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League of Legends Build Guide Author darastrixith

Into the darkness you fall.

darastrixith Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kay, so this is my first build although I've been coming to this site forever just to get ideas for my own builds, i thought it was about time to throw in my two cents.

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As far as runes go, we'll start with marks. I find that the armor penetration works Very very well early game, and against thoughs who tend to stack armor so i'll stack Greater Mark of Desolationx9 Greater Mark of Desolation.

as far as seals and glyphs and seals. i feel that its a little better to go for the attack speed. nocturne is an all melee character with allot of ability to increase his speed. with these boosts i find it a bit easier to set off his passive early game. and it tends to help out alot late game when it gets maxed out at 2.5 so i'll get the x9 Greater Seal of Alacrity for my seals and x9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity for my glyph's

and as far as quintessential, i tend to go with 2 for attack speed and 1 for the armor pen. just a boost to help out thoughs stats there ;) so as far these, i'll get Greater Quintessence of Desolation x1 Greater Quintessence of Desolation and x2 Greater Quintessence of Alacrity {/color]

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i dont really have much input as far as my masteries go, i like to go with a standard 21/0/9 build. it works well and I've never had a problem with it. the extra boost to my summoner skills (ghost and exhaust) the extra boost to my damage, and the extra experience. it all helps in the end.

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OK so I've tinkered around with items forever to get just the right build. and i find that these work the best. now of course you dont go for them strait upfront. usually i'll start off with the Doran's Shield to start off the game, gives you a bit more survivability. and as the game progress's i'll move to the Boots of Speed and then after that i'll usually grab the Phage. and from there i'll grab a B. F. Sword. and from then on it vary's. if everything goes well(i.e. no complications.) i'll go on to complete my Ionian Boots of Lucidity, to help with the massive cooldown of paranoia. and i'll go on to complete my The Black Cleaver and my Frozen Mallet. and then i'll go for my phantom dancer, and from there i'll usually start to complete my build. now if i do run into any issues i'll usually replace my Infinity Edge with something like Banshee's Vail banshee's Vail (if you need extra MR)

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Skill Sequence

Now as far as my skill sequence, i generally find that fear is an excellent tool in aiding against a run away enemy. now i'll usually start out with the usual duskbringer first. and then unspeakable horror second, and back to duskbringer, and then to shroud of darkness. now i generally like to pool into unspeakable horror more then shroud of darkness for the extra second of fear, its not much but it does help in the end, its one more second you have to tear them down. and from there i'll swap the 2 skills until of course your able to get paranoia.

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Summoner Spells

Now. summoner spells are very very easy for me, there are many combos that work for nocturne, but i find that ghost and exhaust work the absolute best for me, especially mixed with the masteries to give them a little boost.

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Pros / Cons


  • great dps (damage per second, otherwise known as damage output)
  • i usually am able to tear down any real threat in just a couple short seconds
  • I have not lost a game with this build yet =)
  • THE only real con to this build i have found. is that you usually will die quiet a bit in 5v5 games if you are smack in the middle of battle, but ive found an easy solution to this. basically in a 5v5 game, DONT LET YOURSELF GET COUGHT JUMPING HEAD ON INTO A 5v5 BATTLE ROYAL, wait in the back of the line with the support and after the battle starts jump in. just watch your health and if things turn for the worst, duskbringer/ghost and hit and run.

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I've used this build for a while now and i lose very rarely. i'll post a screen shot up as soon as im at my home computer, but for now i give you this. this build is VERY versatile. and can adapt to almost any situation. it DOES take some getting used to. and it DOES require patients. but in the end, its been a great build for me.

i hope you all enjoyed my first build post, let me know how i did, and feel free to toss suggestions so that this build can be evolved into something greater.