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Skarner Build Guide by Gigglestorm

Other I guess it'll work

Other I guess it'll work

Updated on April 17, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gigglestorm Build Guide By Gigglestorm 3,045 Views 0 Comments
3,045 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gigglestorm Skarner Build Guide By Gigglestorm Updated on April 17, 2014
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Just so you know.

I'm no skarner expert not even close. I'll just be sharing how I like to play the fellow and backing up my choices...
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Well the build speaks for itself for the most part I do believe. Tanky with some decent damage output. Threw in both lifesteal and spell vamp because he can benefit quite healthily from both. Sunfire cape for my armor item for the dps since skarner is usually in the fray. Lich bane was chosen because skarner spams his abilities quite a bit so you'll get some solid use out of it's passive.
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The standard flash/ignite. I was thinking possibly changing the flash with ghost for my chase and escape and to go along with his w but the flash-ult is just so satisfying so I kept the regulars.
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Skill Sequence

I usually max my w first. Seeing as he's a tank I believe that to be the obvious choice. The other spells really you can do whatever you want with order wise.
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Armor and magic resist to supplement his tankiness. Help him sustain early game and get his brawl on late game.
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Well I went for the utility with the attack speed, move speed, and cdr and then just bolstered his defenses some more. 8-19-3
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God Mode Farmer Skarner... kill kill minions pew pew. Yah just kill the minions. It's not hard. You're skarner. You fight things. And win.
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Other Lane Stuff

Be patient. Early game you're not going to be doing too much in the way of killing. Wait until 6 and then you might be able to get someone to make a mistake too close to your tower and capitalize with a solid ult and some ability spamming beat down skarner style.
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Initiate. Protect. DESTROY..... capture the runaways. No surrender...
Think that about sums it up. Start the fight, protect your team, eat there carries, make sure no one escapes your scorpiony death.
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Watch out for getting kited. Your range.... (what range) Hit with yo e and chase with yo w if you must. But yeah if you get close try and land like all of your slows to keep it that way. If that's too much of a problem swap out the lich bane with an iceborn gauntlet. and proceed as you please.
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Yeah. Well those are just my two cents. I guess it'll work.
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