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Draven General Guide by louinja

AD Carry If Draven does it, its not kill stealing

AD Carry If Draven does it, its not kill stealing

Updated on August 23, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author louinja Build Guide By louinja 4,636 Views 1 Comments
4,636 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author louinja Draven Build Guide By louinja Updated on August 23, 2014
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    Snowballin machine


If you expected statistics and stuff then get disappointed. To cbbs to do that trash. I mostly made this page because there are too many Dravens who play the same. I beg the differ. I hate to think everyone makes ADC do heaps of damage. If that was true then why the hell would people play stuff like riven top when they dont even bother getting defense?
As a tank you shouldnt go all tank and do no damage, so the same applies to ADC. You should not go all damage when you can get stomped on. My favorite line to explain my way of adc is "not tanky enough to stay in the front but enough to help you live long enough to do damage".
I normally get tanky as the 3rd/4th item on my list but if top and mid snowball hard then I go tanky arounf 5th/6th. Revolve the build around the dominance of each lane. Draven cannot do well if his behind. If you feed the enemy adc hard then its not a good thing. He doesnt do well behind. His passive is there so if his behind, he can make up for it in gold.
Enough with this, feel free to read my other **** too.
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Why the minor tank page?

Alot of draven mains will say against this build. This is my build and it works for me. I used it to get out of bronze and into silver 1 which I then advanced to gold 5 (the amount of trolls I still get are unreal, Gold 5 is my best achievement so far).
If draven isnt doing enough damage and getting deleted of the battle, most of the time team matches wont go well. Instead of getting more damage straight away, I get slightly tanky. Not enough to soak up damage (as the top should) but to survive long enough to absolutely wreck the enemies faces. Also, it helps if you can blow all their assassins kit so you can absolutely shrek them to pieces.
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Dravens kit

Remember how to play draven. Most of your damage will come from you juggling your axes. If you cant juggle your axes then go play cait or quinn because they are also good. I play draven mostly for the looks but I really want to prove that you can both look good and be good at the same time.
Axes will refresh your blood rush's cooldown. Blood rush does not stack so if you rape the w button in a trade you may win in damage but your mana will be so low that the next trade probably wont go that well.
Stand aside is mostly for positioning the enemy. As an adc you do not wanna be in the front. You will get shreked fast. Stand aside splits both ways so isolating a target from thier team can leave them completly vulnerable for your teammates kit.
In a team fight you should consider using your ulti first. Although it is fun having a person think they are safe then your whirling death comes in and breaks thier hope and dreams, reconsider.
If you can get the axes to hit them going forward and return you will CHUCK heaps from squishy targets. Depending on thier health they may choose to back off or risk a pentakill on the pro draven (it has happend to twice since the beginning of season 4).
Also the same applies to your E. If you can stun them for the 0.5 seconds, your team can do quite the damages on them. By the time the group fight is over, you probably will have it in around 4 secs. At this point it should be clear who won that trade so you can use it to disengage or to once again go in.
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If you came to THIS build page expecting it to be meta then get disappointed. My Draven play style is not like most. I appreciate life. I dont build full damage so I can go high risk, high reward. If I wanted to do that I would go mid. I truly believe with my Gold 5 heart that a good adc doesnt just do damage but can survive while everyone is doing damage.
This doesnt mean that I prefer hardcore defense on my carry but once I get one or two strong damage sources (it doesnt have to be full item) I wanna stay alive as much as possible.

Some people call me Genja because I suck and not stick to the meta.
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"Splt pushing draven"

Everyone is at mid? lets push bot!
If everyone in youre team is ahead, objectives are probably more important than diving. If heroes of the storm or even dota told me anything, objectives are key. If you can get youre team to keep your enemies away from thier towers, destroy them. They will respawn but thier towers cannot. If you set the flow of the game to youre way then you can drive them into chaos.
If the game is even or if you are losing slightly I advise against this. You're only escape is you're E and W, which you cannot always rely on. You will only get them more fed and you will lose alot harder.
At around the 9:45 mark you will know whether you are ahead or behind. If you are ahead then I find this a more peaceful way. If youre teammates are going in, show your map dominance and throw them a bone (otherwise known as the whirling death - le ulti)
Buy heaps of pinks and USE THEM. If you have sight coverage of the lane you push then it will make it easier for you to escape. The main point I make is to use your pinks. The battles of vision can get extreme. If you keep spamming le pinks then split pushing is even easier because you have a secret place to TP and take them from behind.

Teamfights? It will be obvious if they DO need you in a teamfight after a small trade. While split pushing, catching axes wasnt important because of all your passives doing better with your w than q. However, **** those terms. In teamfights, you're catching your axes like a normal draven would.
The passives though (if you were splitpushing right, you would have tons of cs and could afford a runaans and statk shiv) are the key to the fight. You will be doing more AOE CC damage with the items and youre E.
Juggle youre axes against the tank or assasin. These will 80% chance hit thier adc and support as well. If you can take THIER CC away then YOUR CC will be so much much more effective. Keep classy with your draven rotations though, Draven does it all with style.
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"Snowballing Machine"

This build is more designed for early game. My builds normally have the early game **** and relies on a gank or a slip from the team to get started. However, youre jungler might DC or you might not be as pro as the enemies Twitch or Varus or whatever.
I like this build against people who scale more into the late game. If you can shut them down for the first 6 minutes then 9/10 times they will be out for the count (hopefully they dont roam mid or your support doesnt feed, that normally gets them back into the game - unless of course they die and 10/10 they are out for the count an rely on team fights mid game).
This is more Meta than MY "meta" page. This is the type of style heaps of people life thier ADC's on. It does work but if you get **** on early game then you're the one who will get ****ed in the *******.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author louinja
louinja Draven Guide
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If Draven does it, its not kill stealing

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