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Miss Fortune Build Guide by hungryhippos1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hungryhippos1

hungryhippos guide to Miss Fortune

hungryhippos1 Last updated on May 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to hungryhippos guide to Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune is a early/mid game ADC who relies on early game domination/roam to carry hard late game. Miss Fortune is not a battle mobile champion that can reposition like ez or corki, but she is a very strong map mobile champion, she can respond to counter ganks/counter jungle very quickly. She is a very strong solo queue champion because her early game trades are real strong. She does especially well vs sustain lanes because of her healing debuff.

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Flat AD - Lets you farm easy and lets you hit stronger early/mid game. I much prefer Armor Pen or Crit Chance. Farming isn't hard with her W passive as it gives extra damage and you do plenty of damage anyways with your skillset that I'd rather take penetration or crit chance.
Armor Penetration - Max damage on mid/late game. A good choice if you know you're going to have a farming lane vs a killing lane.
Crit Chance - Super strong if you're good at sneaking auto attacks on the enemy. That is a very BIG "IF". Only get this if you know you can trade auto attacks easily with the enemy. (It's generally easy since you can just walk up to them with your passive on unless you're against a aggressive support or ashe who just kites you away.

I generally have crit chance reds and flat ad quints.

Armor - I can't think of anything else really

Flat MR - For most everything
Attack Speed - If the enemy is a bunch of ADC's, AD bruisers and AD assassins.

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How you lane is all dependent on what your support is and the enemy adc/support combo. Miss fortune has situationally good/bad poke with her Q. Her main strength is trading auto attacks with enemy champs. There is no other champion that can trade auto attacks with MF early because of the passive/active on W and the fact that Q applies W and resets your auto attack.

If you're against a aggressive enemy like tresh, blitz, leona, what you last hit and your position is critial. Avoiding grabs and avoiding leona E is key to winning the lane. Bush control is real important when fighting those champs. You need to punish them if they miss their skill shots because they really can't retaliate for those couple seconds. Getting in auto attacks on enemy ADC's and supports is very very very important when they can't respond with any CC.

Miss fortune isn't the kind of champ you want to hang back and just farm. She needs to be killing or forcing the enemy out of lane early game if she is to be relivant late game. If you want to just farm for 20 minutes, play kog maw and vayne, they are much scarier late game than miss fortune with equal farm.

I think miss fortune works very well with aggressive or CC heavy champs like Blitz, Tresh, Taric, Leona, Lulu etc. The key is having a support that allows you to get multiple auto attacks off on the enemy to let your W build up stacks. This is how you win those lanes. Getting lots of repeated auto attack and Q's off on bad guys.

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Team Fighting and Ulti

As you know, Miss Fortune doesn't have a blink so if you're caught, you're dead more often then not. So what you should be doing is hanging out in the back. If have enough move speed to catch up to the enemy team so let the enemy use their initiate on the rest of your team so you can deal damage in relative safety.

I see 3 uses for MF's ulti.

You can use it to push your lane so you can back and buy.

To finish off an enemy that is out of auto attack range.

But the ideal usage is obviously to use on most of the enemy team. Single target damage isn't great, but if you can land it on 3+ enemies, the AOE Damage can add up.