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Ashe Build Guide by hungryhippos1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hungryhippos1

Hungry Hippo's Guide to Ashe

hungryhippos1 Last updated on June 29, 2012
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Welcome to Hungry Hippo's Guide to Ashe. Ashe is a ranged AD carry with a heavy focus on CC. Compared to other ranged DPS champs, her damage output is very weak. She doesn't scale with items very well like Vayne or deal strong AoE damage like Corki but what makes ashe is her big arrow which is a fantastic initiating ability and in some cases counter initiation.

A good Ashe must also understand positioning. If you're out of position you're probably dead so be careful of where you are standing.

Aoe Slow
Global Stun Ulti
Hawkshot great for map control

Item/Damage scaling is meh
No natural escapes
decent early early game, weak after level 7

I will touch on all these pros and cons in the guide.

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Reds - Armor Penetration because it lets your auto attacks and W hit harder. You can also do Flat AD damage if you suck at last hitting, your W also scales 1:1 with your AD so that isn't so bad but if you do take the Flat AD route you will need to get a last whisper even if they don't stack armor.

Yellows - Armor. Early game Ashe wins most trades, midgame... she falls off some so armor really helps with laning.

Blues - If you're laning vs pure AD get MR/lvl if you're laning vs AP or AD with magic abilities go flat MR.

Quints - AD or or armor pen. I prefer flat AD Quints and armor pen Reds for a good balance of damage and last hitting.

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21-0-9, nothing else is better.

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If you're solo laning start out with boots and 3 pots in case you get ganked and to help with harrassing and running away if you get harrassed. If you're laning with a support/healer start with a dorans blade to help with last hitting and with extra survivability.

Check my item build, its what everyone does for every AD carry. If the enemy literally has no armor items you can trade last whisper for black cleaver. The last item is up to you. If you're great at kiting and the enemy has no blinks or dashes to get in your face get frozen mallet for the ultimate lulz other wise I am a fan of banshee's veil or quick silver sash

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Skill Sequence

R > W > Q > E

I think this is pretty obvious, put one point in E at lvl 4 for map awareness then level it up last. If your lane is an uber boring farm fest I'd consider leveling E over W and Q if you're just a beast at passively farming.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must. You can use it to flash over walls which is super helpful. I also recommend getting ghost to help with escapes and chasing. You don't really need exhaust as you have a strong slow to chase and to kite. Heal bait is also real strong and something worth looking at.

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Ashe is actually pretty strong at lower levels. An early game crit is super strong and can do some real damage. Same with going AA -> W --> AA for some big damage but once you hit level 6-12 your damage really falls off compared to other AD carries, the big advantage though is that you're super easy to gank for. Arrow them and then your jungler walks in and you do naughty things to them. Do this over and over and over until you win because the enemy AD won't have a chance to farm up at all.

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Team Comps. Ashe is a utility AD carry, she isn't like vayne or kog of the hyper AD carry so make sure that your team picks up champions that can deal lots of damage because you're high on the CC and low on the damage.

Early game just concentrate on farming, since your ulti is on a relatively low cooldown your jungler can gank every minute and a half or so.

Like I mentioned before, where you are standing in relation to the enemy team and your team is key. mid/late game ashe can be killed in a second or two if you decide to lead your team around the map. This is a nono. You should be behind everyone else on your team and let your tank/offtank lead the way. If you ever see a favorable situation eg. Any enemy squishy, feel free to let an arrow loose so that your team can destroy that unfortunate stunned soul.

The one thing that I really want all of you to remember is, let your team engage first and fight for a couple seconds so that their tank/melee dps doesn't insta kill you. As a DPS champ just aim for who ever is closest to you. More often than not their carries will be behind their tanks so just take their tank down first and to be honest, this shouldn't be a problem if you're farmed. That last whisper should let you rip up any champ that is in your range.