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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shiken


Shiken Last updated on August 21, 2010
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So, here is my two main Rammus builds.

As for the masteries and runes, these are just what I currently use, any advice on them would be appreciated. For the Spells, I take Fortify mostly because nobody else usually does, and also for epic taunt and fort kills. Exhaust is, well, exhaust.

Build 2 is your standard tank sunfire Rammus. Clearly not anything original, but that's a good simple build with nice survivability.

Build 1 is how I find myself building Rammus these days, after trying out******ed-rammus-ap-build-11480 's build. At first it was a joke to build AP on rammus, but after actually trying it, well, all of his abilities use AP rather than AD, (which makes his passive kind of ******ed in hindsight) and since we have a few good items that provide ap and tank stats, it actually works rather well.

So let's go over it a little bit. You all know how his skills work so I won't restate them here, but rather I'll say whats different.

Powerball - with the added AP, you'll find yourself using this for more than just the mobility. mid to late game, using this can wipe an entire creep wave sans the high hp one, and deal some actual damage to players.

Defense Curl - In a standard tank build you pretty much only use this move for the defense bonus, and let your thornmail do the actual damage. with an AP build, however, the move itself provides pretty decent damage, definitely enough for creep farming, coupled with its low mana cost makes it great for that purpose. pairing a thornmail along with an AP build could be worth investigating.

Taunt- nothing new here. youll probably wait a little longer to max this than with a tank build in favor of your other skills.

Tremors - here's where the AP really starts shining. without AP tremors is a minor annoyance, you might barely 1v1 someone lategame if you use it along with your sunfires, but with the AP build, you'll see some serious damage coming from this move, I've noticed up to double the damage without AP as a rough estimate.

Now for the item choices, i usually start the game with rej. bead and a few a pots. you wont notice a huge benifet from having this, so if you'd rather wait on it, you could get either your shoes, or an amplifying tome for a little extra early damage. whichever item you pick first, work towards a warden mail first, as this makes you much tougher to kill and is a very cheap item. Next we're gonna work on some hp and AP, and rod of the ages, while a ltitle expensive, is the best way to go about that, and the sooner you buy it, the sooner its bonus can start stacking up, as it takes a whole 15 minutes to reach its max. after that, you should complete your randuins for the extra surviveability, and its awesome active for teamfights. If you're running a 3v3, this may be as far as you get into the build, which is sad cause this is where it starts to get fun. pick up a frozen heart for the armor and CD reduction, and it should be around this point that no one wants to mess with you, sometimes even 2v1. Grab deathfire next for more ap, even further reduced CD, and the active for taking out the other team's tanks. Finally we have lichbane, mostly just for a "why not?" at this point. once you have at least sheen, you should probably initiate with taunt, and hit powerball immediatly for the bonus damage on it. Honestly there may be a better choice for the 6th item, but with this build I've never made it to the 6th item =(

Well so there you have it, the unorthodox, yet still effective rammus build. I put build 2 in here, even though I'm sure it's identical to plenty other builds, so you can see the stats side by side. If you think that running AP makes rammus too squishy, compare the numbers. You sacrifice a small chunk of defense, but the end hp is almost the same, but your ability to kill is much higher. Comments and criticism welcome, and a thanks to Arkvoid8 for making me try AP rammus in the first place.