The Importance of Armor Penetration

There are truly a lot of different Rune Possibilities, however, there isn't much compromise in terms of armor penetration. A good carry will not have much armor penetration in items, because of this, runes containing armor penetration is important.


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