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Janna Build Guide by hungryhippos1

Hungry Hippos Guide to Support Janna

Hungry Hippos Guide to Support Janna

Updated on May 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hungryhippos1 Build Guide By hungryhippos1 8,225 Views 5 Comments
8,225 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author hungryhippos1 Janna Build Guide By hungryhippos1 Updated on May 21, 2013
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Welcome to Hungry Hippo's Guide to Support Janna, aka the biggest support ****. Janna is the strongest passive support champ. If you have awesome timing and reflexes you will be greatly rewarded. Jannas main strength is positioning and CC for her team and for the enemy team. Janna has a strong disengage if your carry/team is caught out of place and she has the potential to knock back the whole team with her Q. Her W is a strong slow that can be used to catch bad guys, or to peel divers off your carries. Her E is probably the signature Janna move. It is damage mitigation and gives extra AD to champions so if you're running a heavy AD team, Janna is a very strong choice to go with. Lastly Janna's ultimate is like an anti mummy ulti. It heals your team and pushes all enemies out. that being said, be very very careful if you have mummy, galio, panth, kat, nunu etc on your team because you can disrupt their ultis.
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You aren't there to get kills, you're there to support your team and stay alive so I highly recommend picking up gp/10 or defensive runes to stay alive and keep your gold income up.

Reds: Armor
Yellows: Armor or gp/10
Blues: Flat MR (because it takes bot lane alot longer to level than other lanes, I highly recommend flat over scaling)
Quints: gp/10, movespeed, armor, HP
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0-9-21 if you're awesome at not dying other wise pick up the champion damage mitigation in the defensive tree like 14-16.
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Skill Sequence

If you guys think you're going to get invaded or planning to jungle invade, I highly recommend starting with Q otherwise start with E.

The general skill order is R > E > W > Q I think this is a pretty obvious route to go. I find it best not to level Q until last because it eats more mana every level and its there for the knockup, not the damage. I prefer E over W mostly because E comes with both damage mitigation and extra damage for your carry rather than just damage and a slow.
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Summoner Spells

The normal choice is flash and exhaust. Two very strong summoners that let you make plays. Clairvoyance and heal aren't bad choices as well, but I much prefer combat summoners like exhaust to help win fights and keep your carry alive.
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Aura items are the name of the game for supports. Anything that makes your team stronger will win the game for you. Janna's base stats and ratios are too low to make her any sort of AP carry and she really isn't an AD carry either so just pick up wards and pickup those support items and you'll do fine.

I have a core build as well as suggested items to look at depending on the enemy comp. If the enemy is heavy on CC Mikael's Crucible is a real strong item for protecting and saving your ADC/APC and more often than not, i'll swap that item for Zeke's.

If you have heavy AD presence on your team. AD bruiser top, AD jungle, AD assassin mid etc, Zeke's is a real strong item to rush early. If you have alot of casters (AP anything, AD casters like Renekton and Ezreal) Will of the Ancients is real strong to support them (for the spell vemp)

If you ever manage to stumble accross a ton of gold and the enemy is so dive heavy they laugh at your ulti, Rylai's is the ultimate kiting tool. Lets your ADC do their thing without having to have a bruiser in their face. Frozen Heart can be ok on Janna, the cooldown is very nice but to use it effectively you have to be a front line support and Janna really isn't that kind of champion. Have 3k gold sitting around because your KS skills are that amazing? Get Deathfire grasp and use it to open team fights on a tasty target so your AP carry can **** on said tasty target. Are you support ez or corki who have lots of magic damage skills? This item becomes even more hilarious. You and your team benifit from every stat. Your shield scales on AP, cooldown is always good on Janna and the increased magic damage fro the rest of your team definitely doesn't hurt.

