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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Dreaa

Assassin How to get Diamond as Evelynn [5.24]

Assassin How to get Diamond as Evelynn [5.24]

Updated on January 10, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreaa Build Guide By Dreaa 35,079 Views 0 Comments
35,079 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreaa Evelynn Build Guide By Dreaa Updated on January 10, 2016
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Hello !

My name is Dreaa, and I prefer to say it now, I'm really sorry if i'm doing grammar mistakes, this is not my native language and I'm trying my best, if you see any mistakes you can PM me or write it in comments and I'll do my best to correct it as soon as I read it.

Now, let's begin by a little presentation of myself. I've been maining jungle for more than a year now, I've discovered this role by testing it in a team, and I think I just fell in love with it, there is so much to say about Jungle, about how you can change a game in multiple ways, it's an amazing role.

I've been taught jungle by multiple Challenger who coached me about how to jungle by differents way, that's why I think that I am now able to coach people and teach them how to do it right.

With Evelynn as one of my main champion I've been able to reach the Diamond 3 during Season 2015 and play in a master rank team. (Now i'm D5 waiting for elo reset).

I think the presentation is pretty neat, let's now start with the guide and let me show you how to play a proper Evelynn which is really fun to play and very strong.
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Runes & Masteries

Let's do a quick reflexion about the runes and masteries.

The runes are really basics, as you can see in the notes, the AD is there to helps you to deal more damages in early to jungle's monsters. It helps you as well since you've AD ratio on your Q/E spells. You will need armor to tank minions in early, or you will get totally destroyed. Then you go full AP on blue / Quintessences, since you're going to play an AP Eve it's quite legit.

About masteries, this is totally basics too but let's do a reflexion step by step about the choices i've made and why.
Let's start with the Ferocity, i've taken "Sorcery" since all your damage will come from spells and Runeglaive's AA, there is no hesitation there. Then, you can take Double Edged Sword which helps you with the burst OR you can take Feast which will helps you to have an easier jungle.
And then Natural talent because having AD/AP bonus is really strong since both of theses statistics upgrade your damages, and then Opressor is the best choice in my opinion because since you build Rylai so your targets will be slown 100% of the time.

Let's go to Cunning now, Savagery and Wanderer are both good, but I prefer Savagery to helps you to clean the first camps. Then you can take Biscuits or Assassin, I prefer Assassin because the playstyle you have to adopt as Eve is to be alone as often as possible, far from your team to pick up the carries who think they are safe and destroy them.
Then you go for Mercyless which will helps you to execute your targets, and goes for Dangerous Game since the other one is totally useless, and I think we all know that feeling when we escape with 20HP because this masteries saved us :D.
Then you go for Precision because the Hybrid penetration is really strong for Evelynn, and to conclude take thunderlord which is totally broken on Evelynn, it will helps you to OS your target in late game.
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How to Jungle ?

Now that we've introduced the champion with the "out" game. Let's go in the real subject and let's talk about the jungle. There is 3 path jungling possible as Evelynn, I will show you the three, explain the pros and cons of which one.

It might be the most common Jungling path right now, no matters the jungler. Starting bot side with a botlane pull, doing you two buff and then ganking top/mid or back depending of your life and the opportunity you have at the right moment you've finish your second buff.
Pros :
    - Safest way to jungling right now.
    - Possibility to take a choice that can make toplane, midlane winning in early or backing to become stronger.
    - Possibility to do a cheesy gank lvl 2 on botlane or midlane if there is a lane that are really pushed or without any escape.

Cons :
    - Since it's the most common way to jungle it's also very predictable.
    - The fact to do nothing before minutes 5 (Doing buffs then backing) is a bad thing for Evelynn since she must be the strongest jungler in the first 5 miniutes.

When you start topside it almost the same thing as starting botside, except that you can gank the toplane on lvl 2 and make the lane winning if there is no tp on the ennemy team.
Same Pros/Cons than earlier.

