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Singed Build Guide by XiiaoPrince

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XiiaoPrince

How To Carry Your Team

XiiaoPrince Last updated on November 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys this is my first time making a guide. Honestly, I have no idea how to make it look attractive and stuff but I know how to build and play Singed very well. So, sorry about the unattractive guide.

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In my opinion, Singed has no weakness if played right. If Singed is getting countered in lane, he can always go proxy farm. Singed is a great champion because he can deal a lot of damage by just simply running around. When you can deal damage and run at the same time, it gives you opportunity to dodge skills and piss off your enemies.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Lots of damage early game and penetrate magic resist.
Greater Seal of Armour: Most top are ADs this helps a lot and minions aggro won't hurt that much.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power: Extra damage on your poison and fling.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Helps you to chase down enemy or get out of a sticky situation.

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Taking 9/21/0 gives you the all the defences you need to play ap carry Singed and still being able to dish out tons of damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite combined with your poison trail is great at securing a kill. Ghost combined with your ult just makes you a Olympic runner at chasing enemies or getting out of a sticky situation.

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Ahhh ... finally now you will know the secret behind my build. I'm sure most of you readers know Dyrus right? He's a pro Singed player. In the pro player pick video, he said that just being stubborn and drawing pressure to him, it allows his team to have more free space because if they are all on him, they aren't on them. But mostly people don't care about tankers they go for adc/apc, right? This build I made, gives Singed lots of damage and some "fake health" to make you look tanky. All you need to do is press R and ghost and on your poison and fling the adc or apc and behold the damage. If no one aims you when you use this build, they will regret 'cause you deal a lot damage. If they DO aim you, it allows your team to have more free space. Smart right? The reason why I go for liandry 'cause if people buys health to be tanky, liandry burns health and if they get magic resist, abyssal counters magic resist. Rylai last because they won't want to chase you if you got your freaking poison slow that early in the game. Sorry this section was a bit long, had to explain this to you guys clearly. Here's the pro player pick video. Dyrus gave a lot tips and it helped me a lot.

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Losing a lane ? Getting countered ? Fear not. Proxy farm.

What is proxy farming?
It means going behind either the first, second, or even the inhibitor turret and farm. You generally want to stick to the first or second tower to farm but if you're feeling incredibly ballsy, you can proxy mid and top at the same time by going into the enemies base.

What does proxy farming do?
First off, you're going to be getting every creep wave which allows you to get huge gold income. You're also forcing your lane opponent to farm under tower with no minions, which usually means they're going to miss some creeps and their tower is going to get damaged. It is even better if they try to stop you because they will be missing tons of gold and XP. You also draw attention to yourself, causing the jungle and mid laner to gank you, which is a good thing because they will be missing XP and it opens up your other lanes to play more aggressively and take objectives. (Dragon, towers)

How to proxy farm?
Once you get a boots and catalyst, push to the enemy tower and run behind it and farm the creeps by running back and forth. Whenever you clear a wave, hide in the bush and wait for the next wave.

How to not suck at proxy farm?
Ward and have map awareness of where the jungler and mid-laner are. You need to know where they are so if they are coming to gank you, you can plan a escape route. Normally when you see your top-laner coming to fight you when you're proxying, chances are, someone is around to gank you.

How to know where the enemy minions are?
Look at your minimap. Where your minions are, is the exact opposite of where the enemy minions are.

Is dying bad?
Technically no. Purposely? Yeah, it's bad. When you die a lot, you won't be worth killing and if they do come to kill you, they would waste a ult, summoner spells, lose cs and xp.

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How to combine ap carry Singed and proxy farming.

Note that this guide is not build for level 1 proxy. Don't level 1 go proxy and die then say this guide sucks. Knowing what you can do and what you can't is important. If you warded their blue/red depending on which side you're on, and you're ahead of your opponent, go for it. If you're losing your lane, proxy farm if you are good at proxying. If you're not good at it, hug tower wait for your enemy to push den fling him/her in tower den go all in. Here's a video that shows you tips and tricks on how to play Singed. Good luck playing Singed and here's a tip to piss off your enemies : face your butt at your enemy and spam dance to make it look like you're twerking.