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Azir Build Guide by Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88

Middle đź‘‘How to play Azir - MASTERCLASSđź‘‘

Middle đź‘‘How to play Azir - MASTERCLASSđź‘‘

Updated on April 15, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 Build Guide By Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 1133 50 1,561,308 Views 20 Comments
1133 50 1,561,308 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 Azir Build Guide By Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 Updated on April 15, 2021
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Runes: Lethal Tempo (LUDEN)

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ghost Poro

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

đź‘‘How to play Azir - MASTERCLASSđź‘‘

By Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88
Hello! I'm Eren, nice to meet you.
I am a professional player, and Azir is my favorite champion, whom I have a million mastery points with. The purpose of this masterclass, is to teach you everything I know, in a structured, step-by-step process, so you can master him with ease....or at least easier than without it! It will be updated and if you have questions, connect with me through social media.

Proofs of my skill

If you prefer a videoguide



+ Lategame god
+ No hardcounters
+ Playmaker
+ Mobility
+ Reliable (No skillshots etc.)
- Hard to play, but you can do it!


Use it, when you really need it, as the cooldown is quite high. Simply right-click on a ruined tower. It is not usable on the enemy inhib and nexus towers. You can use it on your own nexus, but enemies can still attack it (bug. You get all the gold, from the tower, so even when away, you can pick up farm and even champion kills! But walking away from it, leaves it extremely squishy.
Create a tower while sieging, or under one


charge system (up to 2), but you can have more active
+ AS (doubled, when 3d sand dude is spawned)
AoE in line of the spear
Damage stacks from multiple soldiers
Provides vision
Create a tower while sieging, or under one


Gain a shield and fly to a soldier, dealing damage on the way. Stop and gain a charge of Arise! on enemy champion collision.
Outmanuevur noobs, get close and personal or tactically retreat.


Reposition all sand dudes, dealing damage along the way, slightly beyond the range indicator.
Poking and repositioning tool.


Build a great wall, forming behind and moving in front of you, knocking back enemies along the way, and then blocking their movement. Time it well, to cancel dashes such as Lee Sin's Sonic Wave. It is a real WALL, so it will stop Unstoppable Onslaught, and Vayne can Condemn someone into it etc. Gets wider with each rank.


Summon sand dudes with Arise!, reposition them with Conquering Sands, yourself with Shifting Sands and enemies with Emperor's Divide.

It's just like chess!


E>Q (just before the E animation Ends)
Extends the range of Shifting Sands.
You will apply E damage and gain Arise!, if you hit enemy champion, just as if you only used E.
Get over any wall, or even two!

Get extra close and personal, or far away


Q and E right after
Would you love to drift, but got Arise!charges up and the soldiers are in opposite direction? Reverse drift instead.
This will cut out the time you'd spent flying backwards with the normal drift
The classic might get you further, but has a chance to fail. Prevent feelsbad moments and reverse drift, if the range is enough. You still get over any wall, just not two.

Situational drift.



Basic harass combo.


E (forward) >wait till animation ends>Poke combo (Q+AA)
Reach further by using Shifting Sands before poking,
but keep in mind, that you’re using your only escape and
make sure that the Shifting Sands animation has ended before using Conquering Sands, otherwise, you’ll drift under the enemy tower and trust me….feelsbad.

Increase the range of the poke combo.


Instead of Shifting in, shift out to gain distance and then use the poke combo.


Become a god and turn the tides of the battle in favor of Shurima or a meme flying in 1v5 to instantly evaporate, like the dreams and hopes of your team, It’s easy ! drift in,pray and then smash the R button, to throw your enemies in any direction.

Initiate fights.


For maximum damage, do an AA before R,then spawn a soldier right after, to continue your onslaught. Usefull when you don’t need the speed to suprise your enemies.

Maximum damage version of the Shuffle.


E>Q>WAIT>R or E>Q>Flash>R
Got a feeling, that they’ll Flash?, hold on to Emperor's Divide, to follow up their escape attempts, or if you really want it, Flash preemptively and no matter what, they’ll still be caught in your montage play. This works, because the WALL starts behind you, covering the distance if they Flash, and then moves in front of you, so they’re done, even if they don’t.

Shuffle, with almost 0 counterplay.


E>Q(opposite direction)>R

Shuffle enemies, while geting back to safety.
The sand dude has to be behind and besides your target. E to that soldier, then Q immediately in the opposite direction and spam the hell out of the R button.
Speed is key.
I think that it’s useless because of how unreliable it is. if lucky i can do it 5/10 times in a row.

Haven’t used it in a real game a single time, its either bugged, or i suck, anyways just giving you options!



Remember, manage the wave, ideally push so you can trade. Why?
Because soldiers draw agrro, that usually means extra damage from minions, about 10 from each 1 of them, on top of enemy champion’s attacks(AA=50 + SPELL=50+-). A fast way to lose all the trades, considering that your W does 50 dmg. This is lvl 1 example scenario.