And there is the cheesy way to jungle, this one is my favourite because it gives an advantage to your team in 95% of the game, and you can even be fed before the 7 minutes.
The thing to do for this way is to start toplane, doing your golems with a strong pull, then going to your red and checking if the ennemy toplaner as done a pull at blue, if it does it just do your normal route, if he doesn't pull the blue there is your shot to win the game in very early so read carefully.
You've just done your red buff, so go at take the frog in river so you have vision and some regen, don't use too much mana because you'll need it. Then, wait for your furtive to come back, and here you have two choice : You go to the ennemy blue or the wolf, there is 100% he's in one of these two camps, just wait the right moment, steal the camp and kill the man. If he flash out you don't need to follow, just grab vision and clean his jungle while he's back.

Then you can back to your own life with half of the ennemy jungle and in the best case a kill and reset buffs.

Pros :
    - It can makes the ennemy jungler tilt and your next invade will be easier.
    - You can take First blood + buffs, so you'll be level 5 and your opponent will be 3.
    - Sometimes you can even do 2v3 because top/mid follow and there is a big shot to take 3 kills at 5minutes of the game and making at least 1 lane won.

Cons :
    - If the ennemy jungler starts top you can't do it.
    - Risky thing, if you fail you can gives kill.
    - People could be very aware about your next invade and start pinking every where.
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Teamfight Phase

Let's make this clear very quickly, most of people are saying that Evelynn isn't a teamfight champ but they are absolutly wrong. With the stuff I gave you earlier you have HP, armor, MR, AP and a lot of temporisation.
I agree Evelynn isn't a Malphite so her engage aren't awesome, but your ultime slow really hards every people you touch, you can easily engage a teamfight with your ult on the maximum target possible, since it gives a big shield and slow people, and doing a tons of damage it's very broken.
After that you have to go on the prioritaty target (adc/apc most of time), the target with the less mobility and the less tankyness will be a gift for you.

This one is in the case you have to engage, Evelynn isn't that strong for siege or defend the base, the best positionnement you can have in these situation is to be on the side or behind. In case you are sieging a turret, you can go on the side or even behind if it's an outter turret, so you can engage right at the moment the turret goes down.
In case you are defending your base you can go on the back of your opponent so you can cut the flight and surprise them by a double side engage, I call that the "Surprise MotherF*cker engage".

There is all you need to know for an Evelynn in Teamfight, here is a quick reminder. Never be close to your mate or you'll get free damage that aren't for you, stay always on the side or on the back of the ennemy to surprise them, you've furtivity, use it.
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How to get back in the game ?

There is multiple ways to get back in a game you think it's lost, or even unblock a situation. It's called TRAP.

There is a few trap you can do very easily :
- Blue / Red respawn timer : Which means adc or apc alone to get his buff.
- Big wave of creeps incoming : Which means someone alone will grab the pex/gold.
- Jungle trap between two lanes while your team is pushing : Imagine your team is pushing mid and the adc ennemy is bot, you can wait him in the jungle there is 75% chances he goes trought the jungle to get back to his team to defend.

After getting one of these carry in 1v1, even if you use ult/summs, it's still 4v5 you can easily engage a dive with your team or take a Dragon or even Nashor.
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Pros / Cons

Pros :

    - Works really well against squishy teams, or with no mobility.
    - Don't need so much items to do a lot of damage (Runeglaive is enough in early).
    - Very strong passive to assassinate target or to carry a game alone.
    - Very fun to play.
    - Doesn't need so much mechanics to be well played.

Cons :

    - *fanboy ON* Don't see anyone *fanboy OFF*
    - Really hard to play against a team with a tons of lock/cc
    - Not very efficient against League of Tanks
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Some exemple (screen/video)

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Here we go, arriving to the end of the guide. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, i've tried to make it a bit funny so the reading doesn't seems sooooo boring as usual guides.

I hope you've learned a few things about playing Evelynn, doing stuffs and about the mind a jungler has to have.

If you have any asks about the guide, something you think I need to add, like a missing part or something, just tell me in comments, I'll try to add it as fast as possible.

See ya guys in an other guide or in the fields !
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