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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pvpfail

In Depth Top Lane Domonation

Pvpfail Last updated on June 15, 2012
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Hello, Do you want to have a good time in your top lane? Do you want to not feed when your team says "go top". Then this is a guide for you. The is my second guide I have made. And I felt like I should share my builds and other things with you. P.S the udyr build is not mine it is TheRainMan's build. Found it on and thought hey lets bring it here because I have been using it for a long time. So lets get started.

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If you can see most the runes are all the same. That's because the champs use the same one. But it is all about preference so do what ever. Not much more to say but some of the champs can use attack speed runes or straight AD runes. And listen to me when I say this, NUNU'S GLYPHS SHOULD BE JUST AP NOT PER LEVEL. For some reason I could not find the runes so I will fix it ASAP.

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Summoner Spells

For some champs I don't use flash. Because they have some sort of get away instead of it. Mundo has Burning Agony and his ult. Jax has his jump and counter strike. Garen has a spin and decisive strike. Wukong has his clone. And the teleport because your in top lane so you don't want to lose that tower.

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Udyr Harassing

Ok so with him you don't have an easy time harassing. But if you get the chance go in with bear then turtle into tiger stance. And if you want to use phoenix to get in a little AoE damage.

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Udyr Laneing

Ok for him it is a cake walk. All you have to do is keep your health and manna up with turtle stance. Then farm with tiger and phoenix stance. And if you are going to start to minimize your health lost in battle start with turtle, then stun with bear if you want you can use phoenix stance for the AOE. Then fight with tiger stance. And to get away from a gank all you do is bear stance for the speed and if they get close then turtle stance.

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Garen Harassing

All right for him it's not to hard. Go in with your shield up to reduce damage. Then decisive to speed your self up and silence and for damage. Then spin to win.

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Garen Laneing

As Garen you should do decently good. Farm with your spin. Fight with your shield up and use it to get away from ganks with spin and decisive strike. And if you are winning your lane well then give a gank or two to mid. And if you get low just chill in a bush and let your passive go to work. And don't forget don't use your ult unless they are low on health.

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Trundle Harassing

For him if you have some one with out any range attacks you will have fun. Just bite them and that's about it.

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Trundle Laneing

With Trundle you don't want to use all your manna but if you don't kill minions you wont get farm or much heals from your passive. To get away from ganks you pillar of filth near you if they get close. And use contamination to run away. And to fight use the contamination zone then bite. If they try to run put the pillar in front of them so they run into it. Also you can use your ult for running from ganks or fighting because of what it does.

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Nasus Harassing

For him you might have some troubles. Go in with your Q but it might be a little harder then you think. Because you don't want to use to much of your manna. So I would not suggest doing it much.

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Nasus Laneing.

All you have to do is Q all the minions and farm up. If you get ganked then wither the stronger one. To fight use your Spirit Fire and then go in with your Q. If push comes to shove then use your ult. If they run or you run then use wither on them. And your ult can save you in a gank to don't forget.

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Mundo Harassing

For Mundo it is easy. Go were you please and throw cleavers. When you go to fight use masochis after you slow them.

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Mundo Laneing

All right your HP re-gen should be decent so use your cleaver to farm if you can't get close. Also you can use Burning Agony but it is not recommended if you are losing. For a gank just cleave and if you get CC'd then use Burning Agony or your ult if you need to. For a fight pop Masochism then Burning Agony. Use your cleaver when ever you can and don't forget about your ult.

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Jax Harass

Another easy person to harass with. Use empowered strike with your jump. Then just back up and your good to go.

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Jax Laneing

To farm just use your auto attacks. Then to flee a gank use your jump and counter-strike. And you can use your ult to get your self more defense stats. To fight get close to use jump and use counter-strike then empowered strike. Jump then blow theme up and auto attack.

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Wukong Harassing

For him use nimbus strike then crushing blow. Then to get away if needed use your clone.

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Wukong Laneing

Wukong can also just auto attack for farm. To run away from ganks use your clone and nimbus strike to get away. Also you can use your ult. To fight nimbus strike then crushing strike. If they run ult them up and kill em.

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Warwick Harassing

Hard but easy at the same time. Use your Q but try not to take much damage.

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Warwick Laneing

With Warwick he is some what manna hungry so I would suggest auto attacks also. If you need health then use your Q. To run from ganks you will have to flash. But if your low you can use Q on someone to get some health back. To fight start by making your attack speed up with hunters call. The Q them if they try to run ult them.

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Nunu Harassing

For him just whenever you are not using your free cast to eat things use ice blast with it.

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Nunu Laneing

Nunu is easy also. Take advantage of your passive and harass and eat to get your health back. To run from a gank is not always needed. Go into a bush and ult when they get near. But if you are running blood boil ice blast. And eat if your low. To fight ice blast them blood boil your self. Then flash on them and ult them.

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Nocturne Harassing

Not much with him but you can use your Q but not suggested but you can if you want.

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Nocturne Laneing

Nocturne is a little more difficult. Until it comes to fighting and running. Farming is not easy most the time if they have the upper hand on you. But your passive can help you health wise. To fight just dusk bringer then fear. Use your shield to block CC. Then if you have to ult them. To run use you shield fear and dusk bringer just like fighting just use them to run.

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That is the end of the build. I love feed back good or bad. And I will most likely add more to this so watch out.

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This is were I put all my up dates. Build changes, fixes,adding, ect.

Monday/May/28/2012:Added in the how to harass the enemy.


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