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League of Legends Build Guide Author skippy12

How to not play against Darius

skippy12 Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Hey there everybody, well while playing League of Legends & talking to people who also like to play League of Legends. I have come to a conclusion, Darius ya know ya know that guy. Well ya see I play a lot of Darius (and I mean a lot like probably 8/10 of all my games is a Darius game) and from playing this much Darius I have learned how to play against Darius because I know how to play against him so well.

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Darius examination

Lets go down Darius's skills here

  • passive: gives you a bleed effect. STAY AWAY FROM HIS ATTACKS. Now I know that can be pretty much impossible, but to an extent it is possible.
  • his Q: Decimate, alright Darius has a big ax remember that word BIG, but he also has a shaft to his ax (act mature here people yes its a shaft harhar) that shaft is not as powerful as the big ax part. So what does that mean Big Ax = Big Damage Small = Small Damage. RUSH THE ****ING SHAFT, it will still hurt, but it will give you 0-1 stacks of Bleed compared to the up to 5 stacks his Blade will give you.
  • his W: Crippling strike, he gets a bigger ax to do more damage for one strike. Ok if this does not sound as easy to evade as it is obvious to evade then quite playing seriously, he has a timer it only lasts so long + its only 1 hit. So you now have 2 choices 1) Run like a ***** for a minute or 2) hide behind minions. Hey guess what both of these are EXTREMELY easy to do so pick one and do it, and its easy to tell when he activates it **** starts glowing and spinning in his other hand.
  • his E: Apprehend he pulls you in with his big ax, ummmm well see it does not really hurt you stop being so scared, he will then probably use his Q. Hey guess what remember the whole more damage big ax less damage shaft thing? If you do not move guess what hits you, here I will tell you so you do not have to think, you get hit by the SHAFT and that means no damage and like 1 bleed effect.
  • his R: Noxian Guillotine he jumps in the air and smashes you in the head with his ax. Now with this more bleed effects you have = more damamge & if it kills you it refreshes (start your OP rant now cause by the end of this your not gonna have a right to complain) So if you can stop him from getting bleed stacks or not as many it wont kill you +++ if you stack up your armor (yea that word the word only used for Tanks) he does not do anything to you cause your covered in high damage taking Armor. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY FOR MATH. Yes math its all about math, i have this much armor it deals this much damage his ax does this much damage and bleed does this much. So if armor/bleed+ult and it equals to a bleed+ult<Armor you win the fight

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Alright so since I am not going to go and tell you how to build your runes or masteries against Darius because honestly they do not matter. I want to put a lot of emphasis on YOUR RUNES AND MASTERIES ARE NOT WHY YOUR LOSING TO DARIUS. So as state above, stack the **** out of armor giving items or another idea Tenacity items makes bleed just go away really quick, which equals to less ult power. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO even less of a reason to call him OP


Potions, yes potions give you health and cheap as ****. Buy them, Buy lots of them untill you have lots of armor. If you do not bleed will kill you, and you will complain, and you will call him OP and then you will remember this guide and be like 'he did warn me to buy those'

I TOLD YOU SO, now just go do it

Darius = High Attack power You=High Armor
(2 slots thats all it takes [3 if you take armor boots] **idea guardian angel + thornmail**

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Summoner Spells


if you dont like flash how bout Ghost or Exhaust

HEAL abuse your heal spell, abuse it when hes jumping especially when hes jumping it will mess with everybody's minds.

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Thank Yous

Now was that so hard, and really obvious, and dont you just feel smarter already for not thinking of this yourself.

As a side note, if you dont build high armor, just dont feed him he cant get power items really off of minions, takes way to long


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