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Sona Build Guide by King Perry

Support If you player her right you should never lose. SONA!

Support If you player her right you should never lose. SONA!

Updated on October 15, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Perry Build Guide By King Perry 0 6 5,088 Views 9 Comments
0 6 5,088 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Perry Sona Build Guide By King Perry Updated on October 15, 2013
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Welcome to my Sona guide. I main supp that is all I really play as I enjoy the feeling of helping the entire team and being involved in every team fight. Because of this Sona is by far my fav supp. She in my opinion as I am sure along with many other people is the most balanced supp in the game. Her Ulti has heavy CC, her Q does massive poke damage early and boosts attack damage of surrounding allies, her W heals, and her E adds a speed boost. I will get into the power chord passives later in the guide. Overall in my opinion if played right early to late this is by far the most OP supp in the game. While people may disagree with me, I would like to point out she is one of the most picked supp in competitive play and overall a well rounded supp that fits well into any team comp.
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early game harrass is insane (gotta love that Q proc)
her W gives lane sustain
her E will give a much needed small speed boost to ADC during ganks
Her ULTI is super OP


Very Squishy Early
no early escapes
if focused she is dead
laning requires use of pinks and side brush control
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On my Sona I do kind of a wierd Rune set up. I play a full utility supp and because of this my runes may be a bit wierd to some people.

I go straight reds and yellows to make me much harder to kill early. Remember she is very squishy and champs like and or any ADC with poke for that matter can poke her down from distance. This is why keeping side brush control along with river and taking armor runes helps her early. I take blues cause along with a fairy charm this makes your poke potential high without fear of running out of mana. My QUINTS are the normal GP10 every supp should take. seriously take and buy wards save your team the frustration of havign to tell you to ward. Remember supp players dont get alot of gold so and GP10 items are very important since you need to buy atleast 2/3 wards every back regardless of .

Other Options:


Good for a more AP minded supp

Good to up inital starting health at lvl 1. x9
Good to increase early poke when used with Q passive.


Honestly this is in one of my runes pages for . If you are facing a shaco or a stealth champ and you know you will need alot of take these and spam pinks.

If you want my honest opinion..... this is the only replacment for


Good on any supp who likes to play like scumbag krepo and build AP on their supp. :)

On one of my supp rune builds that i personally use...... good for Q and W spam.

If you are new Sona player this is your best bet, it will scale into late game for you, and is good if you have trouble knowing when to harrass and get harrassed a bit yourself.
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I go heavy utility 5/3/22

5 in offence on Sona but why?

gives you CDR and is good for early engages and kill securing. Plus the passive is perfect on


always good to have health regen early in lane.


Must haves:

and are a must for any ranged supp in lane. For additional gold starting out to buy wards put points in , and increased GP10 with . Also auto attack harrass safely as much as you can to proc your for increased gold.

and are important for early scout warding and a free health and mana regen item.

is a requirment for any supp player for its CDR, this plus gives you an aditional 10% CDR starting out for Q and W spam.
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The first thing I will be talking about is the most important thing any supp should remember and do. Please for the love of God...... WARD! Seriously if you are backing without enough gold for what you are going to buy plus 2/3 wards do not buy the item you want, buy the wards. Never be afraid to back and buy 's to clear river and side brush for lane dominance. Your job is to keep vision control in lane and keep your ADC alive. No vision = DEAD ADC!!! If your river gets cleared base and buy a and reclaim brush dominance.


-always tell your ADC when you are leaving lane so they can play passive.
-everytime you base you should atleast buy 2 sight ward's. Please remember that is the minimum you should come back with.
- even if you have completed and have an every back you should buy a minimum of 1 and 1 sight ward.

Now on to the rest of this Items section:

I always get a plus one and two sight ward's to start off. I also get 2 's since after level 2 I can heal with my W. I keep an eye on my lane early to see when a ward is close to going out and I base and buy a replacment.

Frome here my next item is a philosopher's stone I wait till I have about 700 gold and base to buy philosopher's stone and wards for lane control. On my next back my goal is a and . from here just focus on finishing your and .



Well this is a personal pref of mine. I like to get around the map very quickly to help out mid to late game and help me do this. I am a firm believer in being supp means mid to late supporting everyone as much as possible. If you feel your mobility is fine get this is still very viable.


sight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight wardsight ward FFS JUST sight ward! <3
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Skill Sequence

Early game poke combo.

Remember her Q passive is OP. So early dont be afraid to in fountain stack before going to lane, then auto attacking the adc use ----> ----> then auto attack again. The damage you will put out is insane!

