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League of Legends Build Guide Author leamese

I am Jax ~ Hybrid

leamese Last updated on April 7, 2011
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The Jax intro

Hi, and welcome to my jax Guide! Please read the guide first before just rating the build. Jax is my main champion for a very long time. He is my favorite champion because he can basicly take on everything and is a great carry! I play him as a full hybrid with more focus an AP. In the stats u will see that you do more physical than magic damage, but your burst comes from your AP (explained later). You may see yourself here as an awesome "caster dps". And Jax is like the best counter for any dps in a 1v1 fight but be carefull for ganks etc.

This guid is not a full guid but do contains some tips tricks to successfully play jax
+ Great burst
+ Great movement speed
+ Best dps vs dps & anti-squishy
+ Great escape / chaser

- Weak against CC
- Get focussed hard in teamfights

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Runes & Masteries


I like a nice balance on my hybrid jax, overall i found them pretty effective.
Jax has a very low basic attack speed so i added some in runes, also some ArP & mr pen marks.
for the seals obviously evasion! At the end you should have more then 20% dodge chance. None dps stands a chance. Glyphs i take AP/lvl. Funny thing is, i once played jax with my caster runes(most ap/lvl) and this worked actually pretty good. U can also play him with other runes, like full attack speed marks or ad/lvl or magic pen .. just what suits you best.


Defenatly take improved exaust! U need it to play vs a dps and if u improve it, it will lower their MR & armor by 10%! try and use it first in battle for maximum damage.
With most important Havoc: Increase damage And magic damage with 5%!!
In the defense tree a nice ballance with 2 points in MR? 2 in armor and ofcourse the much needed dodge and nimbleness!

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Summoner Spells


As explained most definitely needed.


My second spell. It makes a perfect getaway/chase and equally important to get kills. you are probably dominating your lane & if your enemy is low hp under turret recalling this is your sign. pop your ghost in bush empower/leap his *** and run away. You can also do this mid, when they are 1/2hp, again ghost in, empower/leap with gain an assist or kill and you'll be back in lane for your xp.
Other spells to take are Cleanse, Flash, maybe Ignite and very maybe an improved Rally(it is just vry hard to use).

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Understanding abilities

Jax's Passive:

Equipment Mastery - Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment:
Jax gains 3 health per point of Attack Damage received from items.
Jax gains 2 health per point of Ability Power received from items.
==> really important too pick your items! U can reach 3500+ HP just of your items

Leap Attack:

You jump on your target, including wards, dealing 50/75/100/125/150 damage to enemies. On mobafire it says different & on lol website its wrong too but it does scales like +1.1AD and +0.6AP in magic damage, u can see that clearly ingame.


this empowers your weapon dealing 75/110/145/180/215 (+?)(+0.4) magic damage.

Counter Strike:

When u dodge, u can activate this skill to stun surrounding enemy targets dealing nice amount of magic damage. This isn't called counter strike for nothing. (depending on who you lane against) You should play jax countering the enemy, when they use their abilities like zilian his bomb, then your time to empower leap his *** and run away safely.
When dodge is active: Leap attack, Instant Stun, 1 basic attack(sheen hit!) & empower. if u are lucky or u were building on your ult's passive, the second empower hit can proc with your third consecutive strike dealing insane damage:

Relentless Assault:

Jax gains Attack speed with each hit gaining 6%/10%/14% AS. Every third consecutive attack deals 140/170/210 (+0.7) bonus magic damage. Use this wisely! you can build this up on minions and deal the 3rd strike on the enemy champ, very enjoyable!
Active: For 5/6.5/8 seconds his Magic Resist is increased by 20/35/50 plus his Dodge percent totalling Magic Resist.

So you abilities scale very well with AP, your most damage should come out of your empower leap & that 3rd strike which is soooo devastating!
Trivia: Empower +-= the 3rd consecutive strike in damage.

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Start: Don't buy a Dorans item, it is such a waste on jax, delayes your build, cant build on it, cant buy any potions or wards But if you do, buy the sword, it will give you more HP then the shield anyway..
Real Start: boots, 2x hp pot & 1x mana pot. IF enemy has a jungle take boots, 1 hp pot and a ward for their blue. You can easely wait long enough and finish blue with empower leap, or if enemy is low enough, let him take the buff, kill him and steal it :). Countering jungle is very important! I really like the early movement speed to harass etc, but still personal preference.

