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Fiora Build Guide by TheWorldAsunder

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheWorldAsunder

Fiora - An Alternative to Glass Cannon - Top Lane

TheWorldAsunder Last updated on March 6, 2012
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First, I suppose I'll introduce myself, and go through a bit of my past simply because I know people will comment, "Lol tanky dps Fiora will never work, you're low elo..." etc.:

I'm TheWorldAsunder on Mobafire, but that was my LoL name when I FIRST started out. My most notable names are SivirEsNumba1 (Yes, I was that old Sivir Streamer, who hit 1550ish off of only her S1). As well as Hot Teen guys - who many have seen on streams such as Dan Dinh's, Elementz's, Dyrus', Westrice's etc, etc.

If you want proof of my playing high elo players, or being in their games, here you go:

Here's me dying in a game with Elementz (He actually called me better than most 1900 supports during this game! That's not entirely true, though.)

There's me fighting Westrice as support Ashe in a 4v5 :P


With that out of the way, let me introduce you to my guide on a more Tanky Fiora.

First, we'll go over pros and cons:


  • Lategame with this build makes you an absolute monster. I'm not kidding. Once you have the money for Tforce/wits, you will blow EVERYONE up.
  • She's incredibly durable, and you don't have to worry about your positioning as much as you normally would with a glass cannon build.
  • She can actually initiate a fight using this build. Her sustain off of BT or Executioner's (Depending on how far into the build you are) lets her come in, use speed boost/riposte to stay up through burst, drop to about 1/4, ult, and continue fighting with your sustain.
  • This build allows you to go crazy once you have Wit's end + vamp scepter. Like, dive under tower from full to 0 crazy on some champs. Just be careful of things like Garen silence to stop your ult.
  • She chases like a monster.

  • Sadly, this build makes her early game play very passively. She can still do damage, but if the enemy champ builds armor, you won't be able to do much until your Wit's End. Thus - you'll have to farm farm farm. So if you're going to play it, be good at last hitting, and controlling your lane.
  • Until your Wit's End, you don't have much damage. Thus, you can't join very many fights. Along with this, it's really hard to help your jungler on a gank until level 4. However, this is tradeoff for the fact you are incredibly hard to push out of lane.
  • Her escape is a little lackluster. Thankfully, building the extra health and resistances will keep you alive through most ganks.

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Rune Choices

I rune Fiora largely around making her early game much more tanky than it normally is, while keeping %health quints in order to keep some late in there. Her most vulnerable levels are from 1-5, so scaling runes aren't really worth it, when flat bonuses makes your laning much, much easier.

So, getting right down to it:

Greater Quintessence of Endurance

This will give you a bit more health in the early game (especially after that HoG) for more endurance, and it will work really well with Atma's later. Fiora's base health isn't TOO much of a problem, and you can run some choice runes here, like AD, Movespeed or ARpen, but this is just my preference for runes in this slot.

Greater Mark of Desolation

These are really standard, and they help you do a lot more damage in the early by piercing a lot of the base armor.

This is almost always needed top, as most top lanes are AD.

You MIGHT consider MR/Lvl glyphs here, but I said it earlier, and I'll say it again: Fiora's levels 1-5ish are her weakest levels - She scales well with items, and she doesn't have any at these levels. Covering yourself as much as you can while you farm up through that early game is important, and flat MR accomplishes that. Scaling on the MR/Lvl glyphs only surpasses flat around level 10. So if you're against an AP laner, or their jungler is AP, this will be unvaluable to you early.

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A 21/9/0 build gives you all the damage stuff you would want for your late game, while taking some of the resistances and extra health for some easier time laning and farming.

Optionally, you can take a 9/21/0 or a 0/21/9 build if you're fighting someone who really does outlane you, such as Shen, Shyvana or Kennen.

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This, stacking on your philo stone HP5, is incredible. It makes you really hard to push out of lane. On top of that, all trades past level 5 in which you get 4 hits out will give you about 60 health back! This lets her trade really well!