Abyssal Scepter is pretty self explanitory. Enemy debuff and makes your shield a bit stronger. Its not great, but if the enemy is just a load of AP, it can be good. The trick is that you have to stand in harms way to make it useful... which makes you useless because you're usually baby sitting your ADC.
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How to use Janna for 2.95 a minute

Janna's E pretty much gaurantees you'll win most trades in lane if you time it right. It can shield quite a bit of damage and for the duration its on, your ADC will be dealing a ton more damage especially if they spam out their AD skills (Graves Q, Ez Q, Ashe W, MF Q etc).

Secondly, knowing when to use W is very important. NEVER use it just for harass, the movespeed is super important and lets you kite and slow enemy jungle ganks as well as using it to catch out enemies that are out of position. Use it on enemies trying to run away so that your ADC can get more attacks on them OR use it on enemies that are all up on your carries. It does damage, but more importantly, it lets you catch people and let your carries kite melee enemies.

Using tornado is also very difficult. Tornado is somewhat slow, but it can knock up everything in its path. Use Q like you would use W, not for the heck of it, but to keep enemies off your team, to slow down baddies trying to run away. It is a strong initiation tool if you can catch the enemy with a blind Q but I much prefer it to disengage bruisers and divers that try to dive your carries.

Lastly using her ultimate. There are 2 ways of using it. One is like how Alistar uses his headbutt or poppy charge. You have the potential to knock the enemy team into the wall and stun them for a second. Or you can use it to disengage/heal your team. Don't underestimate the channelled heal from R. It can heal a couple hundred which is enough to keep your team alive that extra couple seconds. The one thing to note, dno't use it on an enemy that is about to die, otherwise you just helped them live and don't use it like a morg ulti or mummy. use it to protect your team.
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The Laning Phase

What you have to realize about Janna is that she is mostly about letting your ADC farm in safety especially if you have ward control (pinking the tribush means you get free ganks and the enemy can't gank you). The obvious choice for using E is to shield enemy damage but what is more important is to use it to win trades and poke. Janna is more of a passive champ but with her kit, she works well with all kinds of ADC's like hypercarries like kog and vayne or early game dominators like Cait or MF to everything inbetween. Although Janna herself isn't a poke champion, she is real strong with ADC's that have strong poke like MF or cait so timing and communication with your ADC can make or break the lane for you.
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Objective Control

As the game heads towards mid/late game you need to be controlling dragon and baron. Even with sightstone I still buy an extra pink or two every back to keep control of the neutral objectives. Between you and your jungler, both of you need to keep control and track of when dragon and baron come up as well as the vision around the area. This is how supports carry the game. Via vision. Your carries can't kill what they can't see, and they will die from facechecking the spin2win Garen so make sure to ward all major points like enemy blue/red as well as dragon and baron. Even lane wards just infront of the enemy tower are important too to keep track of where the enemy is.
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Team fighting

Protect your ADC and APC. Stay near them, baby them, protect them. You are the secret service, they are the el presidente de USA. Ideally try to use your shield on your ADC unless someone else is about to die. The extra 50 damage it gives is huge for those 5 seconds it lasts. If the enemy has strong diving potential (Nocturne, Vi, Renekton, Irelia, Jax etc) Save your Q and W specifically for them. If the enemy has a lack of initate, you can use your Q to knock up the enemy. Like I said before, always save your W (slow) to chase enemies that can actually be killed or to help your carries kite. Never use it just for damage. The slow component of that ability is too strong to just waste just for damage.

Ultimate - This has a couple uses and how you use it can decide how a teamfight goes.

There are 2 parts to this ulti. #1 is the knock back, #2 is the heal.

If you have a strong initiate you can use this to knock enemies against a wall, its pretty much like alistar headbutt. You can get a longer stun if you get them against a wall.

If you the enemy has huge dive potential, you can use it to keep baddies off your team like Kennen, sad mummy, fiddle****s and other annoying AoE champs.

Lastly you can use it as a heal. If your whole team is at like half health but you don't need to knock anything away, you can stand a little behind your team and use it so they can get some extra heals. It doesn't burst more than Soraka heal, but it does heal more than Soraka if you let it channel the full 4 seconds.
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