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Lissandra Build Guide by Voosha

AP Carry Ice Ice Baby:Voosha's Challenger Lissandra Guide to Twisted

AP Carry Ice Ice Baby:Voosha's Challenger Lissandra Guide to Twisted

Updated on December 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Build Guide By Voosha 20 0 419,998 Views 30 Comments
20 0 419,998 Views 30 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Lissandra Build Guide By Voosha Updated on December 10, 2013
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herro i am voosha

Hello I am Voosha. I am currently in one of the top 10 3v3 challenger teams (currently ranked 2nd but that can change at any point). I am co-writing this guide with my teammate Drive. We play 3vs3 religiously and are very familiar with every aspect there is to it.
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Differences between Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline for Lissandra

The playstyle for Lissandra in both Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline is similar in the aspect that she is a strong AP carry champion who can nuke carries and shred tanks.

Lissandra in Summoner’s Rift is basically used to lock down a target and keep them out of the fight. She has very strong aoe damage and another goal of Lissandra is the burst someone down from 100% to 0% as quickly as possible.

Lissandra in Twisted Treeline is played similarly to Summoner’s Rift. She is considered a very strong pick due to her strong wave clear and the pressure she can put on both lanes due to her Glacial Path ability. She can go through walls for surprise ganks and catch people out if they're not paying attention. She also brings lots to a teamfight because she can quickly turn a 3v3 team fight into a 3v2 due to her insane burst damage. Her spells also make her a formidable kiter which can be essential when fighting people who can stick onto carries. (ex. Tryndamere, Lee Sin, Singed) You can support your teammates with the slow from Ice Shard and freeze them in place with Ring of Frost.
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Champions and Team Comp good with Lissandra

Champions that synergize well with Lissandra are champions that can dive with her and create distractions while she kills one of the three opponents. She works incredibly well with junglers who do a lot of invading because of her pushing potential and her ability to turn around small skirmishes early on.

Some teamcomps that work great with Lissandra are:

Renekton is a good laner like Lissandra and can create a lot of pressure in the lanes early on which can lead to early invades with strong junglers such as Jarvan who excel at level 2 fights. This team comp also does extremely well in teamfights because of the insane amounts of AOE they can create.

This comp is for protecting the ADC and is also used to create a massive diversion for Lissandra to go burst a champion. The general playstyle for this team comp is to get into as many skirmishes as possible to get one of the carries fed enough to destroy the enemy team. In teamfights, Lissandra typically goes for the enemy squishies or if there is none then she peels for Vayne along with Jarvan.
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Summoner Spells, Masteries, Runes, Abilities

Summoner Spells

Only take exhaust if the enemies have large amounts of burst or have a large amount of dps (vayne, Quinn, ezreal). Ignite is really strong as it grants lots of early damage in trades and can be a great finisher after a combo because of the amount of true damage it does. Flash is essential for Lissandra because it can be combo’d on top of the E for escapes or catches.


I take Spell Weaving over Double-Edged Sword because you should be landing auto attacks within your fights anyways, so it'll provide even more damage that the sword mastery and you won't take the extra damage. It only takes 2 auto attacks for it to be more worth it.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

I enjoy running magic pen reds, armor yellows, and ability power blues and quintessences because of the added damage and penetration and also the extra armor which can make Lissandra deceptively tanky. I take FLAT AP blues because Twisted Treeline is centered around small skirmishes early on so if I take scaling ones I may be losing out on early damage which may be needed to finish off an opponent.
If the enemy team is based around AP damage you can switch out the Greater Glyph of Ability Power for Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(scaling or flat) so you can have an easier time surviving the burst.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the optimal skill order for Lissandra because her main damaging and wave clearing ability is Ice Shard. After maxing Ice Shard, the skill order is followed by maxing Ring of Frost for the added AOE damage and an extra 0.1 second of snare every level. I max W over E because I usually do not use my E offensively as a damaging ability but instead as an escape or gap closer. I also believe W is superior because it is an AOE ring around Lissandra instead of just in front of Lissandra.
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What to build on Lissandra

Essential items

Doran's Ring This item is cost-efficient as it provides a vast amount of hp for early game and a nice bit of damage. Having 2 of these at the start of the game can bring you an early lead in stats against an enemy who does not have these items.

