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Mordekaiser Build Guide by kTodon

How to Mordekaiser solo/mid in ranked

How to Mordekaiser solo/mid in ranked

Updated on March 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kTodon Build Guide By kTodon 40,278 Views 2 Comments
40,278 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kTodon Mordekaiser Build Guide By kTodon Updated on March 1, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



During the most recent winter solstice - when no other night during the year is longer - a being like no other emerged from the forgotten alleyways of Noxus. Standing eight feet tall, and concealed within a razor-sharp armored shell, he came to be known only as Mordekaiser. The nature of what lies beneath his metallic carapace is a popular subject of speculation. Many allege that he is a mortal man with a heart that has hardened to iron. Others insist that he is a dark specimen of the undead. But there are some who whisper warnings that he is merely a foreshadowing of something terrible and unprecedented yet to come. Despite the public conjecture and curiosity, none have discovered what lies beneath his alloyed exterior. What is known is this: Mordekaiser arrived unannounced at the Institute one day and, with a rasp that crept ice up the spines of all within earshot, requested to join the League of Legends.

Upon glimpsing his fearful visage, most keep their distance, fortunately unaware that his touch bears a sinister scourge. Those who stumble within his grasp fall victim to incurable maladies. In fact, Mordeakiser seems mystically attuned to sickness, as if it feeds and comprises part of his chilling essence. He now stalks the slums of Noxus, drawn to the plague-ridden and diseased. However, there is something in his clever tactics, something in his noble stance, and something in the tone of his unearthly commands that has led many to believe that Mordekaiser is more than just a foot soldier. Some see the distinguishing characteristics of a general. While many have learned to accept the evidence of this unsettling possibility, a lingering questions keeps them wary at the witching hour: if Mordekaiser is a general, what nightmarish legion lurks at his command?

"The common perception is that the encompassing armor protects him, I fear that - for the fragile time being - it actually protects us." - Rozuel Fecirem, Arch Adjudicator, noted in Mordekaiser's eligibility evaluation.

Since old patches, Mordekaiser has been thought to be obsolete and one of the low tier champions. Though a recent patch has made Mordekaiser's Siphon of Destruction and Iron Man more suitable and in my opinion, OP again. This build will utilize Mordekaiser's Wide range, Ability Power, Magic Pent, and obnoxious use of Spell Vamp to make the most out of his damage and surivability.

*IMPORTANT* This is my first build so please leave a comment letting me know how it worked for you, thanks.
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Rune Page

- These seal runes are mainly for an early game edge over your opponent having a bit more AP early so your spells do more damage.

- These marks give you that armor penetration needed early if your opponent has got a lot of magic defence, also useful all game.

- These glyphs give you more AP mainly needed early but also useful all game too. Same as the seals.

- These quintessence runes really help with the AP giving you more of an edge against your opponent.
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Mastery Offense Tree:

Tier 1

Summoner's Wrath : When you use your ignite you will gain an extra 5 Ability Power, which is very helpful early game to recover your Iron Man faster.
Mental Force : Only put three points into this mastery and put the other point into Summoner's Wrath , since this only gives 1 AP per point, and Summoner's Wrath Gives five.

Tier 2

Sorcery: This mastery reduces the cooldown of all skills you use by 4%, which is nice on Mordekaiser because this means you can use your skills faster and recover more of your Iron Man

Tier 3

Arcane Knowledge : This Mastery provides the terrific 10% Ability Pent. which goes through 10% of all their magic resist, which makes us a step closer to having our skills slice through them like butter.
Havoc : This mastery just flat out increases our total damage by 1.5%, which allows us to farm and kill enemy champions quicker.

Tier 4

Blast : Simply putting it, this skill helps us obtain a more constant rate of ability power per level, so we can remain to continue increasing the rate at which we recover Iron Man, and increases are overall damage with Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades.