There are 3 things you can do

[*] Attack right after the minions do, and they can’t respond, because they are on cooldown. Same concept as with tower juggling.
[*] Right after trading, unless going for more than 1 autoattack or Q+AA, walk back immediately to drop aggro.
[*] Attack right after the minions do, while they are on cooldown, so they can’t respond, same concept as with juggling
Always trade, with the minions in mind.

Everything becomes easier, when you are pushing, since there will be ,less or no minions to worry about.
Lucky us Azir is one of the best pushers and I’ll share a secret Shuriman war strategy with you.
The sandstorm. Yep I made that name up.

To overwhelm your enemies, go super asap (3 soldiers buff). Summon first sand dude the moment enemy infantry arrives, ideally in a way he can hit all of them at the same time.
Make the second sand dude hit the same targets and
do that with the third one aswell, but position him in a way he can hit the emaining minions after.

Once they are busy farming under tower,poke them for free

Level 1 push, allows you to hit lvl 2 first (start attacking the second wave asap)and use a fast poke combo, to leverage your level advantage.

Control the wave, and trade with the minions in mind.


Quite often, you’ll be poking your foes down, but find yourself without enough juice to finish the job
The biggest reason, why Azir players struggle with mana is overusing Q.
In terms of efficiency, W does twice the damage per mana, and the soldier can attack multiple times on top of that.
  1. Don't Q, unless AA follows, or it can proc a keystone ( Electrocute).
  2. Consider not using it at all, until you put a 2nd point into it (Mana/DMG efficiency up at higher levels), unless it can proc a keystone.
  3. 2x Arise! > 1x arise+ Conquering Sands
  4. Use existing Arise! instead of making a new soldier when using the poke combo if possible.
  5. Try to not get ganked, the drift costs almost half of your mana, and even if you survive, it will severely impact your laning potential

Be mindfull about using Conquering Sands
Teamfights are your time to Shine, but not so fast.
A lot of players overforce the shuffles, which is a terrible thing to do.

Remember : your primary role is to stay safe and do dps.
Just chill, and play front to back,, that means hiting enemy frontline, while standing behind your own, ideally close to your ad carry, so you can peel yourselves with Emperor's Divide.

I like to use the shuffle as a teamfight decider in the middle of the fight, when people are on cooldown and not paying attention , rather than a hardengage, unless they don’t see me coming in, or I have a Zhonya’s. When you see an opening for a shuffle, don’t hesitate to flash for a better angle and guarantee your big play.

Front to back, with a sharp eye on the right moment to go deep, but don’t feel bad if that moment never comes. It’s totally okay to win games, without shuffling.


1 basic attack from a soldier, does more damage than a Q. If enemies get out of the circle, when Q is on cooldown, you’re done., so think of it primarily as a way to reposition your soldiers,.

Conclusion : Q, to make sure that your soldiers can attack at all times. And of course when you are poking


soldiers are all of your damage,
and you have a limited amount, get the most out of every single one of them.

Ex n1:Kiting - Make sure, that you position the soldier in a way, where the whole circle is effective (enemies have to walk through the whole radius), this will result in up to 60% higher damage

Ex n1:pushing - When you want to push fast, put the soldier in a way he can hit 3 minions at the same time and potentially even the remaining minions after.

Ex n1:Zoning- If you want to create a zone enemies can't easily walk through, make the soldiers circle next to each other. 2 soldiers can cover the width of entire lane!

The lesson - Make the most out of your people. And they will serve you well. I recommend using W without quickast to learn the range unless you are doing the combos.


Azir is very simillar to AD carries. Learn the mechanics and you are more than halfway through.


attack command defaulted to A on your keyboard or shift rightclick as a quickcast. It makes you target the closest foe to your cursor.
If you use move click, the green arrows and misslick on the ground, instead of attacking, you’ll walk straight into melee range losing dps and your life aswell .To prevent that use move click, when repositioning and attack command when attacking.
Prevent missclicks.

BONUS TIP, if enemies are hiding in a bush and you use attack command on it, they’ll be immediately targeted on sight, so say no more to jukes like that


There’s a cooldown between auto attacks. . A noob will stand in place between them doing nothing ... A limitbreaker you’re about to become use this downtime to move around, and cast spells.
Use the CD between AA, to dodge skillshots and cast spells.


Keep your distance. If you’ve got a longer stick than other kids , they can’t touch you, So use that. They move closer, you step back, they run, you chase. Just dance, till you feel like commiting and going in ballsdeep

So to recap, think about soldier positioning, prevent misssclicks with attack command, use the cooldown between attacks, keep your distance and that’s it for ad carry mechanics. I’ve designed a special training just for you to practice all this easily. Please refer to the video, if you are interested (at the end)

This guide will be updated regularly, to bring you the newest and freshest Chicken 24/7. Thank you for reading and hope to get to know you someday!

Yours Eren.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88
Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 Azir Guide
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đź‘‘How to play Azir - MASTERCLASSđź‘‘

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