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Jinx General Guide by Samurai Kattepus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samurai Kattepus

♠ In depth Jinx guide & facts ♠

Samurai Kattepus Last updated on October 22, 2015
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Jinx Build

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High Elo Diamond Jinx ADC GuideHigh Elo Diamond Jinx ADC Guide

Table of Contents

Hello everyone! I am a diamond 5 elo player on the EUW region. I've played League of Legends for two and a half years, a bit before Vi was released. My main role is Attack Damage Carry (ADC) or Marksman. My favorite ADC is definitely Jinx. I've liked her ever since she was released. I used to play CoD (Call of Duty) and then swapped over to League of Legends, so I've had experience playing a couple competitive games. If you'd like to contact me, you can do so by sending me a message on Mobafire or adding me on EUW under the username "Samurai Kattepus".


--- > Area of Effect Damage
> Global Execute Ultimate
> Long Range Poke
> Takes Objectives Quickly
> Ranged Waveclear

> 525 AA Minigun Range
> Fishbones Drains Mana
> Weak Against Gapclosers
> Hard To Position With
> No Dash Abilities

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Gives you good protection whenever he is around you. He can block alot of damage with his shield and cc the enemies by a whole lot making you able to either escape or grab a kill. His cc makes it able to land your skillshots aswell including your ultimate which can combo with his ultimate. The bonus resistances can be quite usefull when fighting 2v2's or in teamfights aswell. He makes it quite hard for any burst champion to burst you down.

She might be the best suppport for Jinx botlane and throughout the whole game. Because of Janna's shield, Jinx will be able to poke alot with Fishbones without taking daamage back. Janna's shield will increase Jinx' damage and Fishbones will also deal bonus damage. Janna can also set up kills by landing a good tornado which can be easily done if she hides in a brush. If they try to escape, she has the slow from her w. If the enemy tries to get close to Jinx or turret dive, Janna can simply just throw them away with her ultimate. Perfect for a champion like Jinx with high damage potential and low mobility.

Leona has crazy cc to lock down enemies. She also has an aoe cc with her ultimate that can be quite easy to land. Not only that, she gets very tanky with her w making her a very good engager. When she have landed her spells on all the champions in the area, you will deal your aoe damage aswell with rocket launcher and ultimate and also procing Leona's passive for bonus magic damage. Gives alot of kill potential for Jinx. She is also great enough to give you some health with Relic Shield aswell. And good sunshine Leona is also able to destroy enemy wards as the enemy champions place them if Leona is nearby because she can reset her autos with her q, making her able to destroy wards very fast.

Lulu can be nice due to the amount of poke she can put out in lane. Since Jinx doesn't have the high amount of survive ability, Lulu's ultimate comes in quite handy. Jinx suddenly becomes a bit harder to kill, while she can also be get a huge movementspeed boost, that will be insane with your passive. Also a little bit more survive ability with her shield. with her mobility boost and her cc, you will be able to reposition easily, and her ultimate will save you from bursting champions.

Darking Binding allows Jinx to easily set up her flame chompers. Q + W grants good in lane poke and black shield allows Jinx to freely auto attack enemies without the fear of being disabled by crowd control and getting caught out. She's also a ranged support who's very strong against combo reliant melee supports such as Alistar or Leona because she denies the enemy the opportunity to initiate onto the damage dealer of your team at all stages of the game (which is you.)

Nami gives Jinx mobility and allows her to gain kills through the lockdown that Nami provides through her bubble and Tsunami. Nami is really strong against poke lanes, since she can allow Jinx to poke freely, and then heal you and herself up, in addition to giving you bonus magic damage on your auto attacks with her E. Her sustain is really strong and makes it more forgiving if you make a mistake in lane.

Good poke and sustain through lane. Her ultimate is quite usefull for engage and disengage, and you can combo her ultimate with your ultimate quite well. A little extra damage and movementspeed isn't that bad either. I think Sona can be quite useful with a Jinx.

Thresh is really great with Jinx. The lantern is always super handful for a low mobility champion like Jinx. It will be both useful in engages and disengages. Thresh can also use his flay "E" to throw them into your flame chompers. If he goes relic, he will have two ways to shield you and tons of cc, making you able to survive longer and put on tons of damage while they are locked down.



