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Teemo Build Guide by JChanceH9

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JChanceH9

Insurance Policy Teemo: Top & Mid [Updated 6.7]

JChanceH9 Last updated on April 12, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome: General jist of build.

I'm in the middle of updating this build guide. So, take everything you read with a grain of salt till the end of April '16. <3 The items are on point. Nashors gives early game power spike, boots make you fast AF, Lich Bane add to the speed with some burst and more CD, then zhonyas rounds up your mid/late game for security. Past that the team fight damage output and wave clear is insane once you get Runaans as long as you make sure to stay backline. Use shrooms as a defense, element of surprise, or wards always. More in depth guide to come. Thanks for checking it out!

Check out LeagueOfJChance on YouTube.

This Teemo build is meant to maximize both your shroom influence with liandrys and max cdr, as well as your pushing power. Other builds on Teemo can be a blast, but this build has served me well time and again as an insurance policy for pulling seemingly lost games back around. I have had a lot of fun with this build bringing games back from certain death. As long as your team isn't feeding 0/30 by 20 minutes you can work miracles. The main trick is the placement of shrooms. Of course, hit the most travelled bushes and tight spaces where enemies might walk (especially to or from team fights), but what has helped me bring games back to life is shrooming the middle of lanes.

Drop 3 shrooms about 2 seconds of walking distance apart on each lane. This will allow your team to stall enemies while pushing, or whittle them down for an easy clean up. It also come in handy if you lose a team fight, keeping the enemy team from taking a turret or inhibitor. Hopefully your team will not need this safety net, in which case you can use excess shrooms to troll the enemy team's jungle or lanes closer to their base. With liandrys, if an enemy team hits all 3 shrooms it should take them at least below half health and possibly kill the squishies if they haven't been forced to back.

The second important aspect of this build is split pushing and getting massive farm, which you are now freed up to do with the lanes shroomed. I average 250-400 CS per game with this build. Be aware of enemies on the map and pings from your team, but if you have a chance to keep lane pressure by continuously pushing top, to mid, to bot, to mid, to top, etc it will keep the enemies moving to defend instead of making plays of their own.

Don't be afraid to use Teemos passive if you have stayed too long and don't have time to B. Unless they had vision of you when you went stealthed, they wont know where you went. Wait till the coast is clear to gtfo. In my experience they expect you to be in bushes, so there is actually more of a chance of them finding you with a knock up there. Try stealthing in random places where they won't easily expect, like to the side of a lane where their minions wont give your spot away.

Be sure to keep reshrooming lanes after an enemy push. I quite often have just delayed ****py games long enough for my team to get full build, which takes away most of an enemy's early advantage. Having positivity and knowing that this build works over time is vitally important. Stick in there and encourage your team. Tell them they can win if they continue to try and don't afk. Don't succumb to negativity. In highly negative situations I find it's best just to mute those players instead of engaging them untilthe game turns around. A few kind words go a long way.

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Summoner Spells

Whether you are mid or top, to make the most of this build I always take tele and flash. After shrooming the lanes, you can wait until you see your minions push close to their turret, tele in and nuke it. This is usually best to do when your team is stalling their push. As soon as one of them comes to you, you can either kill them if you know they are an easy kill, or b, join your team, and 5v4 the enemy team. With your shrooms in lane it shouldn't be hard for your team to stall or even 4v5 them while you continue to push. Just be mindful of what is going on in fights. Don't forget to protect yourself by laying shrooms when pushed.

At full build with zhonyas and guardian you usually have plenty of team fight influence and can get away without busting flash, but its always nice to have a gtfo button to jump a wall. Especially handy if you get caught out split pushing. With your w and a shroom it's hard for anyone to catch up.

I never use it, but ghost is a feasible contender. The extended burst of MS should be enough to chase down a squirrelly ma***er or frustrate the entire enemy team with a fruitless, but shroom filled, chase. I personally prefer the assurance of being able to flash a wall.

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Lets take a closer look at the flow of the games and how it will change as you pick up each item.

Insures a lane push and farm to free you up to roam or knock down a tower. You wont be doing massive damage against a single target with just Runaans, so plan your all-ins accordingly. Another nice thing about this item is that it can poke the enemy champ when you are CSing in lane, allowing your E to whittle them down. Mid and late game, this item helps me to achieve 200-400 CS every game, which is just another reason it comes first. If you are playing against a tanky team, you may substitute for BOTRK first. Botrk is great for laning, but not as good for pushing mid game.

Nashors Tooth:
CDR for more shrooms, blinds, movement speed; attack speed for pushing faster; passive makes your basic attacks bite harder. With runaans and nashors you will be flying through minion waves.

Ionian with Distortion:
Extra mobility for speed pushing and escapes. Most importantly, ionian and distortion along with your Insight mastery makes you more mobile by knocking your teleport to a 3 minute CD. Getting this item third makes for lots of global pressure mid-late game. The 10% CD puts you at 35% overall. You also get a speed boost after flash which is very nice.

Makes your shrooms do 12% health damage on top of their normal damage. 6% for Q. Gives magic pen for Q, E and R. It is a staple every game.

More ability power; it's active is the difference between life and death in a close fight. Don't forget to use it. Its CD is relatively short. I usually put it in the first item spot for quick access with 'T'.

Lich Bane:
Ability power, maxes CDR at 45%, more movement speed, and adds some extra burst with the passive. Effectively allows you more freedom to pick and win duels.

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The key in laning phase is to max your E to poke down the enemy. If you're against someone like leblanc, you might put more into your W instead of Q, but I generally max W last against bruisers. If they get cocky, blind them, drop a shroom, whittle them down. BOOM: first blood. If you are in a pickle, flash out. You can always tele back to lane, though I usually don't unless the lane is pushed all the way to my turret, saving tele for another opportunity. If it's a tough lane matchup, like Yorick, don't sweat losing early cs at the expense of a potential death. CS under turret if necessary. Once you get runaans your woes will be over. Generally the enemy won't be able to push in to your turret since you clear waves so quickly.

Always blind basic attack based chamions like yi or the enemy adc. It is almost comical to see yi charge in with his ult only to get popped when he does no damage. Ulting Warwick will lessen damage done by his ult. If you are up against a blinded basic attack champ, go for the kill unless you know they have the upper hand. It is really amazing how one Q can almost single-handedly win an otherwise close teamfight.

Shroom the living bejezus out of the middle of lanes, but remember to separate them by about 2 seconds because the poison doesn't stack if you place shrooms close together. Protect yourself if you are pushing, early on in lane against unwelcome surprise visitors, or before dragon. Anywhere you know an enemy will have to go to give you a hard time, shroom there. Often a unexpected shroom is enough to deter an enemy from ganking or engaging on you. Keeping one shroom handy is a good idea in case you need to make a getaway.

I went out of order, but W is best saved to gtfo of a bad situation. It is important to use your burst of speed wisely. It also come in handy chasing down a kill. Since teemo is squishy, always be aware of your positioning relative to the enemies. Map awareness saves lives and games.

I hope you've enjoyed this build. Thanks for reading and best of luck in the Field of Justice!