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Irelia Build Guide by Arisenn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arisenn

Irellia, Tanky Assasins are Sexy ! - For ranked playing.

Arisenn Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction >>> Read Before Comment <<<

Hi all, and welcome in my guide for Irelia, one of my favorite champion´s. I Have seen many guides here at mobafire, most of them are awesome ( exp: Playing irelia to full potencial), some of them are incomplete and some totaly out of mind. So after reading about 10 guides from different ppl, different sights, i´ve decided to create own guide. I think it would be helpfull for beginners, or mybe also for a pro ppl which will want to try somethink new.

MAINLY this guide wont show much new things, its just concept of my personal preferences, playstlye and possible way to irelia, i think it will be atleast little helpfull.

For mistakes in my words im truly sorry, im not from english speaking country ;)

Have fun !!!

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Pros and Cons


+ Great Farmer
+ Tanky Hero
+ Best solo laner
+ Self healer with Hiten and Ultimate
+ Can stun and slow
+ F*ckin movable hero wit her Q ( Bladesurge)
+ Good damage ( wehn tanky)


- Squishy at start and without proper items
- Cote items rly expensive, proper farming needed
- Best solo lane, sparing partner is not an option
- Stun only when oponen have higer % HP
- Diffilcuit to master

Guide Top

Skills - Short introduction how to use

I rzl dont think i need to tzpe here what every skill is doin, u can read it above. Just short description how to use them


Its one of best move-skills in game, i think only Riven/Lee Sin can move better by using skills.
This skill will be used by you mostly for farming < Last Hitting Minions > and later on to Iniciate fights (with proper items) or finishing wounded enemies
Proactive ability which giefs u self heal at every autoattack and bonus TRUE damage when activated for 15 sec. Is awesome to enable it before u iniciate fight. In combination withShen its jsut awesome.
Equilibrium Strike

EQ strike if most ofensive spell used by irelia, it will allow you to make huge DMG, slow your enemy and if you have lower HP than them its stuns for 1/1,25/1,5/1,75/2sec !!!
Its jsut insane spell, try to use it without jumping by BLADESURGE, if its possible.
Transcendent Blades

This my favourite, this ability gief you an ultiamte ability to sustain at lane looong looong time, also u can easily farm huge wawes of creeps, haras your enemies or finihing them off.
Low CD and vise usage of this ability makes it extremly deadly.

Guide Top

Runes and Masteries.


Greater Mark of Desolation
No-brainer, since there are no useful marks other than these - just a staple for AD champions.


Greater Seal of Resilience
Gives a very nice armor at level 1, flat armor is better than lvl ones, because most of the early damage comes in form of AD.
TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE USING BURST SKILLSET BUILD (E>Q>W). (Actually after some time i found that dodge is just... idk... meh so i kinda use armor for hiten path too XDD

Greater Seal of Evasion
Very good early, and is especially good against heavy AD teams.
Passive from masteries is also a VERY GOOD addition to early lane dominance.


Greater Glyph of Shielding
The best option, because it adds more magic resist to your already very high tankyness, resist/level are better because they become equal for flat ones at level 6, and before that you won't get hit by magic damage much.

Greater Glyph of Focus
May also work, but Irelia doesn't really need that much CD reduction (CD reduction is good, but I think mag resist benefits her just a lot more), since her cooldowns already are relativelly low, not to mention it's 4 times more expensive than magic resist runes.

For Quints you can pretty much take anything.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor
I sue these at the moment to empower your already godlike lane sustainability.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
If you don't have health regen, this will work as well, since it's quite a staple for any ad champion.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
Is also good, but Irelia kinda already has huge movement speed with items and stuff.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
For bursty teams, and if you want more survivalability and got no vigor quints.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

For me still best Quintessence. Hp is the one thing which i need in this build.

>>> Rune Description from Guide : Irelia, Ionina will of blades. <<<


I dont have much to say. Im using typical runes and masteries, with one exception.
Ill rather sacrifice one point from defense tree to talent up Exhaust, cuz i love playing with him, but still its personal preference, typical masteris are also gr8.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

My favourite

Ghost is my favourite, ill use ti rather than flash, its just IMBA spell whn u need to chase enemy and striek down, o run for your life, or just save your team m8. Never go without this.

Quite good spell, my own most played. Im using it in dependance of enemy setup, or if u re beginer with irelia it will behlp you alot, when u need to go shop and abck again, or join fight somewhere or stop minion weave. Dont Forget u can teleport to Wards or Teemo Mushrooms atm atm atm.

Other good Summoner spells.

It´s quite good spell for msot of champs, for irelia also, even not best. If u want play more agresively, harras, or if u intended to First kill, pick it up.

I belive in this spell, its jsut freaking awesome, in combination weith EQ strike slow/stun , decreased resistances from talent, u can do IMHO harras and kills, or jsut stop enemy chaing.