Tier 5

Archmage : This mastery gives us 5% more ability power, which helps to increase all the ability power we gain per level from the runes and masteries, and as well to increase Iron Man and etc...

Tier 6

: This mastery allows us to apply the finishing blow when the enemy has less than 40% hp, which at that point all of our damage is increased by 6%.

Defense Mastery Tree:

Tier 1

Resistance : Resistance provides us with 6 more Magic Resist early game which makes our Iron Man more tankable, so you would take less damage.
Hardiness : Hardiness provides us with 6 more Armor early game which makes our Iron Man more tankable, so again you would take less damage.

Tier 2

Vigor : This mastery provides us with +3 hp recover every 5 seconds which helps Mordekaiser survive more early game.

This covers your basic needs on Mordekaiser's needs for masteries.
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Core Build

Starter Items

and 5x: These items give you extra speed that is vital early game and 5 health potions to make sure Mordekaiser stays alive; you should start on 26 AP exactly, if you follow this build right and an extra 5 AP if your Ignite is on cooldown.

Early Game Items

x2: To add more AP so you can do more damage with your spells and to gain life steal; you should now be on 66 AP.

: This will give you the extra 20 magic pen and enough to start doing a lot of damage.

: This is for more AP to do a lot more damage while you get more money to upgrade this into a Rabadon's Deathcap; you should now be on 146 AP.

Mid Game Pushing Late Items

: You should now have 206 AP +30% and now the real damage begins.

: You should be now looking to upgrade your Hextech Revolver into Will of the Ancients This will give your nearby allies 30 AP and increase yours and their spell vamp by 20%; You should be at about 216 AP +30% by now.

: You should now buy this, giving you more survivability and also slowing your enemys movement by 35% if you use a spell on them; you should now be on 296 AP +30%.

Late Game Items

: This item is mainly for more survivability with it giving you 78 magic defence, but it also gives you a really nice hp regen and more movement speed.

: The last item to buy for more survivability but offering even more AP and a really good unique active where you become immune to ALL attacks for 2 seconds which is really useful for ultis and such; your AP should now finish on 396 +30%.

Extras: Get Elixir of Brilliance and Elixir of Fortitude for extra HP and AP after you obtain all of your items.
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Ability Sequence

Mace of Spades: This skill is mainly used to farm minions, so just spam ahead. This skill is really effective against those champions who charge you on there own, since this has increased damage when it hits only one enemy. You can level this earlier than Creeping Death if you wish.

Creeping Death: In my opinion, this ability is so underated people don't tend to level this up till LATE game where it's only useful for the additional armours, but early game it does quite a bit of damage and the additional armours are really helpful you would use this spell if you were rushing somebody and also useable on other heroes/minions.

Siphon of Destruction: This is your bread and butter. Spam this skill like no tomorrow. This skill can hit the outer edge of the cone, so use that to your advantage against the enemy champions. This builds up your shield relatively quickly.

Children of the Grave: This is what makes Mordekaiser so powerful late game. Just set this skill on anyone not expecting to get ganked, if they continue to fight you just hit them with spells since you heal off the amount of damage you deal through spell vamp, and you heal from the amount of damage they take. If you succeed in killing them, you just got a pet, which shares all stats with you. (Alt+Left Clicking Controls the Pet]. A good pet is to take over AD Carries and use them as weapons to kill off the entire enemy team.
*Tip* Don't be afraid to ult a nearby enemy champion if you're on the verge of dying.

Iron Man: Now, to what makes Mordekaiser ' Mordekaiser'. This is one of the best passives in the game. When you deal damage with your skills 35% of that damage is converted into a second health bar, which absorbs damage before your 'real health' gets damaged.
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Pros / Cons


Unbelievable Dmg
Strong Early, Mid, and Late
Great Passive, Iron Man


Lacks Speed
Low Hit Points Early Game
Lack of Buffs
Weak Against Burst Champions
Often Called a Troll Build
Enemy Team may QQ
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Team Work

Mordekaiser Should mainly play solo top or middle lane if someone is already top but pick solo over middle. Iron Man will easily block off the nukes that most AP Casters throw at you while at mid and this will also give you a nice farm of minions to yourself while you reduce the farm of those casters.

