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Teemo Build Guide by hungryhippos1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hungryhippos1

Hungry Hippo's Guide to Teemo

hungryhippos1 Last updated on June 29, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my guide to Teemo. Teemo is a ranged carry that I prefer to play as a attack speed on hits champ because all those items work really well with his E.

I see too many AP Teemo's that just don't do any damage because they rely on people to step on his mushrooms and you can't just run around team fights dropping them. Also his Q has a decent AP ratio but its not very spammable in team fights and the AP ratios on his E are just stupid. So what I'm saying is AP teemo not very good damage, and his utility is no different either. Since teemo has been nerfed buffed and nerfed, I see him more as a counter pick for top lane vs auto attacking AD's like trynd, yi or irelia or a bot lane counter pick for heavy auto attacking ranged carries like Caitlin or Vayne because of teemo's blind which is very strong if landed on the right person.

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RED - Armor pen is real strong since malady will give you all the magic pen you need. All that Armor pen will allow you to hit real hard early game and dominate your lane.

Yellow - Flat Armor gives you a big advantage, you really don't need mana regen, you'll end up going back to shop anyways so just drop as much as you can before you back and you'll be fresh with new mana in no time!

Blues - Flat or Scaling Magic Resistance. Teemo is squishy, this will help when you trade blows with the enemy. If you're laning vs AP get flat, laning vs AD get scaling.

Quints - I've tried Move Speed, armor pen, flat HP and magic pen. They work nice but it depends on who you're playing. Teemo has alot of natural damage but is incredibly squishy, if you're laning vs something you'll know you'll probably win add more hurt with armor pen. If you're vs a lane that may be difficult, the extra HP will definitely help. Movespeed is also viable since teemo is super slow, it helps with chasing and running away if you're into that kinda thing.

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I much prefer 21-9-0 since most of your damage comes from your auto attacks. Since your auto attacks deal both magic and physical damage, you'll be hitting like a truck through all stages of the game with 21 points of offensive masteries. You will need the 9 points in defense to stay tanky with extra armor, mr and HP.

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The item build I outlined above is centered around on hits magic damage that includes a little survivability.

My base build includes
boots (Attack speed or merc treads)
Phage (CC, health, slow)
life steal thingy (survivability)
malady (damage and attack speed)
wit end (MR, attack speed, and damage)

from here it all depends on what you need vs the enemy team.
I'd recommend 1 big damage item (madreds or black cleaver), turn your boots into something useful (sorc, berserk, or the AD/MR boots), turn lifesteal into wriggles or blood thirster and finish out your phage eventually.

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Skill Sequence

Teemo should be built R > E > Q > W starting out by going E, Q, E, W, E, R.
E is OP, it deals tons of damage initially and as a DoT autoattack. Stack it high and watch bodies drop.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is OP, there really isn't any other spell to get. Your second one should either be Ignite to get that extra damage or teleport for crazy map control with your mushrooms. I go back and forth depending on the enemy team. If they are rocking a Soraka/Taric/Nidalee/Mundo/Sona ignite would be a great idea for those heals. If they lack in the healing department, TP is stupid OP. If your team is worth anything, they'll be warding. You can TP to a mushroom, minion, ward etc for a easy gank.

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Early game your harass is great, sneak an auto attack, Q and a 2nd auto attack for good damage, rinse and repeat for deadly results. If they decide to stick around with low HP but are play defensively, feel free to flash in, drop a ignite and a auto attack or two to get that kill.

Once you get your ulti, you should be dropping shrooms around your area so that you don't get ganked. If the enemy laner backs or if your lane partner can hold a lane, you should go drop a mushroom or two around drag/baron and/or their red/blue to keep an eye on their jungler. I almost prefer that they don't step on the mushroom just so I can see what they are doing.

When you're team fighting save your Q for their AD carry(s) or their AD melee champ if htey try to get in your face. That blind is very very powerful and that gives your team a couple seconds of extra time to deal damage and not die to their AD carry.

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Late game, if you're any good at farming you should be a beast for damage. When you play as teemo your team will always have baron advantage. You can constantly force fights around baron by baiting and mushrooming and forcing the enemy to fight on your mushrooms which provide valuable CC and damage. One of the other nice parts to teemo is that you can afk push a side lane without getting ganked because you can place mushrooms in their jungle and just push away, this is also really powerful when you have TP so that if your team decides to engage a team fight, you can TP in. Generally this will result in a 4v5 as someone will have to defend your push. If they are really dumb, they will 2nd two people to kill you, in that case you get a east 5v3 with a TP to assist your team.

Teemo is all about map control so mushroom placement is key to being a good teemo. I heavily recommend taking solo mid so that you can control the river on both sides. If you mushroom so much that someone has to buy an early oracles, consider that a win because that is 400g not going towards more wards or other items. pre-15min you should drop as many mushrooms as you can around drag. If you can control dragon, you get a gold advantage over the enemy team which means you get better items. Post 15 minutes, I would be more worried about baron. The nice part about this build is that Razor is part of Teemos build which means you and your jungler could quite easily do baron while your team pushes OR your team can just bait baron and force them to fight on your mushrooms.