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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrentAuuesome

How To Get Serious

TrentAuuesome Last updated on April 14, 2012
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Tanky DPS

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Guide Top

What This Is, & Why I Am Doing This

Hello, so first of all my name is TrentAuuesome. I am writing this guide because my group of friends and I all play LOL :3 YaY. Right now we are playing only for one reason, to have fun. We want to actually play to win and have fun. Before you ask, yes you can do both. You just need the right mind set and focus.

This guide is not for a specific champ. It is for a team, your team. For this team them there are a few key things that everyone needs to know and do in order for your team to be successful at LOL. This is whats in this guide.

Additionally, Please do NOT bash this because you dont agree with my point of view. I do appriciate constructive critisim, so if you have anything you think I left out, or that you would like to see in here, please let me know.

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AD - Attack Damage
AP - Ability Power
CC - Crowd Control
DPS - Damage Per Second
LOL - You should know this one

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Do You Want To Do This

Get a group of people, prefferably frineds together. First of all, you will need to discuss with everyone whether or not you want to do this, and what it entails for everyone. Keep in mind that this is not for everyone, and that there are many different "levels" of playing. Like I discussed above, my friends and I were playing for fun while we had general knowledge of how to play; strategy, team comp, communication, etc...

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Pick Your Poison

There are two levels to "Pick Your Poison". First is individually, second is for your team.
I would suggest each person in your team comes up with a list of champs that they can play, how good they are on them, and which ones they want/are willing to play in and for the team.

The next step is to get together with your group and decide team compositions. Which champions would work well together, which roles each of you can/want to play, and which role you are good at.

I am currently working on a table that will show each champions strong points early and late game. When I finnish, I will post it here.

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This is where it gets fun. Scheduling, now that sounds like work :(
It is, this is one key thing that differentiates the different capabilities of each team.
You should get with your team and discuss when everyone is available to play and the increments that they can play for.

One of the hardest things for my team is that two of our members are in different time zones so we have to compensate for when we can play.

Now I know most of you would think that LOL is more important that school, and sometimes it feels like that. However, if one of your members is in college and they have midterms for example that they need to study for, it is important to remember that LOL is NOT more important than school.

HW also needs to get done. Dont procrastinate by staying up till 1 am playing lol instead of writing a paper thats due. And for that matter, dont stay up till 1 am playing lol if you have to be up and be somewhere anytime before 9 am. Everyone needs their sleep. To those who know who he is, I am talking to Teys0.

My suggestion is to see what works. Talk with your team and figure out when you can all meet, tinker with the schedule if you need to. For our group we are doing a schedule of at least three days a week where we play. For each of those days we play at least three pvp games, either ranked or normal. The good thing is that saturday and sunday are usually pretty free for everyone so thats two days right there.

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NO, this is not anything like role playing, even though you can (and some do) do both in the bedroom ;) if you ever wonder why someone has their mic muted, thats probably why.

In all seriousness, let get this started :)
Main Roles:


The different categories:
(Note: many champs can fill 2 of the Main Roles and even multiples of the categories)

Put these all together and there are five roles total.
In a team fight, and generally in lane, each role has a different set of priorities to carry out. The difference between Pros and just general players is how they set up their priorities, who gets which priorities, and their ability to remember and carry out those priorities with out deviating from them.

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Lane Choice

Choosing the correct lane is very important. Each champion has a specific place where they belong.

The standard Roles chosen for a team are: AD Carry, AP Carry, Tank, Off Tank, & Support.
The latter three keep the first two alive in team fights, I'll talk about that next.

AP Carry's:

You should go mid, not the ad carry. The reason for this is leveling. Because of the item dependency of AD Carry's they aren't as strong as AP Carry's early game. The AP Carry's depend on their spells, which come around quicker than items do, at least for early game.

AD Carry's:
You belong bottom. Why? Because you need to get feed and farms like a solo, but you don't have the sustain of a solo, you get to go bottom with the baby-sitting support. The fact that the support baby-sits you means that you get to get feed and farms like a solo lane.

As depicted above, you go with the AD Carry bottom lane. You are there to keep them alive and healthy. I mentioned baby-sitting. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is when you don't take any last hits or kills. To compensate for the gold deficiency, you will buy gold/five items ( Heart of Gold, philosopher's stone, kage's lucky pick). One other thing to do, is keep the opponents away from the carry, you are like a temporary tank. If you have it, you CC them in (team) fights, and harass them other wise.