2 Most important items for jax: Guinsoo's Rageblade & Hextech Gunblade.

You will have to experiment in which order you buy them. If you get some early kills u can go for insane ealry damage and buy your guinsoo first. Else buy your ninja tabi's(must have for jax)
Guinsoo explained: It synergies greatly with the passive of your ulti. With each ability Or basic attack you gain a stack. each stack gives you +8AP and +6% attack speed - stacks 8 times. Meaning you will gain +48 AP (free blasting wand & this stacks with your passive gaining 96HP in battle) and enough attack speed so u dont need an attack speed item early on (or never, u reach +2 AS at the end). If you play it well you should have your ninja tabi's and guinsoo @ 12 to 20mniutes Max.

Next/first item is the hextech, the other perfect weapon for jax. Jax Lives on spellvamp/lifesteal! Really, in battle you have more chance of surviving when u fight, also know when to go back and empower leap back in. each hit gives u(early game) +15 lifesteal and +30 spellvamp with your 3rd strike. i dont really know the numbers late game but i can say out of expierience it is massive. If you rush hextexh first u should have the Revolver and ninja tabis @lvl 6. After the hextech & guinsoo & maybe the sheen its time for the next item.

After your Rageblade & Gunblade u can start dealing insanly amount of damage, chose your battles wisely!

Next item

If you are suffering from CC, buy a banshees veil.
If they are heavy on magic(less cc) buy the Abysall scepter.
Ryaila's scepter makes chasing so much easier "stay here *****, hit hit HIT".
IF they are heavy on AD, buy the Atmas Impaler(sooner then expected but whatever)!
If everything goes smoothely, buy RABADONS DEATHCAP!! It will greatly increase your Damage AND HP, you will gain +300 hp from it!
If you think you are too low on AS buy Youmuu's Ghostblade. u do not need the AS all the time, So after your leap, activate it and Hello movement and attack speed! the little extra damage and CDR is vry welcome, spam your **** more + ArP against the tanky ones!
OR a phantom dancer, great attack speed, move speed and some nice extra critting.
U can also buy the Trinity Force, the 3rd and last full hybrid item. It kinda gives u everything u need: sheen, little slow, move speed, attackspeed etc.
To finish(with the main build), since you have 4000+ HP buy the atmas impaler and you will gain 80+ AD with its passive(+225HP with your passive) And this item gives u nice amount of armor which makes it easier to turret dive. By now you should be 1-shotting ashe who is stupid enough not to buy hitpoints :p.

You can probably think DUDE, no sheen in the build? i do have tested this and use it mostly in 3v3 but building the Hextech & Guinsoo first is more effective, buying the sheen After that doesnt give you that much bonus damage.

Can try...
also good items are: Void Staff, Last Whiperer, Madreds Bloodrazor
early pressure from AP? buy hexdrinker (lifesaver)
enemy stack a lot of MR? can try for Malady
Basicly any AD/AP weapon u can try on jax, but try and find a nice balance in them :). building into crit with jax? after guinsoo and hextech, combine phantom dancer & Infinity edge.
If you are basicly getting 1-shotted Buy guardian angel! and ask your team to do this too, so u have 5 champs reviving. pretty fun & mind****y :p
Want to test something crazy? buy a second Gunblade ^^

Guide Top


Laning: best laning partner for jax is Any support champ like zilian, soraka, taric, karma or some stunners. Also nunu is very effective and if you want to go for maximum burst damage, lane with Katarina(u will love it).

U lane best vs other melee's. play cautious against CC heavy enemies.

Always ward the map(Absolutely ward the bush in river), and have a good view on the minimap for possible ganks. You should dominate your lane, so they have to defend and you can go help in mid and be back in time for the xp.

NEVER initiate

a battle. your role in the game is to deal damage. if u initiate, they will focus you when you have done 1 empower leap.. wow. Just wait when your tank initiates, Wait untill the abilities of enemy and CC is done, then target the most squishy one. it should go well from there on.

I hope u will have a lot of fun with this. Any comments, suggestions, remarks are welcome & sry for my bad english. And if i got enough footage i will upload some epic moves on jax.

GL & HF!

The End