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Renekton Build Guide by Yoppah

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yoppah

(In Progress) Force to be Renekoned with

Yoppah Last updated on May 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Please do not vote on this guide it is still in progress, feel free to leave feedback below with any advice!
Thank You!

I've decided that I want to make a build for this champion that I am starting to use. This isn't particularly a guide made to help others yet(remember the keyword yet), as I am making it so that I can figure out the best way to play Renekton so that in the future I will be able to help anyone who wants to play him perform above average in ranked games. I am not the best LoL player but I am consistantly ranked around 1600 ELO playing very casually as video games take the back seat in my life. Renekton is one of my favorite champions but I have always felt he is very underpowered. Recently I've been having a great time playing as him and wanted to make a guide to help me perfect my gameplay with him with feedback from you!

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Renektons skills are all cooldown based like Garen, but his passive gives them a little kick. He has a red bar under his health called fury, and when it hits 50 it gives your next skill a little kick. To gain fury just attack, you gain 5 per hit, and when your health is below 50% your gain 7.5 per hit. Also when Dominus is active you gain 5 fury per second.

This skill is the first skill to upgrade as it heals you making sustaining your lane much much easier. This is basically what makes Renekton so good solo top. Level this first.

Ganking with Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice make Renekton very dangerous. Slice and Dice in and making sure you hit a minion(if you don't hit your target) on your way in to activate Dice hit them with your Ruthless Predator then hit them with a Cull the Meek to gain back some health, right before you Dice out. This is verrrry effective early game as its quick and it hits their health bar very hard, while also giving back some of the damage they deal to you with Cull the Meek It's not inportant to level this because the base damage isnt great, its the 150% AD scaling that deals most of the damage and if you have 50+ rage its a whopping 225% AD scale, with our late game AD this skill will hit for 500+ damage and stun your enemy. Its what makes Renekton a force to be RENEKONED with ;).

Mostly just for the mobility, you wont really want to waste your rage on this skill due to the armor shredding bonus, your other skills like Ruthless Predator will put better use to your rage. Put one point on this after Cull the Meek then leave it alone until later.

Makes Renekton a beast. Basically the same ult as Nasus. He gains a huge health and size increase on use, gains a barrier around him similar to Mordekaisers, dealing damage to all enemies around him. This is what makes Renekton scary as **** when he tower dives you.

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Step 1.

+ My favorite starting item on Renekton is the Long Sword and a health pot. It gives you the damage you need for some early kills which is really what makes Renekton build into the strong champ he is. You can also start with a Doran's Blade but I like the Long Sword because it builds into the The Brutalizer which we want to get early anyway, and you can get a health pot with it, and in turn your not wasting any valuble money early on making step 2 achievable slightly faster. I feel like the slight edge someone gets from Doran's Blade isnt worth the money lost from it if your going to be building your Long Sword into The Brutalizer so early anyway.
Step 2.

+ In best case scenario you will stay in lane until you get 1175+ so you can get tier 1 boots and Heart of Gold on your first trip back. But things don't always go as planned and improvising is fine, in which case prioritize the Heart of Gold over boots, and hopefully on your next trip you will be able to get The Brutalizer and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.