Bruiser's belong on solo top. They need moderate sustain with pretty good CC. One good example of this is Dr. Mundo. He has amazing sustain when he reaches lvl 6 and has pretty good harass with his Infected Cleaver. On top of that, they need to be able to do at least moderate damage.

Being a tank is very important. However, it does not require a specific lane or category. Tank can be filled by your jungle, your solo top, or even bottom to replace a missing support. Now I know I said above that Bruiser's go top and Support's go bottom, but that is not absolute. One of my teammates plays full tank Cho'Gath solo top, and he's boss at it. My other friend plays Jungle Maokai as a Tank. Basically, tank goes where ever everyone else isn't :b

(Coming Soon In Color)

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Now that you know what to do for your lane, lets talk team fights.
Main Roles:


You are supposed to take all the damage, quite literally. You are supposed to be beefy enough to take damage for all your team while they dish out most of the damage. The reason why I say most of is very important. The tank needs enough CC to keep people from hitting the carry's and keep them from escaping. However, a commonly unknown key aspect is that they need to be able to dish out a moderate amount of damage such that they cannot just go ignored from the fight. If your carry is getting chased, even if you are low health, is to jump in and CC the enemies such that your carry can get away. You will need to be willing to die for your team, alot. Now its key that you know the difference between feeding and dieing for your team. You are not a kamakazy bomber. You do not run in without your team. You do not initiate if you and or your team is really low on health (common knowledge).

This category is less vast compared to the others. You will fit into a role of the off tank. Your priority is to go in after the tank (unless you are the tank :b ) but before the Carries and "bruise" the enemy that is top priority for your team to kill. You are supposed to CC them and do moderate amount of damage so that it is easier for the carry to kill the other team. And yes you are a very unsung hero.

You are a very fun role to play. You get to get all the kills with none of the deaths. Your job is to dish out all the damage that you can while taking the smallest amount possible. You are NOT the tank (karthus) even with your passive, you do NOT initiate. You wait for the tank to initiate and then focus one champ. This is important. All the carries are supposed to work as a TEAM. You all need to focus only one champ. This is where communication will be very key, I will discuss this in one of the next sections. At the end of a team fight, you are supposed to be alive. This will be easy if you dont take any damage like youre supposed to.

I personally like supports, like Soraka. You are similar to the Tank, but with out dealing or taking any damage. Your Top Priority job is to keep the Carry's alive. If they are taking no damage because you have a tank who knows how to tank, then you give SOME health to the tank. SOME is important, because if the enemy gets to the Carry and you are out of helping spells, then you suck and are not doing your job. Along with healing comes CC. granted you do not need to be like alistar and have like a bazilion CC spells to bust, but you need some spells. Like Soraka, she has a MR reducing spell and a silence. Or Sona, she has her ult, a mass "stunish" thing.

Note: You should always thank the support and tank for keeping you alive. Unless they dont/didnt, then you need to yell at them (not troll) and get them to do their job correctly.

Now comes the other category of roles. These have a different aspect of priorities.
The only difference between these two is what type of damage they will deal, AP vs AD.

While jungling isn't really a category, it can be done by pretty much any champion role. Depending on what role (not category) you fill, you will do different things in team fights. If you are jungling then you have a few differnt key aspects to keep in mind and follow. You are supposed to be supprising and sneaky. You need to gank, alot. And, if you can, ward and take the enemies jungle. One very important part of jungling is top lane ganks. If top lane has two enemies in it because the other team decided not to play with a jungler, then you will need to be ganking up there the most. Next priority is mid. They get farms because they get more minions than the other lanes do, but with just minions they are useless. That is why they need to get kills, NOT assists, but kills. You need to let them get the kills if possible. This will get them even more feed. And when you kill the enemy on mid, dont just leave. Stay there and help push turret a little bit. Warding is also important. Because you will be involved in a lot of killing, and you get the jungle all to yourself, you will have extra gold to spend, which you spend on wards, so everyone knows if they are about to get ganked by the enemy. One last thing, giving jungle. Champs like Maokai doesn't need red, so you can and should give it to your AD Carry when you can.

