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Evelynn Build Guide by shas ovior la

Assassin hybride evelyne

Assassin hybride evelyne

Updated on November 25, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shas ovior la Build Guide By shas ovior la 3,616 Views 0 Comments
3,616 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shas ovior la Evelynn Build Guide By shas ovior la Updated on November 25, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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pro / cons

pro: +early gank destructive
+high snowball capacity
+ easy gank
+alway invisible
+AoE slow gice you a shield
+ low cooldown

- late game is hard if you got not enough kill
-passive need a learning too be use right
-need blue for farm good
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eve is not so hard to play, but you 3 or 4 first game should be hard, the furtivity need sometime to be understand

this build is about hybrid evelyne, it work good but only if you get fed, its a guide to snowball without any probleme, but because of your squyshi in this guide dont try it for your first time in eve, because anymistake kill you instant.

but you gonna see, you do a ****i ton of damage
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of course max your ult first: too powerfull tool for gank and teamfight with a large Aoe slow who give you a shield for all target touche, high cooldown, dont miss it

second max your Q its the main way to clean jungle and deal damage, no cast time so use it when you beat anyone. this skill ad a great ad and ap ratio, at max level with some stuff you gonna do 300 per Q and see cooldown... just learn how land it, hard when you start but after its easy. spam it in gank and in jungle

you w is a purge and move speed bonus, first of all pls dont use it to engage, you gonna be see and if u get CC by a slow you gona be useless, its last skill to use, only to get clother after he do his CC. important that only purge the slow not the other. dont use this spell in jungle if u get no blue, now it cost mana and you be oom to quick if u use it

E is a double AA like shyvana Q with a ratio AD and AP withe a great bonus of attack speed.its a AA reset timer, the best combo is AA instant E AA. you can use it to clean faster in jungle, but dont spam it for this without blue, if no you get oom instant.

you ult is just bul****, a AoE slow, big ap ratio and the give you a shield for itch ennemy touche dont miss it, high cooldown in first level. in teamfight you can easy get a 1000 shield if u use good, and a 1000 shield is the higway for penta. never use it for gank, never, why? because its a wast. use it too save your life, this ult make you unkillable in 1v1, so reserve it to save your *** you engage teamfight, never for a simple gank
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how jungle withe evelyne? realy simple, start blue, why? because for the first cleaning you realy gona need it, because befors first back you gona must use all spell to cleaning quit good. when you do your blue and 1 more camp you can do two thing, gank mid or top if its push or back, first see your hp, if you are under 50% of your life dont try you gona dye instant, if u get more you can try but know this, eve gank are will not bring a kill everytime, you are just here to do damage

for the 9 first level you are the queen of jungle, no one can kill you and your gank is powerfull, so be everywhere at this time to get as kill as you can get, ks if u can, you are the real cary

after that some team fight gona start, when it hapend, find the carry, ult the ennemy team, kill the carry, go invisible to come back on your team, do it again, without ult
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why go hybrid with ev? because like jax its too op, your damage is realy great and alf ap and ad, no tank can suport you rain of Q and you double E. this folow item give the best way to snowball easy

red smite with warior: why red? because pure damage DOT, that what you need to finish a man who run away of you, you dont need slow of blue, you jungle enough faster to dont take the violet and you are not good to counter jungle, so forget the whit. why warior not glaive runique? the warrior give you too much damage in early.

trinty: give you mana, give you ad, give you ap, just do it

gunblade: you go hybrid, that item is a dream a lot of ad a lot of ap ton of regen rush it

blade of runed king: with the gunblade you got two slow for do gank or kill any you want in teamfight

frozen gantlet: i dont like it on eve, if you do it go tank.

dead man plaque: the same as the gauntlet
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alway take smite, you are a jungler, no any other way

flash is the best option, why? with it you can finish any you want, and more important, you can escape if u get a probleme

teleportation, situational, if you team want to split push that a very good option, but take a hydra to make this tactique good

ghost, more good in early to pick some kill in more, but it was prety useless in teamfight if u get CC

ignite, only if u realy need it, because i thing its uselesse on her

exaust, the same as ignite

forget all other
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shas ovior la
shas ovior la Evelynn Guide
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hybride evelyne

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