Crystalline Flask An alternative to one of the Dorans, only build this item if you believe you will be turtling at tower against a 2v1 or if you feel you do not have enough mana regen for laning phase. This is mostly personal preference and playstyle.

Wooglet's Witchcap One of the most important items for AP carries on this map because of its ability to give you invulnerability and stats for offensive and defensive play. It also works great for the many bruisers that are played on this map because of the armor it provides.

Sorcerer's Shoes Another important item because it is one of the best types of boots for Lissandra. I say this because it movement speed for kiting and also chasing and it provides magic penetration for more damage as well.

Blackfire Torch Excellent item for Lissandra because of the damage it provides on the active. After a combo starting with the active of this item and a full combo, an enemy will be killed for sure (sometimes not if a too tanky).
Optional items

Abyssal Mask Great item against teams with lots of magic damage as it provides lots of defense and some offense due to it’s magic resist lowering passive and also the extra AP.

Void Staff I generally build this item a lot since many teams build lots of magic-resist when they play against a Lissandra because of her ability to do tons of damage. This item is one of the main items that I build only if they build magic resist but in some cases they will decide to go all out damage.

Liandry's Anguish This is another item built for it’s magic penetration. This item is unique because of it’s passive which deals damage based on the enemies current health. This is good for shredding champions with lots of health.

Moonflair Spellblade Only build this if there are lots of CC on the other team.
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General Lissandra techniques and combos

The blue lines represent areas where you can jump over with Glacial Path. These are simple jumps and you just need to activate your ability again before your claw reaches the point.

The red lines represent areas where a special angle is needed to jump over. You should practice these jumps in a game by yourself to get the timing and angle correct.

As Lissandra, you can literally jump every wall at almost every angle. Some you may not because the range is not far enough so only these ones require the maximum range.

Nuking Combo Variations

One of the usual combos is:

Glacial Path => Flash in if needed=> Blackfire Torch=> Frozen Tomb on an enemy => Ice Shard => Ring of Frost => Wooglet's Witchcap

This is one of the main combos because it outputs the most damage and is really reliable because it can kill every squishy even if they cleanse/ qss the ulti because the damage still goes off. If you somehow get focused as you are killing one of the enemies, remember to use Wooglet's Witchcap immediately.

Another combo is:

Glacial Path=> Ice Shard=> Ring of Frost => Frozen Tomb yourself

This combo is usually used if you see an opportunity to do massive AOE damage on all of the enemies or a majority of the enemies. This allows for your team to cleanup because usually if you hit all your spells it will put the enemies below 50% hp.
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Early Game

At level one you should go out and watch with your team in case of an invade and go back for a pot at 1:02.

This is the optimal spot where you can stand to buy an extra pot if you're going bot lane.

After getting a pot, you should leash for your jungler at wraiths by throwing a Ice Shard over the wall and damaging all the creeps. This gives your jungle optimal clear time and also the chance to win the race to the health relic in the middle of the map.

After shoving the wave really hard with Ice Shard you should pick up W if your jungler wants to invade and kill the enemy jungler while he/she is farming the jungle. Grabbing W allows you to CC the enemy and let your team attack the enemy to pop a flash/ grab a kill. The best case scenario is if the jungler is pushed back to base at 3:00 because it gives you the double altar buff which is a power spike in damage early on.

Mid Game

Mid game usually begins when most people have level 6, this is time where teams coordinate dives and also attempt to gain control of the game. After you hit 6 as Lissandra, you should be telling your team to group in order to catch one of the enemies. Catching one of the enemies may result in a tower shove or more kills if the enemy team decides to turn on a 2v3. Try and use your E and flash combo as an element of surprise because no one will expect the distance you will cover.
If your team is behind at this time, try and catch up in levels and then fight them if they are not doing anything with their lead when you do catch up.

End Game

Endgame is where most of the crucial team fights begin and where Lissandra strives. At this point of the game if any of the carries show up on the map just use the nuking combo to get a catch. Catching people multiple times can result in a win for your team.
Team Fights

In teamfights you should just go for the enemy carry with a combo while your team fights the other 2 people. Nuking the enemy carry makes the fight in your team’s favor since it is a 2v3 and the enemy team also lose a lot of damage since it is their carry.
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Here is a video of my friend fooling around with Lissandra in a Diamond 3v3 game. This will give you an idea of roughly what to do during team fights and how to play Lissandra in general.

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