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Tryndamere Build Guide by XxXJVIeXxX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxXJVIeXxX

How to play tryndamere!!! Updating

XxXJVIeXxX Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to tryndamere

Hello and welcome to XxXJVIeXxX tryndamere gameplay guide. Tryndamere is not considered op but thats not the point... ive seen so much tryndameres thinking that they can take out anyone with ult but thats wrong -_-" anyway tryndamere is one of the best carries in the game HE CAN TAKE OUT LITERRALLY ANYONE (EXCEPT TANKS) and can harras so fast and easily that the enemy will wish that they didnt leave their turret :D He can also be used badly that is why i am here to help out well not much left to say now lets get on with his skills, gameplay, etc

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Pros/ Cons

Crc dmg 1k at end

destroy carries as if they are paper

never b as much

good farming skill

immune to death

and hes bringing sexy back with his milkshakes that are probally bigger then yours

insane mobility

able to go in and out as much time as u want


easily destroyed with ignite

ult can cause u to over extend

hard to master

thornmail destroys you

stun when u ult can cause you to die

most people will chase you when u start to run after ult

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Skill Sequence

Battle Fury

*Increases CrC as he becomes more wounder

*This is a huge advantage in beggining game when they get to greedy and chase you, you can just hide in the brush and ambush them when they charge into the brush you were camping in... also a nice passive with blood lust


*A nidalee like heal with increase atk and CrC..... nuff said

*Passive: gains 2 stacks (if have none) when critically strikes or kills a unit and increase by one after gaining 2 stacks, increasing atk by 3 and Crc by 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5%

*heals: per stack- 10/20/30/40/50 8 stacks- 80/160/240/320/400

Mocking Shout

*Slowing enemy champs lowering atk beast skill against dps am i right?

*Slows enemy when backs are facing you and decrease atk if they are near you

*Slow: 30/37.5/45/52.5/60%.

*Decrease atk: 20/40/60/80/100

Spinning Slash

*best farming skill and insane cd almost like no cd at all freakin 300+ dmg at end or more and another flash?!?!?!?!

*slices torward his path and dealing dmg to enemy units that pass through Cd decrease by 2 when critically strikes a unit

Undying Rage

ok this is the skill i am most focused about and making a own page about it so no need to discuss it here

immune to death for 6 seconds gains 4/6/8 bloodlust when activated

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immune to death but still vulnerable

THIS IS WHY TRYN IS BEST 1v1 PLAYER BUT DO NOT OVER EXTEND WHEN USING YOU ARE STILL VULNERABLE i cannot stress this enough......... run run run when its over unless enemy is like 1 stab away and your right next to him -_-"......

Q. Why am i still vulnerable when im immune to death

A. Ignite reduces heals and regen by 50%!!!!!! destroys your blood lust making it useless and you only have like 100-300 hp think you can destroy some one with cc like Udyr Alistar Warwick etc????? unless they have no mana and popped ult and no more stuns

Q. Should i use ult when im about to die

A. obvious anwser.... yes

Q. I popped my ult and chasing a ranged carry should i continue

A. first of all you should destroy the carry in begging of team fights and no if they manage to escape because Ashe Vayne Twitch Caitlyn etc all have 1 thing in common which is running their *** off when some one is close to them... also with the slows they have almost hardly a chance you can reach them especially ones like twitch almost as bad as your Mocking Shout

Q. having a hard time using ult at right time

A. well here is a protip look at your hp bar at bottom it shows you you hp# and the green bar will decrease as you get hurt. when it is at least (--- ) or around that much then pop ult cause most likely they will think that hes gonna delay his ult so ill just pop my ult and try to kill him but we all know tryndamere dosnt like that one bit.

