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League of Legends Build Guide Author wRAthoFVuLK

Irelia -- Reason For Your Will

wRAthoFVuLK Last updated on February 12, 2011
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Irelia -- Intro to Pwnage

Hey guys. This is my second build on mobafire. My first build wasn't extremely popular, and I'm hoping this one gets some more views and ratings. Please rate and comment below once you read through the whole build. Anytime this build requires an update, I will be sure to incorporate it.

Usually, I don't see Irelia that much. Personally, I think she is underestimated. She is one of my main champions, and I always pull off a great score with her. I was too lazy to upload some of my other scores with her, but I will start to try to get some more scores up here. Please try my build, and if you get a nice score (which you will), feel free to post me a direct link of the screenshot.

Now, onto the dirty business. Irelia is pretty straightforward, so I don't think there is much to explain about her. I will let you know what I think is the most important info about her.

With knowledge of Irelia, you can obtain terrific scores with her as I have. Once again, please take the time to read through and rate my build. Enjoy!

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I tend to lane Irelia mid. I gank whenever I'm needed -- Irelia is a terrific ganker with her CC and dash. I also get the edge over the other players level-wise. However, if you want to side-lane Irelia, that is totally fine (she works well there too :))

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Since she is melee, you want to get armor pen reds Greater Mark of Desolation for her. I tend to take scaling HP yellows Greater Seal of Vitality (I prefer scaling over flat for the larger amount of total HP per rune turnover once you hit level 5, which, since I mid, I hit quickly, and even side-laning you hit quickly -- flat HP seals are only really helpful for jungling, since they only grant more HP really early game). Then, I take CD reduction blues (scaling if mid, since the turnover on these is at level 13 which is hit pretty quickly if mid, but not as quickly if side-laning -- so for side-laning, I would take flat ) for the even shorter cooldowns on her abilities, and flat HP quints (yes, they were nerfed, but still prove very useful in my opinion). The extra HP helps, considering this isn't a survivability/tank build (although you will kill so quickly that no one will be able to touch you = survivability beyond stacking warmogs :))

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This is an AD build for Irelia, and as such I use a standard 21-0-9 setup for her, putting a point in Haste. Obviously, if you are not taking with you, don't upgrade this.

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Summoner Spells


This allows you to get in range of people if they are just out of range of your Q or ulti. Trust me, you will use this. It is also useful for flashing right out of a bad situation.


Ghost is another great ability to get you in range of your Q or ulti or getting out of sticky situations. You can use this when flash is on cooldown, or if you really need to, you can use both for the ultimate chase/escape. It's all about chasing and being an escape artist with Irelia! :)


This ties in with the escaping and chasing. Good to keep someone away from you or slow them enough to land your auto attack or E (which is casted at melee range), but not really necessary, considering you have a very potent CC already.


Just a waste of a summoner spell for Irelia, considering her passive has terrific CC reduction already.

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Skills, Skill Combo, and Skill Sequence

Irelia has great CC and anti-CC herself. She is a natural born great escape artist and chaser -- with her passive, , she takes less CC effects on her. This is especially effective in teamfights, where if there are 3 or more enemy champs nearby her, she reduces the effects of CCs on her by 40%. Also, at level 5, her E skill has a 2 second CC. If she is getting pursued by someone and she has less HP than them, her E will stun for 2 seconds vs a 2 second 60% slow if she has more HP than her target.

This goes in with her amazing chasing ability. Along with and , both which I find very helpful for Irelia, her Q has a nice dash range. Once you get close to your target, a quick click of your E will slow your target by 60% for 2 seconds at level 5. It's all a cakewalk from there. At max level without CD reduction, her Q has a 6 second cooldown, so by the time you land your E you should have your Q dash again.

Don't worry, her W has a great usage too. At max level, the passive is crazy. On each hit she heals for 26 hit points. With this build, her attack speed is around 1.5, and she gets some lifesteal, so you can get around 75% of your max health back up after a fight from farming one creep wave late game, which helps prevent recalling for health. She can even quickly farm when there is a hiatus in a teamfight and heal back up and be ready to kill once more. As for her active, I just tend to pop it right before I land my Q. For 6 seconds, her attacks deal an addition 75 true damage. Her Q applies on-hit effects, so the additional true damage will be dealt with your dash. With her attack speed, if you constantly hit with your W active, it will deal an approximate additional 500 true damage.

Of course, you cannot forget about her ultimate, Transcendent Blades . At level 3, the cooldown without any reduction is a measly 40 seconds, one of the shortest base ultimate cooldowns in the game. And it isn't a bad ulti -- far from it. In fact, it is one of my favorite ultimates in the GAME. SO many times have I been through frustration of losing kills with a few HP who were just out of range of me. This is basically an anti-runner ultimate. Not only do you have your slow and dash, but if that is on CD, you have your ulti to pop. If someone is near death, just spam R when you are facing them. At max level, each blade does base 190 damage. And yes, you get four of these. On a 40 second cooldown. And if this isn't enough, she heals for 20% of the damage dealt by each blade. So if you are chasing someone with low HP and you don't have much HP yourself, you will have the favor on your side. Not only can you finish them off (range of the ulti is great too), but you heal yourself. And if someone is really far out of range, Flash in, Q in, E to slow, and pop your ulti.

This leads me to your basic attack combo, which I basically already explained. Of course use and when need be. Generally, you want to tap right before you know you can Q. Then, dash in with your and immediately after land your on them. Then, while they are CCed, continue to auto attack them, and go through the combo again if need be to finish them off. Of course you can always land your ulti if they are almost finished.

So, in shorter terms, W --> Q --> E --> R.

The skill sequence you want to go by is shown above. You want to get learn your W first, since you generally won't be attacking at level 1. However, if some damage is dealt to you, you can heal up pretty quickly with your passive. Then I tend to level up E all the way first, since it gives some nice burst damage and you of course want the max duration CC. Then I usually get W up to about 3 and then max out my Q, and finish off leveling my W. This gives you some nice early damage, while the not-max level passive and additional true damage from your W is still very strong. Of course, get your ulti up whenever possible.

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I don't feel the need to go in depth with these items. It is basically self explanatory. You first want to get some early game survivability . Then, move on to boots: You want some attack speed with her, and sorcs for magic pen, mercs for CC reduction, and ionian boots of lucidity for CD reduction are completely pointless for her, since she doesn't really use magic damage, has CC reduction as her passive, and already has really low cooldowns in conjunction with the cooldown runes. The answer: .

Then, you want to build into a . It gives you a whole mush of needed stuff for her, including attack speed, movement speed, attack damage, and the passive slow chance and increased AD after casting is hella helpful for her. No explanation needed for why.

Then I basically move on to more AD and attack speed items. As well, the lifesteal from the and helps a lot after and during fights to prevent from recalling, as mentioned previously.

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Well, that's about all I have to tell you. Please play around with Irelia, and try this build. EVEN if you don't like the idea of something in the build, try it to the T and then post how you did with her. Chances are you will erase any second guesses you had with this build. If you got a terrific score using this build and would like me to post it, please leave a direct image link in the comments below. Rate, comment, and have a terrific time with Irelia, Will of the Blades, the Reason For Your Will.