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Trundle Build Guide by RikkyBunnie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RikkyBunnie

I have to support? Looks like I'm playing Trundle... HUEHUE

RikkyBunnie Last updated on November 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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For us jerks out there that really hate supporting, I have a new way to play Trundle that fills the role of support but still gives you control. That way if some guy in ranked calls out "ADC or feed" (it happens), you still have control over the lane, even with a ****py ADC.

If you're like me, you check a guy's stats on Lolking right before a ranked match, that way you know what sort of gameplay to expect from your team. If I'm stuck with second to last pick and the last guys says he will adc or feed, leaving me in a support role, I usually don't complain... Until I check his stats. When you noticed he went 2/7/1 as Graves the last game, that's the time you support trundle.

"But Riky, support Trundle isn't even viable",
Actually Imaginary Counter Arguer Mark IV, support Trundle is one of the roles his move sets compliment most, and I'll explain exactly how.

Now, all of you reading this should grab your pen and paper and pay attention, Poppa is speaking.

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How is support Trundle even viable? Pros and Cons

Isn't it obvious? No?

Okay, looks like I gotta explain EVERYTHING.

Trundle's skill set compliments supporting to the fullest. EVERY SINGLE SKILL. His passive Decompose automatically gives Trundle amazing sustain. Basically, while your adc is racking up cs, you're healing. You can tank for days. Trundle's Q - Rabid Bite will actually DRAIN attack damage from your opponent's adc. Pretty much if you, the amazing Trundle, use your Rabid Bite on any enemy adc, they will lose AD, which will make a huge difference in early game skirmishes. Trundle's high damage mixed with ability to drain stats makes him a great support. Trundle's E - Contaminate will actually increase his attack speed, movement speed, and cc reduction, however it does not buff your adc. Despite this it's a handle tool for harassing your opposing lane. Trundle's E - Pillar of Filth creates a blockade that can slow and potentially lock your opponent in place. Meaning that if that ****py Corki tries running away from the fight, you stop him and bend him over. What you do next is up to you ;D

Lastly Trundle's ultimate Agony drains hp, armor and magic resist from the target, making him tankier and making the enemy weaker. Do I really have to explain how that will help against supports like Taric or Alistar in lane.

You will win ALL early game engagements so long as your ADC has the abilitly to auto attack and chase. You can also do a lot of other things with Trundle due to his great early game and his skill set. For example, if you're supporting and you're rocking the socks off of bot lane you can buy a Wriggle's Lantern and solo dragon at level 8 with 2 cs. I've done it before.

Trundle's abilities make him strong even without all the cs needed by other champions. So do it, try it, then come back after a win games and tell me how it worked for you. You can thank me when you come back.

Great sustain
Great damage
Good cc
Pretty strong early game
Can solo lane if need be
Doesn't need cs at all early game

Eventually even Trundle needs a little cs to keep his damage up
No stun
Takes skill to actually use moves correctly (sorry, he's not Darius)
Might steal a kill or two (He's too stronk)

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Now, screw all that nonsense about GP10 runes, not every support needs it. With as many assists you'll be getting there's no need for them. Keep your runes like how you would have them if you were playing Top or Jungle. The Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist will keep you from being a squish and the Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage will keep your damage super high all early game so you can take over if your adc turns out to not have any attack damage at all or if your adc turns out to be a complete idiot and has 18 ap as Graves starting off. You want to make sure you can cover for them in a bad situation.

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Set your masteries to compliment your runes. Damage and tankiness. The main objective in playing support Trundle is to drain the enemy stats, deal damage to them and then let your adc pick up a easy kill. I have my normal ad bruiser set of masteries listed above, use them and it WILL work.

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Okay, going about support Trundle, the build gets a little weird. You want to start out with Boots of Speed a sight ward and 1 Health Potion. The reason why you start these items is you're trying to make it a kill lane, and the best way to do that is to be quick and kill early. Your adc shouldn't be pushing the lane, if he's playing right, he'll be last hitting, meaning you won't have to use the ward until an appropriate time, try to time your ward right so that it's up when you're pushed. That way you're not wasting ward time with a enemy that's pushed and so you wouldn't be ganked in the first place.

After your first back, start working on your Philosopher's Stone this is really going to add to your sustain. It works well with Trundle's passive Decompose and will keep you alive all lane long. After that buy a Heart of Gold and follow it up with either a Avarice Blade for more gold or a Vampiric Scepter for sustain if you're already wrecking bot lane. Most of you will get a Vampiric Scepter.
After these items, laning phase should be over and it should be mid game, meaning that you no longer have to hold your adc's hand. Feel free to farm, finish your boots, and build up on your current items. Normal supports go for auras but at this point you're no longer supporting. Go ahead and buy attack damage and attack speed for Trundle and hit them hard. Feel free to build your Trundle like your adc or your jungler, it doesn't matter. Personally I like going with a The Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer then mix in a little armor and hp for tankiness. If you're losing, everybody needs cs; if you're winning, then nobody is in a rush to get cs. Either way to maintain your effectiveness, you're going to need cs. Just make sure you don't interrupt your adc's cs. Take jungle if nobody is getting it. Your massive amount of assists at this point will help you out too. You do not need a lot of gold as Trundle. Lots of gold is an option only if you want to carry, if not, build like a normal support. You should only need around 50 cs which most supports have when a game lasts 40 or so minutes.


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Skill Sequence

Get your Rabid Bite first and max it first. Max Contaminate second, and Pillar of Filth last. Your pillar is used maybe twice at the most per fight, don't max it first. I've already explained how the moves work.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is great for keeping your adc alive when you're being chased and for winning fights
Ignite is not so good as you'll ks your adc a lot more than you want
Heal I personally don't like this move, it feels so noob. But still effective for supporting regardless.
Flash will save your life, also you can "troll" *wink wink your enemies hard with it.

Anything else doesn't work as well with Trundle and I wouldn't recommend it. Actually scratch that; if you choose ANYTHING ELSE and I see you in a game, I'll ensure that you'll never want to play League again in your life!!!

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How to play support(ish) Trundle; some tips and tricks

Early game you're still as strong as you would if you jungled. If you're on the purple team, feel free to start at the enemy wraith camp. Sometimes I even take their red and then go to bottom lane. It's all up to you and how big your balls are. If you're on blue, you can at least help your adc get the golems before laning starts. Basically make the most out of your strong early game.

Play aggressive, you're strong early and being a little wimp isn't going to help.


when you're in a fight and you're winning, do not use your Pillar of Filth until you see the enemy carry or support running away. Using it anytime before they run is pointless.


You can stop Corki's jump and block Flashes if you time your Pillar of Filth right. Use it to your advantage.


Don't be afraid to take some hits, as long as your ADC is killing minions you will heal. Your passive Decompose is your best friend.

You can counter jungle, if you're bored in lane (I hate playing bot lane because it's so boring) and you can't find a kill opportunity, go to the jungle and kill some minions real quick. You can hop into the enemy's blue camp and clear that out if he's ganking top for example.

Oh yeah, one last thing;

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Alright so that's it about support Trundle, you really have to try it out to see the effect for yourself. You can carry with support Trundle if you need to so if your ADC is bad, still help him out, just make sure you can carry him. It takes a little practice, but you can turn any lane into an easy one with support Trundle. Try it out and get back to me letting me know if you like it or not. Again, do not judge the build unless you try it first. Give it a chance.

Wait, this just in, there's a champion named Karma? Well, at least she's not your support.

Thanks kids, and don't forget to ward or I'll eat your souls.