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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheWorldAsunder

Irelia, Hybrid blade

TheWorldAsunder Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Note: This is a hybrid Irelia, but it's worked well for me so far.


Bladesurge: This is a basic opener and chaser, to close range between you and the target. The damage is lower than Equilibrium, so I prioritized that.

Hiten Style: Some great passive lifegain, and if activated, you get extra true damage to your attacks. This is great for getting quite a bit of extra damage on your target.

Equilibrium Strike: This ability is amazing. It scales well, and thus becomes a very effective nuke, and a snare. If your health is below your target's, it stuns them rather than applying the slow, which gives you much more damage. You will learn to love this, and that's why I prioritized it.

Transcendent Blades: This ult is great. At first, I thought it was pretty bad, until I realized how well it scales with AP, and the fact that it shoots toward your cursor. This is GREAT for catching runners, and great for hitting people standing behind a line of minions. It also has piercing, allowing you to hit more than one person, and it has lifesteal. I love it.

Start of the game, grab a dagger to start off your boots. For your first skill, grab bladesurge, as it's really your best way to farm lanes early game. If the enemy champ in your lane gets too close, bladesurge them, but be very careful, especially if they're near tower. For your first level, I recommend getting W, for the lifesteal, but E works well if you're doing well in your lane, and you want to harass or go for a kill. Stay in the lane as long as you can farming. When you do go back, you're going straight for zerker boots, then getting sheen if you can. This is a great damage boost for your E and R early.

By around level 6, you should be able to be getting kills. Q as an opener for E, then pull out W if you need the extra damage. When they start running pop R, and shoot it at them. Head around lanes, kill who you can, and work on your equipment.

Mid game, you should still be a pretty decent at ganking people, and catching people behind the line off guard.

Late game, you're pretty survivable, but you really want to stick to team fights. Irelia doesn't survive well against more than one, but takes out squishies really well.


The items used here after gunblade can be played with depending on situation. I do recommend a couple items.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
This helps your ult more than anything. It suddenly has slow attached to it, and makes great getaways, and helps you catch up to runners. Also, Rylai's makes you a bit more survivable.

Lich Bane
I don't even really feel why I need to explain this. But, if I must, it gives you more survivability, more damage on E, and gives you bigger attack damage after every skill used. I haven't played with this one too much, but when I have, good things have come of it.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
Great item considering you're building a hybrid Irelia. One of the only two weapons that gives AD AP and AS.