Lifesteal and one Health Potion gives you lane sustain. Health allows you to get past laning phase and the extra attack damage helps with trading and farming.

Gives you extra attack damage, and increases the damage your critical strikes do to enemies.

Grants burst damage through the passive and critical strike chance to compliment your Infinity Edge.

Grants sustained damage through granting better stats than Statikk Shiv and more critical strike chance to compliment your Infinity Edge.

(Tank Shredding)
A cheap item which grants mediocre attack damage but a huge percentage of armour shred. Good against enemy tank team compositions that tend to stack huge amounts of armour.

Grants lifesteal and attack damage so you can regenerate your HP after fights, not die instantly and deal more damage with auto attacks and abilities.

Berserker's Greaves grants you more attack speed plus a lot of movement speed allowing you to kite, chase or roam around the map a lot quicker.

In the laning phase you start it out slow. You don't want to push too hard with your auto attacks towards their turret. This can be important to remember becasue you will auto attack faster than any other ad carry due to her attack speed bonus from Pow-Pow and the AoE damage from Fishbones aswell. When you want to harass the enemy champions, try to land basic attacks onto the minions close to them if they are nearby. The damage from Fishbones (her Q) will deal full damage to all enemies hit by the explosion. The reason you shoot at the minions is because the minions won't proc agression towards you because you didn't target any champions with you basic attack. Try to save your Flame Chompers! "E" until either you get a gank from an ally or ganked by an enemy champion. It will be very handy in both circumstances and you might not have it up if you use it randomly in the lane because it has a quite long cooldown. However, feel free to use it if you can get a good trade with the enemy champions in the lane or even grab a kill for yourself. Always remember to use your trinket because you really need to have vision around the lane so you don't die so easily to ganks, especially if they have something like Warwick or Fiddlesticks. Grab a ward once in a while aswell when you have leftover gold when buying items. When you are above level 6 and want to get a kill with your ultimate, let them get the rocket by surprise. Go into a brush in the lane and then fire your rocket, so they don't see the animation, and it will slighly increase it's speed while in the brush. They will get less chance to react and therefore more cases resulting in a kill.

You have Berserker Greaves, Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer (or statikk shiv if you prefer that) by now. While you're grouping with your team, try to poke the enemy champions with your auto attacks as much as possible. You can also walk around the map trying to destroy turrets while your team keeps the enemy busy with other things. Jinx can split push very well, probably one of the best in the game. First of, she can waveclear so easily with her Fishbones "Q" with the AoE and bonus damage it provides. Then, she destroy turrets with her Pow-Powe with the massively increased attackspeed. Unfortunately the bonus attackspeed got nerfed, but it's still very good at taking down turrets. At least she gets 10% more attackspeed than she did before at level 18 and 5% at level 17. However, her Q for both waveclear and taking down turrets/inhibitors isn't everything that's good with her splitpush. Her passive procs on any building she destroyes, which makes a very good escape for herself. If the enemy team recalls to defend and comes to the lane to chase you down, you can easily escape with the massive bonus movementspeed, so don't be too afraid to finish the turret/inhibitor. Jinx is also good at dueling, but don't pick stupid 2v1 fights that you can't win.

By now you will mostly use your Fishbones instead of Pow-Pow on Switcheroo! "Q" while attacking minions and champions. You have 10% more damage on all auto attacks and AoE damage, not to mention increased range which makes it much better than Pow-Pow to poke, waveclear and teamfighting. Use Pow-Pow when you are dueling an enemy champion as it gives you better dueling power with the massive attack speed bonus. However, if you can keep your distance and spam rockets at multiple enemies on each auto without being focused, you have a very, very good chance of winning teamfights, especially if you get a good ultimate of as well. Don't forget that Jinx can wombo combo quite well with other champions like Malphite and Orianna as they lock the enemies down and you get a guaranteed multiple champion hit (and they are getting lowered by the ones starting the combo so Jinx' ultimate will deal more damage). Jinx is one of the most commonly feared marksmens, if not the most feared due to her Rocket Launcher. Because Jinx has a slow on her W, it can be used to pick enemies off when they're alone and catch them out, so you can have a 4v5 fight.

Thank you for viewing Samurai Kattepus's ADC carry guide to Jinx, the Loose Cannon. Guide coded by MrsMermaid2000/MrMad2000/Sejwoonapiggle.


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