Mordekaiser Should try to gather a lot of farm from early/mid game so you can be as strong as possible and will always be one up on your enemy; try not to fight 1v1 if you have no shield up always try and fight with creeps there so you can generate your shield quicker from abilities.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost: This skill provides a quick getaway, when you need to back off early game, since you lack buffs or CC. This skill comes in handy mid and late game when you need to chase enemy champions down quickly.

Ignite: : This skill is a must on Mordekaiser, since it provides 5 extra AP while it is on C/D, and it is a deadly combo when used with Children of the Grave.

Exhaust: This skill is a substitution for Ghost, if you would rather slow someone down to kill them quicker, but it gives you the lack to get away from groups of champions.

Clarity: There is no use for needing mana recovery, since Mordekaiser does not use mana.

Heal: You should not need heal since you have a 2nd health bar which is quickly recovered, and you will have enough spell vamp to avoid needing to use Heal.
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This concludes the end of the idea that Mordekaiser is back on the train, Well at least I know he is for me and a lot of others. If you have any questions or additions to my guide please leave a comment or private message me.

*IMPORTANT* This is my first build so please leave a comment letting me know how it worked for you, thanks.
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Champion Rankings vs Morde

List Of All Champions vs Mordekaiser (In my experience and others)

Credit to Greenhero55 for the list!

* Easy Feed
** Pretty Easy
*** Normal, Not Hard
**** Challenging
***** Avoid Completely
? Yet to Test

Ahri ***
Akali ***
Alistar **
Amumu **
Anivia ***
Annie **
Ashe ****
Blitzcrank **
Brand ***** Very Painful Bursts that keep you from farming.
Caitlyn ***
Cassiopeia *****
Cho'Gath ****
Corki **
Dr. Mundo ***
Evelynn ** Just watch for the ganks.
Ezreal *
Fiddlesticks ***
Fizz **** Bursts
Galio *
Gangplank **
Garen ***** Just switch lanes now, he has speed, silence, and dmg you can't take.
Gragas **
Graves ***
Heimerdinger ***
Irelia ***
Janna *
Jarvan IV **** His Ult will have the entire team focusing you so quickly.
Jax ***
Karma *
Karthus **
Kassadin **
Katarina ***
Kayle **
Kennen **
Kog'Maw *
LeBlanc **
Lee Sin ***
Leona **
Lux ***
Malphite **
Malzahar ***
Maokai ***
Master Yi *
Miss Fortune *
Mordekaiser *** ( Skill vs Skill )
Morgana ***** (AVOID)
Nasus **
Nidalee ***
Nocturne **
Nunu & Willump ***
Orianna **
Pantheon ****
Poppy *
Rammus **
Renekton **
Riven **** - Larger Burst
Rumble ?
Ryze **
Sejuani ****
Shaco ***
Shen ***
Shyvana ?
Singed ****
Sion ***
Sivir *
Skarner **
Sona *
Soraka *
Swain ***
Talon **
Taric **
Teemo **** (Beware of Poison)
Tristana **
Trundle **
Tryndamere **** (Beware of Feeding)
Twisted Fate *
Twitch *
Udyr ***
Urgot ?
Vayne **
Veigar **** Beware of Long Stun and Powerful Bursts That Can Shred You
Viktor ?
Vladimir **
Volibear ***
Warwick **
Wukong ***
Xerath *** A bit harder of the casters to kill because of the range he has.
Xin Zhao ****
Yorick ***** Just Switch lanes now, he depletes your armor in seconds, and heals any dmg you deal.
Zilean **
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kTodon
kTodon Mordekaiser Guide
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How to Mordekaiser solo/mid in ranked

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