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Renekton Build Guide by Madcraft

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madcraft

How to carry with Renekton in Bronze - Diamond!

Madcraft Last updated on April 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Renekton Basics

Hello, friends!

In this guide I'm discussing a fairly odd Renekton build.
This chapter will teach you the basics of playing Renekton!
First, it is really important to keep that 50+ fury up in the laning phase.
Your w deals a TON of bonus damage with 50 fury and it will stun the enemy for the doubled amount of time!
You will always have to trade with your lane opponent, in order to be #Wreckington, so use following combo: e - aa (autoattack) - cancel the aa with w - hydra - cancel hydra with q.
I feel like this is the most efficent combo to execute with Renekton, but as always IT IS SITUATIONAL.
It's quite difficult to do your abilities in this order, in the least time possible with Renekton, but after some practice you should be okay.
One last hint: Never use a with fury empowered ability onto minions, except you are completely sure that you are alone and you need to push.

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Playstyle Laning Phase

Renekton has always been a lanebully, but with this build he gets a LANERAPIST.
If you are building Renekton like in this guide, you will have to, as already said, trade your laneopponent ALL the time.
I cannot imagine a single laner, who is able to outtrade Renekton, the only thing you have to watch out for, is poke (Elise,Rumble,..).
If they get you low enough and kill you one or two times in the early stage the lane is over for you.
You have to engage onto them everytime you can, csing is in such a lane a secondary part of playing.
Doing the combo, which i explained in chapter one will win you most of the lanes you play in, but it's very important to watch out for your cooldowns.
Never get too near to your laneopponent with your abilities on cooldown, you are very squishy and such mistakes will cost you your life.
At level eight ~, no matter if you are 0/0/0 or 5/0/0 you will be able to 1vs2 the enemy toplaner and jungler, IF following conditions are given:

* Either their toplaner or jungler is squishy.
* You have already finished Hydra, or Tiamat + Brutalizer.
* Your Ultimate and your Ignite are up.

The only time you can ignore those conditions is, if you think that you are already fed enough for a big play.

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Mid + Lategame

Renekton's strongest phase of the game is probably the midgame.
You will have finished 2-4 items and since your Ad scalings are so big and the enemies won't be too tanky, so you will have an easy time closing out the game.
Your main target in teamfights will be to jump into as much enemies as possible, AFTER one of your teammates has already engaged (!!).
Use your hydra active and q, then go for the squishiest target with w and that's all you have to do! Your job is done after that, no matter if you die or live.
I guarantee you a free win, if the rest of your team is even or ahead of the enemy.
If your team is behind it gets really hard for you to comeback.
You have to be superfed to carry the game alone on your shoulders, since you will be, as said, very squishy!

Lategame: If you haven't ended the game yet you will have some struggles, but it should be okay, if you play Renekton my way, like he is supposed to be played.
Lategame Renekton is played like an assassin, you have to engage at the right moment!
But what is the right moment to engage?
An enemy carry has to be isolated from the enemy team and the focus is not onto you.
The thing is, if those conditions won't come and you wait too long with your backup, you will lose the teamfight.
So remember, if you can oneshot an enemy carry it's fine, but you cant wait too long, for this perfect moment to happen.
Just go full yolo if you cant find an isolated carry and engage with everything you have.
If you play Renekton, like this, you will have an easy time to climb the elo ladder.