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Sivir Build Guide by XxBendakinsxX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxBendakinsxX

In-depth guide to Sivir, the Boomerang Lady

XxBendakinsxX Last updated on November 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, its Keaton, otherwise known as XxBendakinsxX, this is my first guide, however, it is a good one. After much testing of trial and error I have finally figured out what the best way to play/build Sivir. If you wish to read about the process it can be found in the league forums under general discussion titled "The in-depth guide to new sivir". Without further ado, I welcome you to Sivir, The Battle Mistress. Boomerang lady.

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9 Greater Marks of Attack Damage
3 Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage
The more attack damage you have, the better!

9 Greater Seal of Armor
9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Sivir is very weak to all in play styles, these runes are a must in order to survive they also work great in lane.

They are very standard runes for Adc, and while sivir is a bit different style of adc, she is one regardless and these work with it.

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These are kinda up in the air at the moment, with Mastery changes coming in season 4, the one i have posted are the best to use currently. Not much else to say.

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Itemization is huge on Sivir so when you build items can drastically effect your power on Sivir.

Dorans Blade

First back or Asap
B.F. Sword, try not to buy anything unless you can afford the B.F. sword, but if you are really struggling in lane buy a second dorans

Builds into
With this B.F. sword you can go one of two ways. If the game is having an extended laning phase build into the bloodthirster first and start stacking it. If the laning phase ends early, grab a second Dorans for the sustain and build the B.F. Strait into infinity's Edge and start teamfights/taking objectives while you work towards your Bloodthirster, but overall your first two items should be I.E. and Bloodthirster. Also build your boots somewhere in between.

The next choice
The next two items you should build next, If you see the team is stacking armor pick yourself up a Last whisper to counter. If last Whisper isn't necessary pick yourself up another B.F. Sword and build a Mercurial Scimitar this item is rather expensive, but is worth it especially because the cleanse affect is needed on Sivir. But I believe running barrier and buying this item is the best of both worlds over just running Cleanse as a summoner. Ths order of which these items are built depends on how the game is going and if you can last without the cleanse then get Last Whisper, but both these items are a must.

Final item
Now that you have five items, your last item is really up to you, Most people like to build Guardian Angel as a final item and so do I, so I would suggest getting this as well.

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Flash and Barrier no exceptions. With cleanse built into your build, sivir is given a lot of defensive to help her survive.

Since Sivir does not have a dash ability, Flash your only way to get out other then just running, so be very careful when you use it, do not use it if you are going to die regardless, and play rather passive while its on cooldown, because without flash you are so vulnerable to all in and will be killed.

Barrier is just very good to help survive a bit longer.

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Pros / Cons


    Has one of the highest powerspikes in the game
    Can block skill that could be lethal
    Ult gives all the Attack speed you will need so you don't need to spend money on it
    Theoretically has infinite range on Ricochet
    Decent movement speed for her and her team (Chase/retreat)
    Great Pusher/waveclear

    She is a horrible duelist
    Weak vs all in, especially if E is on cooldown
    Shortest range of any adc in the game.
    Heavily reliant on landing Q's
    Can get heavily bullied in lane if played wrong or if you get behind.

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Tips To Play as her

    As far as your Q goes, try to only use it when you can get a clear shot with it hitting as few minions as possible while it travels or else you will reduce your damage, She works very well with a support that has a root or stun that gives her enough time to position correctly and follow up with Q.
    Push/freeze the lane just like you would any other champion, just because she has great wave clear doesn't mean you need to use it. Along with this try not to use W under the tower as it will lead to missing CS just like Rumbles flamespitter.
    I cant emphasize this enough, Sivir is not a duelist, so don't even try to duel or 1v1 unless you are extremely ahead, it will bring great disappointment if you do.
    Have very fast reaction time and be sure you get those spell shield off before enemy skills connect. Using late missing the absorb taking the damage and putting your shield on cd is one of the last things you want to do. You will be very vulnerable if this happens.
    Sivirs ult grants a lot of movement speed, so be careful when you use it. Don't pop it before you get Botrk'd or else it will buff the enemy even more! Also don't use if you are in a CC, because you get the most movement right when its poped if you do it right after getting exhausted it will do nothing to help you escape.
    The last bit for her ult is something i'm still unsure of, and that's is whether to pop it right as a fight breaks out and let your teammates use the speed to their advantage in the fight, or save it toward the end of the fight so you can use it to chase enemy's or help your team retreat in a losing fight. You can use your ult to get around the map faster, but don't if you plan on taking objectives and will need it for fights, and as always pop it when you or your teammates have a chance to catch someone off guard.
    When being chased take advantage of your passive, use AA to orb-walk as far away as you can but once you reach her max range, don't run back closer so you can AA, at this point use your Q to hit enemy champions and gain the movement speed.
    Another small tip that isn't really a tip but more of a recommendation, but if you don't know how to orb-walk, pretty much don't play sivir because it is almost a must given her kit/passive. For those who don't know orb-walking it when you AA then move. If you stand still on sivir you will just die.