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Items and their utilization

I saw many guides, played tons of matches with irelia, and i msut say: Core is core but the other items are able to being utilized. Here ill show u core items with short description, (started icnluded) and the others.

Starter items

+Regrowth pendant and 1x healt Potion is the mostly used combination when u re goin 1v1 top/botom lane. It provide you insane healt regen, emergency potion, which means sustainable farming. Just keep an eye on your mana bar
+ 3x
It´s also good combo, but im not using it, i think movement from start is unnecessarry for bot/top lanes, this is good choice if you know u will be against super ****y fast omfgloltrotrl hero exp. at mid and hero exp. Brand

Doran shiled is mostly used when u laning 1v2, it provides good HP poo, regen and armor, also i can advise you use it when u re beginner. however its good starter everytime. withespecialy.

Mid Game items - Core

Mercury´s ... best bootss for Irelia, lvl 2 movement, and TENACITY, with those shoes u will be just unstopbale, no way to CC irelia ;)

Sheen, is a basic core item for Irelia and also for Trinity. Provdes better mana pool (hp regen from masteries), a bit of AP, and ability to 150% after using spell, whgat to say ?

Heart of Gold, basic core item to Randuins Omen, Also provides nice HP pool and bonus Golds every 5sc, with Philosopher Stone its jsut imba, no matter how good farmer u re. But dont make mistake to buid it before Sheen !!!

Philosopher stone is and item, which u need to aim as soon as posible, later at MID GAME start, best in early game. This items makes your mana/hp flow much better, whhich main better farming (no limited Bladesurge)

Trinity Force, tha alfa and omega for Irelia, this items provides everythink she need so much. Movement, Atack speed, dmg, HP, AP, Slow, Bonus dmg activation, critical. Just Core, dont play without this.

Banshee´s veil, the best and magic item in game (in my eyes), Once per minute it will block any magic aimed to you, provoding also niíce magic resist, HP and Mana pool which u need.

Late Game Items

Randuin´s omen, my favourite tank teims. Armor + hp , chance to slow enemy which aatck you + actiation ability (reduce resistance and movement) if activated visely, can turn the tides of battle.

Atma´s Impaler, also my preciosu item. Bonus armor will make you better tank, and bonus AD from you hp can be significat, at this build u can have easily 3k hp and more , depends on utilization.

Shurelya's Reverie, finishing your build with this one will make you just completly unshootable. HP pool, HP/mana regen, 15 % CRD and Activation bonus movement for 4 sec?

Possible Items for Utilization

Force of Nature, still testing this item, its rly usable, HP regen and M resist willm ake you jsut extra AP resistant, not sure how can it work in Core build, ill see alter on. For sure its not abd items for irelia.

Yomuu´s Ghostblade is the second smot viable DMG item after Trinity, but be aware !!! Usualky u ahve to sacrifice any other items such as Atmas´s ... i think its up to your decision if you need more tanky or more carry.

Really optional items against heroes such as Malph, jax atm.

Guide Top

Laning and game Phases

Laning - Early Game

What to say, dont be too ofensive unless u know u can make SURE KILL, other harasment are useless, yaour primar role is to farm farm farm and again farm. Irelia need it, and Ireli knows how to do it. Last hiting by Autoattacks is Q of mastering it, but irelia got and BLADESURGE withc which is she able to last hit everythink and everytime (when u kill CD resets). If ure not so skiled last hitter i recomend you take lvl 2 Bladesurge for easier farming.


Your priority is still to farm, at lane, in forest, at enemy champs. At mid game usualy starts gangs, rouming between lanes, jsut the fun begins. Try to kill and dont get killed, use EQ strike to sloww down enemies and et possible kill/assist. Or use EQ strike to stun enemies and run oway, also u can during runing chaing jump between minions which will make your traveling a lot faster (Try chose most injured ones) Farm, Farm and be in every Team fight.

Late Game

As you know late game is more about itemizitation and proper using skills. Just Farm , even in late game, u will see u need it. Dont miss any fight but dont play to RAMBO, eve u re rambo ;) ---- More in Team Role.

Guide Top

Irelia´s Team Role

Irelia is tanyk assasin. This gief her maximal possible survability with really nice burst.
Try dont miss any Team fight, iniciate fights, dont let your glass cannons die (EQ strike) and try tos trike enemy glass cannons and support. With this build you should be able to minimaly force their carry to retreat, nor kill them ;)

Guide Top


Irellia is best solo laner, most welcomed hero in team, great tanky assasin and anti glass cannon. However he is not easy to masterize, i belive you can achieve this soon. Make sure u will do just one thing - FARM.

I want to thank to my friend´s which brought me to LOL and dota even, also to one of my friedn which showd me Irelia and the beauty of being tanky ;)

Thanks for reading my guide and i hope it helped.

Arisee ;)