This is her basic poke combo.

Wait for passive to proc:

auto attack -> -> auto attack.

PLease note should be your first leveled up skill followed by 2nd. Always max last since it is not so important till late game and used with

The fun part....... YOUR ULTI!

This skill can take an even team fight and in one button press ace a team. A few tips.

-Early you can be liberal with to secure kills in lane. But mid to late only use it if you can get a minimum of 2 enemy champs inside your , your goal is the most amazing and destructive 5 man team fight . Rarely use to pick someone out. I only use to pick someone out when there are no open objectives on the map and wont be for a while. But if Dragon or Baron are up save for the team fight.

Also always spam and in team fights and save for a chase.
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Power Chrod Passives

If you are able to use your power chord correctly you will be a very OP Sona player. Here I will break them down for you. All of these stats are based off lvl 1 and lvl 18.

Your makes it so after 3 spell casts your next basic attack will do extra damage plus an additional ability depending on which spell was last used. I will explain below.


LVL 1:
proc + = next basic attack does base AD + 26(magic damage) additional damage double the normal bonus AD.

LVL 18:
proc + = next basic attack does base AD + 384(magic damage) additional damage double the normal bonus damage.


LVL 1:
proc + = next basic attack does base AD + 13(magic damage) and decreases the damage of the enemy hit by 20% for 3 secs.

LVL 18:
proc + = next basic attack does base AD + 192(magic damage) and decreases the damage of the enemy hit by 20% for 3 secs.


LVL 1:
proc + = next basic attack does base AD + 13(magic damage) and slows the targets movement speed by 40% for 2 secs.

LVL 18:
proc + = next basic attack does base AD + 192(magic damage) and slows the targets movement speed by 40% for 2 secs.
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My picks:

you dont have an escape..... get it! plus + onto a backline in a team fight usually means a win regarding the team fight.

my personal fav. since it makes it easier to secure a lvl 1 or 2 lane kill to snowball your lane. this is best for aggressive supp players and should be avoided if you are a passive player.

Good for passive supp players as it gives a way to slow an enemy chasing for a kill as well as slow a fleeing enemy to give your ADC time to kill them.

People hate on this ability but if you are a massive utility passive supp and know the basic average clear speeds of a jungle this is good to watch for ganks in other lanes. People might hate on you in champ select...... but you know what..... haters gonna hate.
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Ward tips and tricks.

There is alot to go over when it comes to warding in game since it is mostly situational. The thing to remember is to keep vision on active areas of the map. If they are invading red side alot.... ward it. If you sense a baron or dragon dance comeing up ward the entrances around these objectives. The key here is thinking of what there jungle or there team is about to do and making a decision... Always remember to keep a few wards on you at all times incase they group up away from your wards.

For a more indepth guide I recomend looking at this guide by LiQuiD112 regarding proper warding strats:
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Most important things to remember.... other than warding.... seriously.....

If you get frustrated as a supp at your team remember a few things.

1. You are the supp because of this people will not flame you as hard..... unless you dont ward. Because of this people tend to listen to you when you give advice or tell people to relax. The key here is to stay calm and try and keep your team calm also.

2. Always communicate with your team. You honestly have alot less to deal with in lane since you dont have to last hit or focus on trading. If you are good enough and can remember buff timers do so. Always tell your jungle if your lane is warded and always tell him when you have cleared a brush for a gank. If you see an enemy leave another lane like mid or top alert your team with a missing enemy ping in that lane.

3. Always ask your mid if they need help if your ADC backs to buy. Early on with the turret buffs pre 8 min. I find if my adc backs i have a min. or so to roam while they buy. I will usually heal jungle while they clear from a distance to not take xp, or run up to heal my mid laner. People will love you for this.

4. If your ADC does something stupid or does not follow up with you with lets say a do not rage at them. This will not fix the situation it will only make it worse. The best thing to do is politely say something to the extent of:

"Hey man next time I will ping so you dont miss that ulti follow up."

"Next time I need you to follow up on that ulti if you could, I honestly should have pinged to make it more clear. But I will next time."

"Hey got a little greedy on that tower dive lol. Lets avoid that going on pls. :)"

"hey next time I ulti I will ping so when I ping keep and eye out for an engage incoming."

"when I ping minimap guys I am doing it to warn you of a dangerous situation please keep an eye on the minimap and my pings. :)"

"Hey top you are falling quite far behind in lane and feeding a bit, try and farm under tower. And jugnle can you babysit top to try and even the lane out?"
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Please leave a comment on an area I can improve, and please remember. it is just a game, so have fun playing it. :)
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