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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Toleri94

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toleri94

In To The Jungle Xin Zhao

Toleri94 Last updated on August 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide please be polite.

Xin Zhao is a really strong jungler both to clear the jungle and to ganking.

Jungling part: He is not the best at jungle clearing but still preety good with the extra dmg from THREE TALON STRIKE (Q) and the AOE dmg AUDACIOUS CHARGE (E) plus he gets a really good sustein from BATTLE CRY (W).

Ganking part: Xin Zhao is a really strong ganker. He is one of the junglers with most CC. He got a good engage with a slow and a great knock up.

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Early Items

You will want to get a Madred's Razor because of your Battle Cry makes it proc alot more and it is good to take a fast dragon

Boots Of Mobility is giving you the movement speed to get far around so you can come fast when you need to hold a lane or gank it B.

Locket of the Iron Solari is a really great item on Xin Zhao. It gives you health and regn a shield for you and the lane you gank witch can mean the diffrends between a lose and a win when you gank and it also gives CDR wich is pretty good on Xin Zhao since most of your DMG will be from spells

Crystalline Flask is an okey choice if you are going to be battling enemy jungler a lot this item can help you a lot and also when my mid needs blue since Xin Zhao have a small mana problems.

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The Jungle

(Always try to get a leech)

You can start the jungle how ever you want. I prefer starting at wolfs -> then go blue (the blue gives you cooldown reduction and mana regn wich helps you clear faster and still have mana to ganks) -> then wraiths -> now it depends on if you got a smiteless blue i so you go to red and your ready for early ganking. Otherwise you will go to wolfs once agin and then do the red and be ready to gank (you can do wraiths agin if you wants to be lvl 4 before ganking).

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Time to gank

When you are done with the jungle part the fun starts. Going for a gank look at the opportunties and always choose to take the closest gank F.eks. your blue team and just done the red your first look should be at bot lane if there aint any opportunitie for a gank u look at mid and then top. When you gank you want to make sure to kill atleast one on the lane and do not have any one who dies. Just because you gank does mean it is your kill. If you get the kill it fine cause then you can get fed and make better gank and Xin Zhao is strong enuogh to carry a team but most of the time it will better to let your lane get the kill cause of if they get fed they will probely win their lane and you will still get the asist gold to feed on.

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The team fight

Xin Zhao is pretty strong in team fights because can the combination AUDACIOUS CHARGE (E) CRESCENT SWEEP (R) BATTLE CRY (W) THREE TALON STRIKE (Q). This makes him dash to the ADC and slow it goes on with knocking all away from the ADC (this makes it easier for your team to target the ADC) and get the ATK speed to make a fast knock up. When the ADC is dead continue to the APC and do the same just with out ultimate.

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How to use your skills

All Xin Zhaos spell goes of when you click wich means you need to just hold your curser where you need it and rember the timing.

Chasing thruogh a wall: This one is more a good to know trick than a special technique. Keep in mind that your Audacious Charge (E) can dash over walls. Mostly fog of war will stop you in doing this but ifhave a ward with you. You can use it to reveal monsters and champions over the wall and dash straight to them.

Holding a lane: You can catch a lot of opponents off-guard with this technique. You charge your Three Talon Strike (Q) on minions for two hits, and then Audacious Charge (E) and get the third hit for a fast knockup.

Chasing a flash: When you come to gank a lane do not use your Audacious Charge (E) to engage the fight (unless he/she have use their flash). Instead run into his/hers lane so you will be between the lane owner(s) and their tower cause if you can do it this way they probly flash away from the gank and you can Audacious Charge (E) to dash to them slow them and if Three Talon Strike (Q) is off cooldown knock him up.