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Irelia Build Guide by HimSelfs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HimSelfs

Irelia All Lane Assassian (work in progress)

HimSelfs Last updated on January 1, 2013
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I'm manly playing Irelia and I love how fast she can get fed solo top or laning bot with a support champ. Now I learned that she can mid as well (better nerf Irelia (lol)).

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What I found out

12/31/2012 I discied to mid as Irelia because I can top and solo it, and I can bot so what the heck I'm midding. When I was on mid my poking abilites had a huge advantge by keeping my foe by their turret. Also the build I use is universol for all lanes and posobly jungle but I can't jungle to save my life (lol).

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Pros / Cons

- ADCs are fun to kill.
- When fed on one can chech you if you have a good team.
- Your burst can take out 2 champiens.
- Can kill a Diana.
- Needs to get fed.
- Relies on items.
- Garen.

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Team Work

Team work is a must have for a good team. Without team work Irelia can get feed and she will feed the enemy team. A good Irelia will have to partisapate in team fights because of he burst and ult.

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Unique Skills

Irelia's E can stun a enemy tha has a higher PERSENTAGE of hp that she has. If used currectly you will ****tate how a team fight or your self progress will turn out.