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Gangplank Humor Guide by Shambles

Other How to play Gangplank, the fun way.

Other How to play Gangplank, the fun way.

Updated on March 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shambles Build Guide By Shambles 6,536 Views 3 Comments
6,536 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shambles Gangplank Build Guide By Shambles Updated on March 26, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    Critplank AD Carry


This guide will be focused around my Bankplank and Critplank builds, and should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

My name is Shambles, I am currently known on the West-european servers as "Worst Viktor EUW" (lord knows why), and I have quite a unique, and awesome, way of playing Gangplank. Please note that this guide will most likely not work in your average challenger-tier game, but it will often work in normal or low tier ranked games. Let's get started.
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Summoner Spells

When playing Gangplank on the top lane, I often take Ghost and Teleport, because he, in my opinion, does not need flash because of his ridiculous movement speed steroid, and his free ticket out of jail called Remove Scurvey, which will very often get him out of the same sticky situation as flash will, without blowing a summoner spell that can also be used to get to fights faster, or to run back into your lane to save your turret. In my opinion, teleport is a must-have on most top-laners, because it's a very isolated place, which barely ever sees any action other than the occasional gank or counter-gank.

When playing Gangplank as an ad carry, I take Ghost and Ignite. Ghost is for the same reason as above, and ignite is for the extra damage, or the grievous wounds it applies in addition to it.

The only time I would change my ghost out for flash, is when I'm up against someone with a persistent slow, like Ashe or someone that has some kind of wall like J4.
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The items I use are where the fun begins. My Crit- and Bankplank builds are very similar, and are only different in that I get all of the gold per 10 items early on when I'm using my Bankplank build.
One may call me crazy for doing this, but I found that being crazy allmost always works for some strange and unknown reason.

When playing Bankplank, remember that before the 10 minute mark, unless you can buy at least one gold per 10 item or your boots, you should never have to go back.
Once you've completed your core, you can start getting some damage items. And by some, I mean a lot. You should always get your phantom dancer first before anything, and your Infinity Edge after that. Doing so will enable you to deal massive damage with your Parrrley's critical strikes and strike fear into the enemys' hearts.

If you feel like you're dying too quickly, you can sell your boots at the end of your build for a defensive item, because you're already faster than pretty much anyone else in the game.
Feel free to change some items in my build, but this is my way of playing Gangplank, and doing so is extremely fun in my opinion.
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Your skill order is pretty much the same as any other GP build, but for different reasons.


The reason you level your Q first with my Bankplank build is purely to use it to last-hit minions for the extra gold you get from it. You should pretty much only ever use this on the enemy if you are stuck in a fight you can't, or don't have to retreat from. Remember that if you have a rank 5 Parrrley and an avarice blade, that you get 10 extra gold for last-hitting any unit with it (this includes players and player-controlled units, such as yorick's ghouls and heimerdinger's turrets!).
You use this in my Critplank build the same way, but when you're in the bot lane, don't be afraid to use it on your enemy when they're in range, seeing as most AD carries don't have all that much armor.

Remove Scurvey

This is your free ticket out of jail. This skill was crafted by the hands of god, and was meant to be used to say "Nope" and run away from that scary jungler and his friends. It also heals, which scales with AP. When this is rank 5, it heals for quite a lot, and this also increases when you have a Spirit Visage.

Raise Morale

This is the most useful skill that a bruiser could possibly have. It increases your AD and movement speed passively, and doubles that amount when you activate it. It has a low cooldown and mana cost, what more could you ask for? Use it to get to lane faster, or to initiate a fight, or to run away from one like the coward you are.

Cannon Barage

This Ability allows you to farm your own, or another lane whenever you want to. You can just ignore your teammate's yelling and press R to take all their farm, and there is nothing they can do about it. Except maybe report you. You can also use this to engage or disengage from fights.
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Use any kind of masteries you want, but the increase in gold per 10 is a must-have. I personally use the page that is shown above, which allows me to deal tons of damage, while retaining my massive income.
I use your average ad-carry mastery page, but I swap out the bonus attack-speed for cooldown reduction, seeing as you will get a lot of attack speed from your items, and you will most likely be harassing a lot with parrrley in the early levels.
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I use these runes because, once again, they maximize Gangplank's gold input and damage output, you could swap some of them out for defensive runes, or flat AD instead of critical damage, but that's a whole lot less fun.
The name says it already, seeing as you want to deal damage with crits, having crit damage and chance runes only makes sense, as you're pretty much useless if you never crit early on.
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Early game

When the game starts, you're going to want to get either crit gloves and 2 potions, boots and 3 potions, or 2 wards, a rejuv bead/fairy charm, and health pots. I prefer going with the first. Help your jungler with his camps if needed, and start farming. Use your Q for last hits, and try to ignore the enemy as much as possible. If you get as much farm as you can, you should be able to finish your core by a little over 10 minutes. After that, start building your situational items. Ward your lane if you're being ganked, or if you think you might be to avoid any unnecessary deaths. From level 6 on, watch other lanes for opportunities to use your ult to get either farm or assists.

Mid game

This is where Bankplank Shines. You should be either the first, or the second person to finish their build, because of the ridiculous amount of money you're earning, and it should be put to use.
Try to get as much farm as possible during this phase, but don't neglect other lanes. Help your teammates push turrets, or take objectives if the chance arrises, and participate in team fights.

Late game

You should try to finish the game as quickly as possible, before you lose your advantage of having your finished build as early as you have.

Critplank AD carry

Early Game

First and foremost, you should buy crit gloves and 2 health potions, and help your jungler if necessary.
Being at the bot lane has its advantages and disatvantages for GP. One of them is that ad carries are most likely ranged champions, and therefore have low defensive stats, but high damage. Which is why we take crit chance runes. If you get off a lucky crit on your opponent, you can force him out of lane instantly, seeing as you've just taken out half his hp. And now you have a freefarm lane. I cannot count the times I've literally killed an opponent in seconds, with just a pair of crit gloves in my inventory. The rest of your laning experience should consist of instagibbing the enemy carry, and last-hitting minions with your parrrley. Try not to get hit too much, and weigh off the gold you earn from killing that minion, against the damage you took while doing so.

Mid Game

Mid game is where you start making your precense known. You start dealing a lot of damage, and your base defensive stats start going up rapidly, which will allow you to engage in more risky duels, and start roaming. Don't underestimate your damage, but don't overestimate it either. You might get lucky and get crit after crit, but the opposite can happen too.

Late Game

If you've done everything until now right, and you're close to finishing your build, you should have become a major, but ungankable, target. If you get ganked, you'll just run away with about 600 movement speed if you use your ghost, and your enemies will be left empty handed. With this build, lategame is your time to shine.


During teamfights, you should never be the center of attention. You should be at a distance, buffing your teammates with your raise morale, and killing easy targets (preferably carries) with your parrrley. The task of an offensive-building GP is that of being on cleanup duty. You are very good at killing single targets, but also get focused down very fast if you're up against a decent enemy team.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shambles
Shambles Gangplank Guide
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How to play Gangplank, the fun way.

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