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Shaco Build Guide by TrickkyShaco

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrickkyShaco

How to play shaco crit/jungle

TrickkyShaco Last updated on October 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys this is my first guild so I cut me some slack, I am a low elo because i don't play ranked much. Anyway lets get on with the guide

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Your passive does 20% more damage if you are attacking from the behind use your E to slow them and then q behind them and let you passive do the work

Your Q is great for escaping as it gives invisibility and a mini flash it also means the next attack will be a crit which is great with statikk shiv. I max this with w for crit

Your W is a jack in the box which scales with ap and fears MULTIPLE targets but only does damage to one. I max this with q for the wave clear

Your E is a slow that scales some ad but 100% (troll) it also has a chance that minion attacks will "miss" which is good for those "level 2 about to die by red buff moments" i max this last.

Your R makes a clone of you that applies hit on effects and has your full ad but take double the damage and explodes on death or when the timer runes out it scales ap.

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runes are my own custom build for the way i play him.
masteries are in masteries 21/6/3
items i take armour pen, dmg, crit and survivability.
skills i max both my q and w for jungle clear and crit chance.
spells if u want to backdoor grab teleport instead of ignite. shaco doesn't need flash because he has a build in one but if u want to make tricky baron steals feel free

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Pros and Cons

High mobility
Great ganking
good cc for an assassin
fun to play
debatably best laugh in game
great at kitting and baiting
excellent at counter jungler

item dependant
hard to master

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Early game/Jungling

Start at your blue and counter jungle their red if you wish (the chapter is below) then go to your red start ganking at level 4 and start at top. Shaco doesn't have very good wave clear so make sure your ganks get kills or you will fall behind.
You should be able to solo dragon at level 7 with your ult make sure it tanks the damage while you take full opportunity of you passive (20% more dmg if you attack them in the back)

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How to get first blood by counter jungling

( This is a lot easier with ignite)
This only works if you are playing against some body with little or no sustain e.g.. vi, amumu, lee sin, udry (shhh), mundo, jarven act
DO NOT TRY THIS ON PEOPLE WITH HIGH SUSTAIN AND HIGH level 2-3 damage e.g.. fiddle, voli, zac (mid laner will come and help) ww, Zin zhao, trynamere.
At the 0:56 start placing boxes at your blue tell your team mates NOT to leash but check for invasion at the 1:55 you should have 4 boxes and should be able to clear the buff in 5-7seconds WITHOUT smite. Quickly run to the curved bush at their red and wait till they come, when the buff is able to be killed with smite DON'T USE YOUR Q!!! COME OUT OF THE BUSH TO MAKE HIM WASTE HIS FLASH THEN Q ignite and continue to aa until death.
If he is smart he will go for your red so you get your top laner to pretend to b and get him to wait the curved bush @ your red if the jungler come you will get the kill because he's flash is down.
This static works alot and often leave the enemy jungler useless if you rush a wigglers first you can continue counter junglering and leave him with nothing!!!!

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Mid game

You should be in full swing now counter junglering/ doing dragon and ganking if you catch and enemy on low health with the passive from WL (Wrigglers Lantern) just q and you shoudl kill them quickly. With your statikk shive, Hyrda and your clone you should be able to backdoor easily and be a pain in the enemies behind.

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Late game

By now you should have most of you build done and working on that situational item. You can completely scare the living day lights out of people by one hitting them with that hit on effects. If there is a high damage target use your clone first make them chase it where you have a few boxes waiting and murder them they should have time to flash because of the fear and insane damage.
Towers should be easy because of your clone and pushing items,

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If you have a blitz on your team or you are a high value target this will be great.
Use your q to jump of the wall of their base or walk around if their turret is gone and start placeing boxes. When they come auto attack if you can kill him great if you can't use your q over the wall of their base if you have a blitz this is when he can pull and get a kill, if he really wants you he might flash again securing a kill of your team.
You can bait people anywhere is just my favourite spot

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You know when you team gets destroyed their are two or so people low on the enemy team and they are all chasing you while your team shouts are pings you to kill them ???...
Shaco is great at this, walk into a bush and q towards the low enemies and auto attack statikk shiv should kill them both. Keep placing boxes as you run and try to pick up kills they should be able to catch you unless you; fail a q, have oracles ;( , or lock on stun eg taric.

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team fights

In a team fight send your clone in if they kill it, it will explode doing damage to all five of them if they don't let it auto attack until it dies.
When you tank goes in this is the best time use your q into them and place a box statikk shiv should do a fair amount of aoe damage. Don't worry if your team fails try and bait the enemies like stated in the chapter above kill the low health champions and stop them from pushing.

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Shaco is a very fun and tricky champion he is difficult to master but is great when you get to know how to play him.

This is my first guild please give me constructive criticism i don't know how to add pictures!
Excuse my grammar and spelling ;/