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Caitlyn Build Guide by Skullripper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skullripper

Impossible damage caitlyn

Skullripper Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 6

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Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover.

This champion is my main and I maximized it's build.
With this build, you can get crits of around 1300-1500 damage!
And that's not all, you shoot fast, so you're very deadly.
Also, you've got lifesteal for fast recovery and as a small counter for players with thornmail.

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for runes I take a lot of attack damage. This way i deal more damage and even though you shoot slower, you still do more damage.

Marks are all attack damage +0.95 damage per rune.
Seals are all attack speed, cause you do need some speed (and attack damage runes weren't available, +0,76% speed per rune.
Glyphs are all attack damage, +0,28 damage per rune.
Quintessences are all attack damage, +2,25 damage per rune.

this gives a total of (0,95*9)+(0,28*9)+(2,25*3)=8,55+2,52+6,75=17,82 attack damage
and also a total of 0,76*9=6,84% attack speed.

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For masteries i take 24/0/6.

24 in offensive. Take all of the attack speed and attack damage masteries, but do not take the 'damage to tower' and 'damage to minions'. You do not want to choose the `ability power masteries either, cause these will only increase the damage of your traps, and traps are only handy for chasing or escaping.
24 points for maximum damage.
0 in defensive
and 6 in utility, for reduced grey screen(death screen) and some movement speed and mana regen.

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For items i take 'Berserker's Greaves', 'Infinite Edge', 2x 'Phantom Dancer' and 2x 'Bloodthirster'.

The perfect way to make your build.

Begin the match with a 'Doran's Blade', for a little lifesteal.
Try not to recall before you're level 6, when you have your ultimate.
Buy 'Boots of speed' and 'Vampiric Scepter'.
Stay out of the base as long as you can, but do recall when you have few health and you are probably gonna die.
Go for 'B.F Sword' and then 'Pickaxe' or 'Cloak of Agility' and finish 'Infinity Edge'.
Go for the second item then, your 'Phantom Dancer'. Buy 'Zeal' and then 'Cloak of Agility' or 'Dagger'. Then finish the 'Phantom Dancer'.

These 4 items: 'Doran's Blade', 'Vampiric Scepter', 'Infinity Edge' and 'Phantom Dancer' could be ready at 25 minutes if you get enough farm and kills.

Now go for 'B.F Sword' again and finish 'Bloodthirster'.

After 'Bloodthirster', most of the matches are finished (or almost finished).

But if not, build another 'Phantom Dancer' first and after that another 'Bloodthirster'.

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Skill Sequence

A lot of people, who are playing caitlyn, begin with the trap, the W-spell.
This could be handy too make enemies unable to run early game. But this rarely happens.
Start with the Q-spell and max it out first. At level 2, take the trap and put them at the sides of bushes in your lane (note: only when you are bot or top lane) and max it second. At level 3 take the W-spell, your net, do not use the net for dealing damage, only use it if you just out of range of a nearly dead champion or to escape from an enemy gank.
Take your R-spell, your ultimate, when available.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i choose 'Teleport' and 'Exhaust'.
'Teleport' can be changed with 'Flash' or 'Ghost'.
'Exhaust' is very handy. When mid game, lots of enemies will fall because of your damage. And try to run before you are even in range. Gank them and 'Exhaust' them, now they are unable to escape, but be careful with edges, enemies could use 'Flash' to get over it.

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Team Work

Try not to stand in the middle of a teamfight, this will help you survive much longer and the enemy is more likely to attack anyone else of your team.
Use your trap in the group, then use your Q-skill and keep shooting with basic attack, shoot the enemy who wants to escape with your ultimate.

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As a caitlyn, you really need to get the farm.
Tell people in your lane that you prefer to get the kill, cause a fed caitlyn is impossible to beat.
Last hit the minions, that is the most important. And use your Q-ability to finish of minions in a cone at once.
Basic attack the enemy champions when available.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is possible, begin with your Q-spell and max it out first.
Be sure to begin with 'Doran's Blade' or 'Vampiric Scepter' for the lifesteal.
Ganking can be done as soon as possible. I prefer when i am level 6, so highly damaged enemy champions can't escape.

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Pros / Cons

This build has more Pro's than Con's.

-Dealing massive damage at high speed
-Good chase/escape-abilities
-Massive lifesteal that gives you 1500 health in under 8 seconds with a full wave of minions.

-Even though you have high lifesteal, you are still shooting yourself down slowly when the enemy has 'Thornmail'

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