Q. what if Malzahar Warwick pops ult when i ult

A. ok you are either screwed if you dont have at least 1 stunner or a champ that pushes people around like ragdolls because most likely youll die before dealing damage when you use your ult and ask for teamate help and most likely they will accept and help you out just because they want to win ;D

Q. when do i use the Bloodlust free stacks i get?

A. ahh most people use it when they get it which is a big nono because your wasting you ult.... you are suppose to absorb dmg when you use ult and not die. use Bloodlust after the ult and lets say Mordekaiser pops ult on you with ignite highly guaranteed that you WILL NOT DIE! why is that ? because like i said when using Bloodlust against ignite is bad but that leaves you with enough hp to live unless someone attacks you with 1 skill then you might die

Undying rage IS a turret diving skill enemies will underestimate you and try to pull off a cc on you or run around turret which is good for you because u have 2 flashes with 8 stacks on Bloodlust enough hp to atk creeps in jungle and repelish hp back to like 100% and continue jungling.

ive seen some insane people using ult just to destroy turret but i prefer not to because look a your team is fighting the enemies team and you are to far away so you decide to go take down the inhib. turret..... DONT DO THAT you will be dead by others and your team will also die trying to save you

also when you use ult remember


to many people forget how that they have bloodlust and never use it well always use it i dont care if you have 99% hp JUST USE IT unless there is more creep that you can farm but if it almost runs out JUST USE IT

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Farming or team fights

Your CrC deals like 200 at lvl 2 if you have Bloodlust now lets say Ashe is solo top cause u should both have a jungler and she decides to 1v1 you because of you have less hp than her. well just pressure her into turret hugging and farm your *** off with the limited time you have before ashe realize what your up to.....

how to pressure people
Step 1: just [spinning slash]] to them and pop Mocking Shout and they will go back and if they dont give them your true damage and they wont mess with you unless the jungler ganks you

Importance of farming???
most people bla bla bla farming is useless just gank and youll get a gg quick
but seriously you either end up failing and wasting your time or getting a kill when you can destroy a turret by then...

ahh teamfights this is your decision first i hardly joing team fights because either your team is capable of dealing with 4v5 or they just engage and end up losing but either way this is a huge advantage on your pushing/bding/farming.... your team is dying why is that a good advantage? well they would obviously be defending while all the enemy champs would be playing offense with no one defending and since you are capable of dealing like 158 in late games to turrets well before they b u got like 2 turrets and maybe a inhib :D

now if you decide to join teamfights then be my guest! all your question were answerd in the last champter but i will be checking to add new question that i see others having problem with
and a protip focus carry dont die and dont be first to charge pop out of nowhere and suprise them

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early game
dont be afraid to check brush but remember to have partner with you.
you have Crc runes so at lesat 40% Crc which deals like 180-250 i believe which is like true damage + armor pent crazy ey?
now enemy minions are the key to survival without it your dead why enemy minions gives u gold hp dmg and crc so much that 1 minion can do. but that dosnt mean atk minions when team fight happens
you only atk minions in beggining because well either 1 side push and 1 defend just like that
so not much just farm try to get a kill and wait until like 20 minutes and continue to farm with those precious 20 min

Mid game
Mid game has arrived now lots of mia ganks and maybe 1 team fight or so... ok now the most important part of this is whether to help teamates or farm... i farm because i realized late game teamfights is the main dish i think of it as breakfast (early) lunch (mid) dinner (late)
now in the breakfast you want a healthy meal and that is minions for tryndamere. tryndamere likes a few champions and a bit of minions on the side and for dinner tryndamere wants a whole plate of champions. so you want to at least have 3 champions and 150 minion kills around so tryndamere has a full belly and wont rage when he is underleveled and no items at all like a lame Evelynn which only eats champions... you wanna be healthy and balanced so not to much minions and/or champions
now mid game as for tryn you are able to turret dive now :D at such a early level just like Alistar but remember look at timer on ult cause if it runs out and you die well tough luck.
this is why i have flash spin through lizard buff and flash through wraiths and bam double kill or something like that. well all you do is gank and spinning slash + mocking shout + red buff + ult you will for sure get a kill and ult by all means just to kill 1 champion.

