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Malphite Build Guide by Zefirez

Support Hybrid Malph Support - become their gravestone!

By Zefirez | Updated on December 7, 2019
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Runes: Cooldown/AP runes

Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

++8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 56%
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Champion Build Guide

Hybrid Malph Support - become their gravestone!

By Zefirez
About me
Hello fellow offmeta supports!

I'm a EUNE g3 (atm) support main who plays league since end of season 6, and generally likes tanks with damage and potential to carry themselves. Cause in when low elo, you got only one guy on your team who can carry every game - yourself!

Also shoutout to LoL buddy of mine Hokinton - the guide's picture is dedicated to you bro!
Why go hard rock in botlane? Back to Top
With great power comes...naaah, that **** is for Elise players.

With great power comes great winrate! And the power to be either a tank or a carry or hybrid is defo great, especially on a support who in normal cases is relegated to helping the team and hoping they don't waste his efforts (spoiler alert: they often do).

So here are few good reasons to do the botlane Rolling Stone:

+ monstrous ult engage + combo
+ amazing vs auto attackers (Vayne, Yas, Jax etc)
+ can build nasty ap and still have nice armor due to W passive
+ Is an ap champ (Zhonya's user)
+ simple kit with point and click slow/poke.
+ suprisingly good at getting outta heat when played well.

Here's some not so good stuff about him:

- no hard cc save ult
- bad at protecting adc from assassins, other then going for kill outright
- till lvl 6 you're basically trying not to feed and are in farmlane mode
- teammates might think you're troll or auto filled and worse yet act on it (ban malph or pick support champ themselves, even when you never said you're auto filled).
- falling behind will be severly punished
The game plan Back to Top
Picking Malphite is one thing - but playing him well is another. This section will make you ready to rock with him, and surprisingly - you'll fine there's a lot more to it then meets the eye.

Lvl 1 jungle play
You start with q and with that in mind - you're not a lvl 1 invade machine, but can offer some ***itance if lvl 1 teamfight breaks out. Generally if there's a vote on invade - look at your and enemy team comp. If you have a lot of strong level 1 cc (Morg, Sion, Blitz, Tresh etc) - go for it. If not, vote no.

If a fight does break out - remember that your q not only slows them, but speeds you up as well. You can use it to catch up and land an auto or two on enemy target or escape yourself, maybe even saving a flash if you're confident you won't die.

If there is no lvl 1 fight, then help your jg leash if he starts botside and needs it, and if not then either ward his buff if there's real danger of enemy jg stealing it, or just proceed to lane without warding.

This choice (ward on your buff or not) is pretty important. Your warding domination rune is ghost poro - so placing wards when possible to get those poros out and extra Ap from that all the way to 30 ap is part of your "get damage a.s.a.p" plan.

But that is a small thing compared to danger of having unwarded lane bush when facing something like Draven + Thresh lane. You must use your own judgement here.

Early to mid game - 4 farms

Saying that pre 6 for Malph is a farmlane is no exagerration. While your adc will be farming minions, you will have farm of your own to manage...four in fact. How well you do on each of those will determine how soon your damage and wards go online and have a huge impact in your ability to carry.

First farm - Relic Shield:

This is your first farm, and a crucial one. Our item of choice is the new Relic Shield. What you're farming here for are the following rewards:

- 300hp + 40ap on item completion
- 1000 gold from passive executes
- 3 stealth wards unlock on earning 500g with passive, 4 on 1000g and item completion.

Keep in mind that our domination rune tree warding rune of choice is Ghost Poro. The sooner you unlock wards, the sooner you'll be able to complete it's mission and net 30 extra ap for yourself (along with 40 ap from it's completion).

Obviously your job is to save charges for cannon minions and then melee minions, trying to make sure you don't miss a cannon unless something forced you to (like a fight over drake). If you do it right around min 15 you should be nearing completion of your supp item.

Remember! Early ward unlock = more vision = less deaths and possibly enemy drakes prevented. And obviously faster push for Ghost Poro mission completion!

Second Farm - Ghost Poro.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Zefirez
Zefirez Malphite Guide
Hybrid Malph Support - become their gravestone!
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