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Ryze Build Guide by GrimoireofAlice

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrimoireofAlice


GrimoireofAlice Last updated on August 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Ryze with this build

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Aatrox Pft, one frozen heart will do all the job... All melee bruizers like jax, yi, udyr can be easy for you to, well, trade/kill.
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Oh HI~~~~~(Intro)

Hello, You can call me Grimoire. I don't wanna tell you my rank, it is because it is really low, but not bronzeV low. I want to try out ad-ryze, well hybrid ryze, due to the limited scaling of his abilities. Due to my build, his mana at lv 18 would be over 4000, I think......
Whatevers, plz comment on below for some useful(You can criticize, but don't hurt my feelings, those feels doe.)

Oh, and there might be some mistakes in typing just so you know. (FUC MY ENGLISH, I am Asain)

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Top lane.... or you are facing ad/melee(fizz, akali or kat is not included,

This build is for top lane as expect from ryze due to some tanky stats in lv 18. To increase the tanky stats and provide some HI-damage, I would add more mana and ad instead of ap. (Those scales though, 0.2? !wtf!). As you can see, you are heading off to top lane, so you better take tp, if the other top laner is taking tp. You can also take ignite as well, only if you are like super good at landing it. (The bronze plays, always 8 hp left.) I do not have to say flash, right....?

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Item build

For starters, start with a crystal and two hp(hit-points) pots(potions). Then, your next item would be Tears. Don't rush muramana yet, but instead, build roa for hp and mana due to high damage in top lane. If you are having trouble against melee champs such as tryn or shyvana, then build a glacial shroud. If you are successful, you can build into trinity force for ad damage(lich bane doesn't scale that well, and it is easy to push turrets.) Ice-born or Will can be chosen if you are fed or not. Fed, then you can choose iceborn, if not, then get will due to cd-reduction. Due to some circumstances, you can also build into hp or MR. Item should be build this way: ROA, Frozen/Trinity, boots, muramana, Frozen/Trinity, and then your last item. It can be hp item like Rylais, Spirit Visage or Warmogs for instant.

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Since you are top lane(OKay... Teemo should not be tanky, but it is viable) you need some tanky masteries to start with. Since you do not have that much of cd-reduction advantage, I ll add some of that too. For Utility masteries, I simply aim for the +5% of Mana. (Mana-regen is for early game.) Okay, I like the wifesteal and the spell-vamp too, it can give you a lot of sustain once you bought tears.

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Since ur top lane, you might want to get some armor and mr though. Hp and Mana quints are your opinion to put. Mana, more damage/sustain early game, Hp, tanky and not easily be killed by ignite(Fiora Riven and such). Also, Magic Pen is just for your abilities to damage more. (ur AD/MANA ryze, so abilities are important as well)

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Overload, or your Q, is your main damage(or auto attacks) in overall game. Because of the build problem, you do not have that much of cd-reduction as expected from other builds. AD is just for sustain damage to wait for your abilities. W scales a bit better than E in mana, so upgrade that up second.Then, it would be your ult(Pft........). Spell Flux would be last.

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Pros / Cons

PRos: Good sustain in lane once you got tears. One should not use all mana at early level. Learn to control okay?
Good damage once you become ad
High burst damage AND high sustain damage, and AOE too~ huehuehue

Cons: No escape......Can be ganked easily
AD casters like Talon or zed can zoon him easily(ZONE HIM BACK WITH ALL UR SPELLS! U HAVE TEARS AND FROZENHEART)
No mobility at all, so slow.... (Mobility boots can be easily incorporated.)

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Farming and Teamwork

WTF need I say more? You are ryze........ Done

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In this guide, Ryze will have high ad and mana damage throughout the game. He can push turret easily while giving high ability damage as well. With the help of warmogs, frozenheart and such, he can be tanky like other top laners like shyvana, mundo and such with higher damage than something like zed or tryn.
Try out this guide on your own, and plz comment~~~ (Due to some reasons, I can not play League in one year, and I only tried for one game, which was 7/4/7, I do not even have 4 items done.)
Comment for improvements and such, and over-criticizing is unnecessary.