Late game

i am most focused about this because oh look im tryn i can take out everyone..... wrong everyone can take out you if thats what you mean. first of all you should be doing what you been doing in mid game either pushing or popping in and out like a ninja. ok so lets say the tank is rammus because he can rape tryn easily and support is soraka jungler is ww ap is annie and ad is ashe.... here is the way to go rush from the back so they all popped ult on someone while they think you are gone and away. DONT GO IF THEY DIDNT USE ULT OR STUN now procced from taking out ashe or other ad range if its melee take out ap nuke or support then take out the other one now they will change targets you are the main dish so run away while your team deals dmg and since you used ult when destroying 2 people exhaust + mocking shout on ad melee carry unless its range then you should take the ad range out first before ap nuke now the dead list is support ad carry/or ap carry but remember if you have no hp left go take out wolves or wraiths and replensih hp from them and continue to take out the others but remember tanks are last

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The way of getting a kill

Spinning Slash through closest wall near food he migh put up a little 1v1 or he will just run if he runs pop Mocking Shout and then when mocking shout is over pop Exhaust if still not dead and remember Spinning Slash is to keep up with enemy

they have flash and ghost what do you do first get a red now if they are top then go to the river and let them push if they left try to follow them cause they most likely went to gank and buy wards if they keep dissappearing. now Spinning Slash Mocking Shout Flash Exhaust constant shanking him/her and you have a kill but remember river is the border so if tryn goes pass border the other champs or (police) will chase you down just remember it like that and be prepared to get ganked

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Core Item


When you b you must have enough for

and a with x1

this is a must need item so b once reached 450 gold

Mid game

now farm til 3k-4k which will take you from 10min-20min and go b and buy a
WAIT i wanna buy it when i have enough money... dont why is that its because look at a regular champ going b every 5 minutes because of getting harrased and it takes at least 10 seconds to get back to position and you go ganking and fail which takes like 1 minute. now every 2 seconds around you can get a minion kill so 4x5=20 that is 20 second wasted and lost freakin 10 minion kills not to forget the exp you gain. plus the gank that is enough time for them to be underleveled compared to you. get the idea?

now you should get a ok people complain 20 minutes is to late to get it well if you think that then get it before phantom dancer

late game

now you can start joining team fights and buy a

now just keep farming til you get like enough money for or and then just get another


should look like this well this is how i built him

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Last whisper vs Ghostblade

Pros- Cons-

Good against thornmail no atk spd

Cheap item armor pent can be useless at times

nice armor pent + damage is they are heavy team well its useless

Last whisper is one of my common item i would buy because of the fact that it gives 40 dmg and 40% ARMOR PENT!?!?!?!?!?! yes i know you will deal insane amout of damage with it because of it awsome armor pent. now remember only buy this is they stack armor

Pros- cons-

Gives armor pent not as much lose hp faster against thornmail

activation gives atk spd and you will deal a good amount of dmg but
everytime you hit some one it increases
its duration of 2 second maximum of 8 seconds not as much

also gives damage

this is a good item if the tank is going M.R (magic resist) build because you can dish out a lot of hp without fearing the deadly Thornmail..... might make a page about thornmails

Now overall i preffer Last Whisper because they wont ignore you

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Jungling??? still updating

i never jungled with tryn because he can farm alot and enough to get what he needs and wants.
but jungling is another way with tryn because ive seen some nice junglers and he is able to fly through walls + slows = most likely to get a kill well either way ive never tried jungling with him i might though later so i will most likely update this later

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facts- tryndamere should recall only if he has loads of money and getting behind on item Bloodlust should help with your hp

do not focus tanks

do not overextend

pop Exhaust when your ult is over and they will deal little dmg to you if they are ad and with your lifesteal you shuld get a kill if it was 10% hp against 100% hp.

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Constructive feedbacks

please give me a constructive feedback first build i took like 2 hours on it

and will update it like crazy and please tell me if i should give more detail or explain better or give a map or something like that and please no trolling i worked hard on this build and decided to give a idea of how to play tryndamere and remember this is not a build its just a guide to play tryndamere if you want a build go find it somewhere else but other than that thanks for taking your time to read and give me your important feedbacks on parts where i was giving little or confusing details thank you once again for reading and rating

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7/4/11- Decided to add in a item section because of the fact whether to get Ghostblade or Last Whisper

7/4/11- Decide to give a pro and con about jungling tryn

7/4/11- Added more to immune to death page

7/5/11- removed some info in introduction

7/5/11- added new page about core items