Key Note: each lane has to keep an eye on the enemies build to see if they have/had wards. They need to tell the jungler at what time the ward was placed and where. If you do not do this, then you are not a good player and will screw up your jungelr and thereby your whole team including yourself.

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Oh goody, this will be interesting.
This is a very loosy-goosy section. Mainly because it is up to each person to chose what spells they use.

In general there is a minimum of what each team should have. Note: this is the bare MINIMUM.
One of each of the following: Exhaust, Ignite, Smite, Teleport, and Heal.

The way I would SUGGEST that you handle the spells is as follows:
Exhaust x2 (Tank and Carry)

The tank is first to reach the enemy, they should carry this so they can
prevent the enemy(s) from getting away from the Carries and from doing
any damage to anyone, especially the Carries
Ignite x2 (Carry)
I guess the tank could also carry it but I personally think the tank should
have different spells. The carries use this to pick off the remaining
Teleport x2 (Tank or Support)
Tank because they can then get to a lane that is getting pushed and prevent
it. Support because they can go get supporty items and then get back to
lane to support the Carries.
Clairvoyance x1 (Tank or Support)
To see the enemy(s), especially the jungler. Also to see if they are at
baron nasher.
Heal x1 (Tank or Support)
Smite x1 (Jungler, obviously)
Flash/ Ghost x1 (Carry, Jungler, Tank)
So you can catch up to enemies that are running. Also to get out quick.

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When To DO What

This is a general when you should be doing different things:

Monster space First Spawn spacespace Respawn Time
-Blue Golem/Red Golem:
-Baron Nasher:

Early game:
Protecting your jungler. Many teams will counter jungle right off the bat, going after your jungler so that they are set behind the rest of the team and greatly hindered. Depending on where your jungler starts, you will want various people standing in different spots.

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Oh boy is this a big one. If you dont have this, it doesnt matter how boss you are at playing your champion. YOU WILL LOSE WITHOUT THIS.

I say team alot, that is because it is one of the most important part of playing, because you need to play as and for your TEAM, not just yourself. Alot of people, especially in bots, play for themselves because they solo qued. This is not a good practice. You should ALWAYS play for and with your team. I've heard of people losing bot matches because someone played for themselves and ended up feeding. A fed bot with its hidden stats is not fun to play against.

Always Always ALWAYS tell your team what you are doing all the time. Even if it is an "I'm going to stay in this bush for a while". They need to know what you are doing, you dont share the same brain, they dont know what you are thinking unless you guys synergize very well (like me and my BFF 1000souls :3 ). The only reason we synergize well is two reasons: 1 is we are very alike so we have similar thoughts, 2 is because we play together ALOT so we know what the others play style is and what they will (most likely) do at what time. However, even we tell each other what we are doing.

If you do not communicate you will end up destroying your whole team. Very often I have played with junglers who just randomly appear, they dont signal that they are going in, they dont say they are comming to gank. They usually just run into lane while im way back (because im playing safe) and then they rage because I didnt help. This is a big thing for the tank, you need to tell the people who are standing right next to you that you are initiating. It seems rudundant, "oh well they can see me so they should know to go in", well thats not true. How do they know that you are not just harassing. Also there is that 2-3 seconds where they are still playing with a different priority than you, if you tell them that you are going in, then they will know that they need to change their priorities suddenly. You are not a on seperate teams, you need to work together as a team. Everyting you and your team does, should NOT be supprising to one another.

Now I even though I could rant on and on and on about the many times people not communicating has ruined our team, but that would just bore the heck out of you guys so I wont.

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Great Guides

Here is a list of the various Guides I have found that are really good:

Guide Top

Thank You

Teys0 and 1000souls for helping me with the guide.
jhoijhoi for her amazing guide "Making A Guide" helping me create a better guide for everyone.
League Of Legends for just being an auuesome game :)

Guide Top

To Do List

Finish Champ Table
See if we need to add/delete any champs from ability chart
Elaborate on Jungle Protection
Add color/aesthetics and spacing
Have fun
Possibly add Masteries, Runes, and Items to Champs
(figure out how a Caitlyn, Shen, and Olaf with no accesories gets an increased 1% attack speed)

Guide Top

Changes Made

-April 3 2012
Finished initial creation of guide.
Published Guide.


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