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Tips to play against her

The hatch on the submarine is closed captain what do we do now??
DIVE DIVE DIVE. Going all in on Sivir is the best way to counter her, she lacks escape so is fairly easy to kill.

Watch for her boomerang, do everything you can to avoid it, especially if it hasn't hit anything prior to you, it will hurt a lot.

Bait her spell shield, act like you are about to use a skill so they enemy sivir panic spell shields, then once on cooldown poke her.Don't try to poke her if spell shield is up, it will just give her mana and that means more boomerangs to your face. It's futile.

If you have items that steal movement speed, aka Blade of the ruined king, wait for sivir to pop her ult and do an attack on you before you use it. you will be stealing even more movement speed and the sivir will not be able to catch/escape. Also her ult gives the most movement right after its been used, so use it then too. but anytime after ult has been used will help. its using her own kit against her. Furthermore I recommend building Botrk if you are playing against her.

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Farm just like you would any other champ, don't push when you shouldn't and do push when you should. Just because she has amazing wave clear doesn't mean you need to do it because you can. Play conservative, Also she has very short range so be careful, don't over extend for a cs.

DO NOT USE RICOCHET UNDER TOWER! you will miss a lot of CS, only do it if you are trying to protect the tower or clear the minions because you fear you will get dove.

Not much else to farming, playing her is the best thing you can do to learn how to farm on her, or just farming in general, its all experience.

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Questions you may have.

This build has no movement speed built in, why is that?
[*] Sivir doesn't really benefit from any items that grant movement speed. Her Passive and Ult both give movement so that + boots should be all you need.

This Build has no attack speed built in, why is that?
[*] Sivirs Ult also grants a passive 80% attack speed when max rank for her W, idk if you have ever tried, but it is hard to land 3 AA in a row on Sivir and building attack speed would mean to plan to do more then 3 AA which is just unlikely. The Cd on W is low enough you will pretty much have it every time you AA outside of last hitting.

Why do you max shield over W second?
[*] Sivir is weak to all in and is really mana reliant early game, doing this keeps you safe as well as give you all the mana you will need to use Q and W. Also since its very AD heavy build, a rank 1 W still does a lot and you don't need to worry about it as much because it scales better in the late game with your ult, so you can hold off on it early game.

Why not get more CDR items like Elder lizard or Black cleaver so you can Q more?
[*] Simply because there are no CDR items that are good enough to get. I grab CDR boots to give a little and when you have blue its nearly maxed. Other items provide more damage then CDR would.

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More Thoughts

I do not know how the next seasons changes will effect her, but I feel like adc's wont be as strong as they are now, and since sivir is unlike other adc I believe she will rise.

The build I created is rather expensive with a B.F. sword being one of the core pieces in almost every item. But each piece serves its own purpose.

If Entropy was an item on summoners rift I would put it in the build because it would be great for her, so if you get her on Aram be sure to build it!

I am still unsure what the best boot is for her, the 15%cdr from lucidity is really good especially sense you don't really need attackspeed from berserkers, but the tenacity from merc treads may just be the best boot. I am also unsure what enchant is best for them, Furor seems to be good, but homeguard may be better I am still unsure.

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Possible Tweaks/Changes

I think Riot did pretty good this time around with the second rework of sivir, but their are some issues that remain and I know they don't want to make sivir to be like every other adc in the game, but I do think a few small tweaks are in order, maybe not all but something of the sort.

Buff her health per level ratio a bit
Buff her range by 25
Reduce mana cost at lower ranks or increase her mana per level a bit.
this is a bit far but make her E block 2 spells when its maxed ranked but still only give mana for blocking 1.
Overall, her base stats are kinda atrocious.

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Overall Sivir is very powerful currently and with Sivir having such high powerspikes so early in the game, I could see her being played in the competitive scene, where most games are early game oriented. However, she also scales great into the late game. Don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself and experience all that is the Battle Mistress. These are my thoughts on the new sivir changes, thank you for taking the time to read this, feel free to share your thought about my guide and give me your feed back about what works/doesn't work for you or what you think may be better suit.