This is your basic gap closer. It has really low base damage, and isn't worth leveling first. Along with that, one point into it is enough to stick to a target so long as burst of speed is active. As such, use burst of speed, lunge, get a couple hits in, lunge again, and keep hitting.


This makes all trades in lane amazing for you. Learn when your opponent is going to attack, and use it to punish them. You can also use it after initiating in order to force them to back off, rather than hit you. Then when the riposte wears off, use your movespeed buff to move back before they can retaliate.


There are no words to describe how strong this is as soon as it hits rank 2 and up. It is the highest AS steroid in the game, and has an MS buff as well. Great, great skill.

Applied all your on hit effects, as well as makes you untargetable. Great for escapes, as well as resetting tower aggro after a dive. Be careful though, some skills such as fiddle's drain persist through your ultimate. :(

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+ 3x
Boots + 3 health pots is a very passive start, but if you're worried about an AD champ, grab cloth armor and 5 health pots. Either way, you should be able to farm up to your philo and HoG pretty easily with these pots sustaining you.

Philosopher's stone

GP10 is great on anyone. It's not that Fiora can't farm, but Philo stone gives her extra sustain with your resilient runes, and it also gives her extra gold in the late game. I always take this, but you can choose to skip it.

Once again, more GP5, more survival to keep you in lane, this is great if you can get it before 10 minutes. I usually buy both GP5s by then. You can choose to skip this, though, as well.


Ninja tabi for AD lanes, Mercury's for any lane with an annoying CC or AP damage (IE: Shen, Warwick, Kennen).

When I don't buy this, I usually end up wishing I'd bought it earlier. This lets you sustain, but you'll also end all fights with some more health so you won't have to back instantly. It's a pretty good thing to buy here with a null magic mantle while you build toward Wit's End.

Core of the build - makes you tanky as hell while dealing lots of damage. Your ult suddenly deals an extra 200 with this on you. Along with that, her outrageous attack speed lets you get to max stacks quickly, and put out lots of damage in a trade. Once you have this, you can play aggressive, and start roaming to other lanes.

Why is this in here? Well, it's the cheapest item for lifesteal early. You can replace it with Wriggle's Lanern or Which I do later in my build anyway - but I want to get the Triforce out as fast as possible, so I usually forego those and get this as it's far cheaper.

Extra AS and Movespeed for trading/chasing. Health for initiating, a sheen proc for after you use lunge or on the first hit of ultimate, and a slow. Good item. Also note, your ultimate can proc phage on an ENTIRE TEAM. This is pretty huge.

Atma's gives you extra survivability, and with your phage health, your HoG health, your Aegis health later, and your quints, it'll actually give you some good bonus AD as well. And who doesn't love crit? Great item for everything it gives you. Buy it, love it.

This is worth the gold per stats before you even consider it gives your entire team an aura. Great for rounding out your resistances and giving you some extra health. Also gives you 8 more AD, so it's definitely worth the investment. However, if you're rich, spring for a

This is just the cherry on top. Your build is already great - but that executioners could be changed into something else if you've gotten this far into the game. <3

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I"m going to update this later, as I'm about to head out, but here's a really quick summary of what you should be doing. More detail to come once I can continue writing it.

Early Game:

FARM TO HELL AND BACK. Seriously, get as much gold as you possibly can. Try to hit 100 CS by 13ish mins if you can. You don't do much in a trade until your Wit's End, so don't worry about the enemy in the lane unless they're trying to harass you. In that case, Riposte any auto attacks and instantly go on them with a few hits with Burst of Speed active. You should win trades this way.

Post Wit's End:

Go in and play aggressive, hack away at people and when they're getting low, pop your ult to finish them off. Be wary and lay wards, though. Don't dive someone if the jungler can easily come and stop you. Also be wary of skills like Garen's Silence. You can riposte them, but the silence/CC effects still go through.

Post Triforce:

You have great initiate and damage. You aren't the main initiator, but if your tank isn't doing it, you can go in and start fights too. Try to pick off any carries as quickly as possible.

Post Atma's/Aegis or GA:


Post Bloodthirster:

If the game went on this long, you really should be able to carry it to a finish. Pentakill their team and take the nexus.