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Illaoi Build Guide by ImplosionPro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImplosionPro

Illaoi: The Chosen of Nagakaborous

ImplosionPro Last updated on June 26, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Illaoi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Warwick Just like the Warwick rework, this section is a work in progress, it should be done within the week.
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Why you should/could/maybe shouldn't/probably shouldn't/Definitely Won't TR

I'm not a challenger, I'm not a master, diamond, or platinum. I'm a player who doesn't enjoy ranked, but loves skull crushing in normal games. The only reason you have to believe this guide is good, is the extensive amount of information in it (and math, but I"m trying to keep that to a minimum). Seriously, I"m trying to beat Vapora Dark's guide to Talon, and I think that given 10 years, I probably will.

This guide has a ton of information in it, way too much to remember for your first game. So just stick with the basics section towards the bottom if you just want to skim. If you want the whole package, keep reading.

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Pre-Laning with Illaoi and Tentacle Spawning

THIS BATTLE IS WON BEFORE MINIONS EVEN SPAWN. This section is simple. Illaoi's passive spawns tentacles periodically, so to maximize this, just like a Heimerdinger, set up your tentacles. Walk around. Try to spawn the first one on your tower, and then branch out from there. Every tentacle you spawn now is one more safety net you have when an enemy comes after you.

As far as Illaoi and you are concerned, everywhere there is a tentacle is a spot where you will win the battle. Hug your tentacles and spawn as many as possible as often as you can. If the enemy destroys the first one before going in on you, retreat to the next one. Or if you are playing wiht next level strats, have your passive up when they destroy the first tentacle and engage on you. Laugh as you spawn another tentacle and win the fight because the enemy can't beat you and the arm of your great god friend Nagakaborous.

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Illaoi Laning and Mind Games

Alright so minions are here. My opponent is as well. What should I do?

Step one:

See above for how the match-up goes and some advice on tricks to use and traps to stay away from.

Step two:


After those first seven CS, you are now level two and its time to actually play. Grab a point in your E. Stay near a tentacle you have spawned and try to CS as much as possible. Illaoi scales with levels more than almost any other champion. Every level represents a boost of 12-18 damage on each tentacle smash due to your base AD growth. Each level is huge and every one vastly increases your power.

Additionally your pull is your life. It is why Illaoi is amazing and why you are always relevant. If you hit it you can get free damage on the enemy, multiply your DPS against them, heal your self because grasp procs on enemy spirit's, and turn them into a vessel to spawn more tentacles than you ever could.

If you enemy gives you a clear shot or tries to engage on you. Pull them. AA the spirit and line up a Q to hit the enemy and the spirit. If the enemy is running, keep hitting the spirit, if the enemy perseveres, punish them with some of the combos listed below, unless they can out trade you, then be careful.

Step three:

What if my enemy is harassing me? Stay safe under tower, not once you get low, but as soon as you know you can't out-trade them. CS as much as possible, very few champions scale better than you, and Illaoi is the team fighting and sieging juggarnaut, so not killing your opponent in lane happens. Just make sure you CS and get you black cleaver and Steraks and your levels. These items keep you relevant throughout the game. Plus, if you pull the enemy spirit under tower, your tower will help you kill it, ensuring lots of tentacles spawning and some breathing room. If you die once. Be careful your mid to late game is where you win, and you need to be in lane as much as possible early to keep those levels up.

Step four:

These are your mind games. The enemy knows you have a pull, and they don't want to get hit by it. So save it for when you know you can hit. It takes a little practice, but its easy to land once you know what you're doing. Alternatively, don't use your pull, take the CS in the lane and zone your enemies like Blitz does. They don't want to get pulled and will usually sacrifice CS and lane pressure to avoid getting hit.

However some people are stupid. They will go in on you while you have pull (looking at you riven) Pull them near a tentacle. W the spirit, it is guaranteed damage and more often than not the enemy will walk into the accompanying smash of the wall tentacle. Then Q the spirit. Most enemies can't take this harass and will leave you alone. Some stick around to die. Kill them, its free gold. Some will just tank it and keep coming. Walk away form the spirit. You already go the damage you want and you skills are on cool down, there' no need to let them just attack you for free, that's your job.

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I Hit 6 am I Now a God?

Nope, sorry not yet. Nagakaborous is a god. You are just his Chosen One. Your ult is very interesting. If you have a spirit pulled, not only will it spawn an extra tentacle form your ult, but all tentacles spawned by your ult will instantly whack it, if the enemy engaged on you, they will usually get hit too. Your ult makes a limited amount of ground yours for just a little while. Enemies standing on it should be punished accordingly.

My personal favorite thing to do at 6, is push my lane. Push it with my Q and W and save my E and Ult for when the Jungler comes to help. when they do, I pull somebody. YOU MUST LAND THE PULL FOR THIS TO WORK. if you landed your pull and both enemies engage you, ult. You get one tentacle for each champion or spirit hit so usually three. The following tentacle slams will chunk you enemies and heal you. Throw a W, slam the tentacles again. Throw your Q and W as they come off cooldown, enjoy the destruction and the pleasant sound of the announcer saying "double kill".

Sometimes enemies think their six is stronger than yours. If they engage on you, you know the drill. Pull them, W something throw a Q. If they are particularly stupid you can ult them and the spirit and they will suddenly realize that you have the stronger 6.

Some enemies are content to let you push the lane. Take the free CS and don't try to kill them under tower. Get you gold, your levels, and you items, and when the time is right, go set up shop some place else on the rift. Like right in front of mid turret.