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Singed Build Guide by leamese

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leamese

Killer Chemtrails [Ranked]

leamese Last updated on January 15, 2012
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Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my Offtank Singed build!

You Will play singed as Second tank! U got a main tank in team like Mundo, Malhpite, Amumu and u will be second tank.

Current Masteries / Runes: i play now with my AP magic pen runes + Movement speed (really important!) and in my masteries i focus on Archaic Knowledge , Quickness and little Strength of spirit (u can take 3 in this and 2 in Quickness as well). Expanded Mind: more mana = more hp. U might can change the runes, but keep them AP based.

The movement speed is very important to engage a fight, get asap to their carries & support and that u always can run away / stay in front off battle.

Skill Sequence: Start with a fling for safety & if you get the chance fling them into your turret. Now max out poison first (most damage) and take fling when u can.

Summoner Spells: & ! When to use it?
1) DO NOT use it instantly, this is your escape mechanism together with ghost. For instance: U run into 3 enemies to poison / lure / take damage. once u will reach less then 50 hp they will keep focusing u because they think they can easily kill you. they will use their stuns etc on you, this is time to cleanse out & ghost away. By this time your team caught up on you, as a tanky champ u received damage and your team can finish off.
2) Enemy team has A support champ like Soraka, taric, sona. As they are behind enemy team its hard to get there. So, your tank and you are engaging / luring the fight(try to do this often with Singed, he is a great lurer! and assuming your team is behind u in a bush to back you gguys up.) they will again stun you so you wont reach the back and protect their support / AD carries. now INSTA press cleanse, Fling your target and run away (now your team should be fighting, so they cant focus you anymore as they have higher priority targets.) Well played.
Ghost: If your ulti is on cooldown, u can always use ghost as alternative.

If you die, no worries! you might have died, but most of their team should be dead. Win situation!

Remember Singed his passive: he gains 2.5 Hp for each 10 Mana. The longer the game continuous, the stronger u get!
ITEMS: Start with
=> : some mana for laning, +118HP, A part of your RoA.
=> : u need early movement speed so you can get in range for a Fling.
=> : BASIC item for offtank singed: Mana + HP, HP & AP!
=> : Another leet item for our offtank! More HP, AP & not to forget your spells will give a slow effect now! first your Fling will slow but more important you Poison will slow! Here is the genius part: With your awesome movement speed, your poison that is slowing they can never catch you up!! once they realize they cant chase you anymore (because of slow and you dealing massive damage with poison) you can counter attack and give a fling xD. now your mission is always keep running in front off them so they keep getting poisoned and slowed! they will get deoriented and hell maybe a teammate can come to secure another kill.
: Great stats & Blocks a spell
! !: I personally sugest this. increases damage by a lot!

I would be suprised if u even got this far. Before showing some "situational items" i must say the following: After u bought your Giants Belt for Rylais scepter and u die to quick in a teamfight, take a look @ Death Recap and buy either Armor Or Magic resist for later, THEN continue building Rylais.

Situational Items (for obvious reasons):
- : against dps heavy team.
: more Ap, some armor + the stasis.
: if they got too much casters + movement speed!
: A second cleanse & Get this if enemies has Malzahar! since u can not cleanse out his ultimate, u can use the quicksilver's active.
=> : More HP, armor(good vs dps & turrets) & not to forget +40dmg/second. poison + sunfire? **** yeah!
=> : Finally some MR against those nasty casters + some more AP for damage AND not to forget lowers enemy magic resist by 20. Now will not only your abilities do more damage But also your Sunfire Cape!

Laning: laning will go pretty slow against ranged AD & healers. You should end up with 0 deaths, if u cant do **** just hug your lovely turret :) and try to fling them in turret if possible. Best to lane is with some ranged in your team like teemo (double poison) or maybe a kata, has some range too. Singed is a teamfight person, your time will come!

Creeps in jungle: When u got some level u can pick up the Wraits or wolves by poison and fling the strongest one.

Playstyle - 1 more time -
I can't put focus on this enough. Make sure u are regrouped and be somewhere @ baron for instance. The tank and you check their jungle and teammates keep their distance. If you encounter them, The tank and you go in and the team should follow asap(within 4 to 10 seconds). You and the tank should Always focus enemy Support and Ranged AD!! as they heal / deal most damage. here is the funny part. Enemy team MUST focus you guys(yes pls focus us, the tanks <3) because you are hunting their most important sources! Meaning: they cant damage others of your team, Might be fleeing from your poison / fling while you team destroy's them.
IF INITIATE: => => run in & fling the right target. Don't always use fling when it's available! keep it sometimes untill a champ is trying to run away or when it benefits the team(fling enemy in the middle of our team). And don't forget to run away in time and maybe use cleanse.


The game is lost was actually a 4v5. the funny part is that we were pwning them until late game when they got all fed..

I will keep this guide up to date and any kind off feedback is welcome.

07/07/2011: With the latest nerf on Sunfire, this is still viable. But Randuim's Omen & Thornmail are good Alt's.
Edited Situational items.